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Available to purchase it on AmazonNew book release! Oh, wow! So, I finally published my baby into the world of literature! Yeah... My books are my babies... For any writer, his or her work is like his or her own child as you give birth to it, nurture it, fear for it, care for it, feel for it, cry for it, smile for it, laugh for it and all the range of emotions a real parent has for his or her own child. If you are a writer, you so know and understand my words...

Anyways, my FIRST book ever published (self-published), is PUBLISHED! The book is "Racing" and it is the first book from my "Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire" series. As a side note, I'm writing on the fifth book in this series, therefore, in the month of June 2020, you can expect the second book, which is a continuation of the first book, to hit the shelves with the digital and print version of it on Amazon and other major platforms, to not be left hanging for what's next.

I don't know how everyone will perceive this book, but readers that did beta read it, told me that this book pulls out feelings from them that most books don't and the way I wrote the characters' perspectives are gems. Well, I'm so happy to have heard that, but I do hope that each and every reader will feel the same and will not be disappointed with the purchases. If it won't be the same for some of you, I can't say more than that  I did my best and I'm so sorry  if it wasn't quite down your alley... Or that maybe I'm not that of a good writer... But hey! I'm still learning and continuously improving to further give you better pieces of work and novels for a rejoiced reader experience. At least, that's my honest wish, as all I do is done with love for my stories, characters and you, the reader.

To go back to my first novel in this series, "Racing", it's romance-mystery as main genre, but it gets blended with comedy, action, and some more, but you will see for yourself if you will give the story a chance...

An interesting and most welcomed question came to me, from one of my social media friends that has not yet read the story, was: "What does your book stands for, as in the messages of it, besides the usual and general story of it?" When I saw this question pop-up on my PM, me being an Aquarius who thrills having my mind hit with such type of questions, challenges, I was like "WOW! THAT'S SUCH A VERY GOOD QUESTION TO BE ASKED! THANK YOU! LOVE YOU!" And I gave her the answer and then posted it on my Facebook profile, page and group, as I was sure more would ask themselves same question regarding my novel, or at least be of help for them to have awareness over it. Hence, I'll copy-paste my answer from there here for you to see it too and maybe it will give you the perspective of it in order to make your own choice of giving it a chance or not, as I'm no pushover. I do understand, as a reader myself, that we cannot all have same reading tastes or needs.

1. Strong female protagonist. Though Selena Dutchmond is having weaknesses, as in money problems -huge debts-, health problems -diabetes, insulin dependent; so, between that, as in having high blood sugar levels, and also added dropping blood pressure levels, plus depression from all family and business problems-, being one inch distance for losing her house, the only house she still has with her parents, she keeps herself strong, raises above all this torments, and never surrenders herself in front of anyone and anything. She would never choose the easy way out, though her health problems do endanger her life, having many life and death moments. She kicks ass metaphorically and literally if the situation asks for it. Her favorite line is: Nobody fucks with me and lives after. That kind of girl.
2. Love story. Crazy one. She meets this client at the company where she works at, for the last month, presents the marketing concept for one of his projects that he has with the company. It's their first meeting. The guy is younger than her, by three years. It's first time they meet. He's instantly attracted to her physically, then seeing that she has no reaction to him like any other woman that would have been at his feet, he starts stalking her after the meeting, when he sees she's having tears in her eyes, walking away from her office -as she was announced by her mom over the phone that the bank sent notice of seizing the house and she's headed back home to deal with the family situation. During his stalking he buys her debts from the bank and becomes the new creditor by night. Conditions to pay back? Marry him. Craziness is all over from the moment she walks out the company and continues after she's forced and pained emotionally to accept the marriage contract for her mom. And for this part, I won't say more... Just rest assured she's against everything and he won't have easy access to her. No sir! He, he, he...
3. Is the man who was there for you for the last 20 years the right one? Or the new guy? Why? The answer is in the book... Though she's not interested at all in love matters... But... You'll have it in the story...
4. Mystery. Nothing is as it seems at first. Not between characters -as they constantly discover things about each other that you couldn't guess- and also for themselves as past things, fate, destiny, have many things in store for them. Was that first meeting that starts the craziness fated? Well...
5. How can real, pure love can connect two people. But more on this will be continued in the next book/books in the series.
6. Main message of the book? You never truly know what life has in store for you until it hits you. And the good stuff always comes after a disruption.
Yeah, well, this is about what I can say for now as an answer to that question. Lol!☺️🥰🌹💝😘🦋🍀💋😇

If you find grammar, punctuation and all in the copy-paste, don't be a hater... It's social media answer... Hey! I said I'm constantly improving! English IS my second language after all... He, he, he... Love you.

