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Hello my dear ones!

To tell you a few things about me, I am a true Aquarius. I like arts, music, writing, creating, counseling, helping, reading and many other things.  I like to believe that in all matters I am a true friend. As educational purposes, I have knowledge in finances, management, marketing, accountancy, law, human resources, tarot readings and probably in many other aspects. I am always a fan of learning new things and broadening my knowledge and afterwards sharing it with my friends and family. And when I say my friends, I am not referring only to my close friends, but also to you, the one visiting my website, following me on social media, subscribing to my media channels and so on. We may not know each other face to face, but we live in the same world, have the same problems more or less, experience the same economy, finances, work problems, family problems, social problems, fear of tomorrow maybe, health problems and so on. So, we are friends. And regardless of these, we are friends as I like having friends and sharing info and discussing problems in order to give a helping insight maybe, in a way or another. By saying this, I want to tell you “Hello my friend!” and give you a virtual warm hug!

Anda Stan website was set up to share with you different life experiences, personal writings, books, free tarot readings made by me with love and dedication for you.

I always say that I want to be your friend and for that I want to use yet another way to speak with you and give you my knowledge over matters.

In my life, I experienced many problems, faced many difficulties, from life threatening illness to friend betrayals to financial difficulties to business problems. My personal desire is to inspire you all, to give you motivation, to be that friend in need for you. To be your comeback in life in any way I can. I may not be able to help with material aspects (though, if I will ever be able to reach a wealthy status in my life will do so too), but I am able to help as a friend with personal experience advices in many domains and also with the free general tarot readings I give on my YouTube channel VR2VRFRIENDS and also here.

On this website I will post free tarot readings for all zodiac signs (Horoscope Tarot) and in the near future (once I will be able to finish the workings for the website) will provide for you to purchase a personal tarot reading if you will consider the need for one.

Moreover, when I will publish my books, I will provide you with the respective links to have the possibility to buy them, also if you will have the want for it.

As a friend to friend request, I will be more than happy if you will leave a comment with which topics you would want your friend over here to discuss about (tell my personal opinion). Also, I will highly appreciate if you would click Follow/Like/Subscribe etc. to my social media. I will take it as an acceptance from your part for a friendship with me. I would love it as I am always a true friend with all I do and say. But, in the case you won’t, I will still be your friend. Between friends, there shall be no constrains or conditions, right?

As a final note, I want to thank you my friend for taking time to read this page! I pray to God to bless you and your family and always bring light and love in whatever darkness you may find yourself in! If there aren’t any problems in your life, I pray to God to continue sending blessings and protection upon you so that you will never have to face negative situations! Blessings my friend! I love you, respect you, cherish you and accept you regardless of our differences. Diversity should always be respected, accepted and blessed.

Some of my favorite sayings are: “Don’t judge and you will not be judged in return. Respect and be respected in return. Bless and be blessed in return.”

Thank you my friend!

Yours truly,

Anda Stan