Right. So, the above is a glance over this first novel in the series. And I'll now give you the description of the book as it appears on the platforms from where you can purchase it, in the event you are nudged to give it a chance, and after this, you will have all all links to where you can purchase and read this novel. Uh! If you do get interested in it, you may want to subscribe to my website to receive updates from my posts (don't worry, I won't spam you with numerous post updates or naughty 'BUY ME NOW' kind of emails as I myself get annoyed over this from others, not that I blame them or not understand them, as that's a normal marketing strategy, but I do know the feeling of common sense and to give space and peace to the other end of communication, and I also do go by the concept, less is better and of quality as a well sent message. If the person gets interested, he or she will come back and perform the action on her or his own will. I respect that.) which will either announce you of a new book title or a topic I'll consider relevant to my site to write about, or even a new short story or chapter/chapters from my new work to read for free and give feedback over it (again, if it is one of your wants or intentions). You can also follow my Author Page on Amazon or on books2read, links that I will give it to you at the end of this post along with all direct links to this book.


I extend my hand. I'm not intimidated.-- Selena Dutchmond

I'm 31. […] I may seem I have it all, but I don't. I'm in huge shit and this job is the one that keeps me out of bankruptcy. Not all out, but it helps my financial situation a bit.-- Selena Dutchmond

I'm a diabetic. Insulin dependent. Five shots a day. Stress increases my diabetes' levels.-- Selena Dutchmond

Now do you understand why I give a shit on men and don't want to get involved with them? Love is never going to help my situation, only complicate it.-- Selena Dutchmond

I'm 28 years old and took my dad's business since I was 23. I made it to the top 10 in the Forbes list last year as one of the youngest billionaires. I like to play and party [...] Never mixing pleasure with business.-- Eric Rodricks

I really want to see what she has for me.-- Eric Rodricks

[...] if the previous Derek's scene didn't pick my interest to meet the woman Selena.-- Eric Rodricks

She's not skinny as Jesse said, but I don't find her fat. She's having all the right curves in all the right places. [...] She's not my type, but she's all the type I want right now. She's mine… -- Eric Rodricks

She extends her hand [...] with that penetrating look, icy, but professional. I can't help but imagine her in my bed and run wild, staring in her eyes. No reaction from her. She's like seeing a wall. She's not impressed by me like Jesse is. I don't think any woman has given me the cold shower.-- Eric Rodricks

This one has a leash on me. Why? Is she Derek's woman? He didn't say anything to me. Yet, he looks at her like she is. Domineering over her. -- Eric Rodricks

I look back at Selena, with fiery eyes. Oh! You'll be mine, baby… [...] and then we're on, Angel.-- Eric Rodricks

No tremble, no spark in her eyes, no nothing. She provokes me I see.-- Eric Rodricks

[...] but now I'm the one provoking her, and not letting go.-- Eric Rodricks

I see Selena [...] crying. [...] She doesn't see me and bumps right into me [...] -- Eric Rodricks

I signal my men with my fingers [...] Something is on and I have the urge to find out what it is. I need that. I want that. [...]  My men are already tailing her downstairs. She won't escape me. I'll find out.-- Eric Rodricks

And the crazy love story starts for these two in a racing manner. Nothing is as it seems. Prepare for a load of twists along the series and a roller coaster of emotions that will get to you. The story is not your ordinary one. Selena Dutchmond, though full of weaknesses and flaws, she's a badass. She's the ice and he's the fire. Will their story make you ask for more?

Fair warning:

- It's a +18 story as it contains language and sexual reference.

- It's a love story that aims to show pure love that breaks barriers of space and time.

- Characters are lunatics, in the positive sense, not medically.

- You'll be served with a lot of action, mystery, comedy, romance and more.

- It's not erotica.

- Author has English as a second language.

- Be prepared for a crazy story.

- The story wants to send messages, inspiration and support. At least, this is what the author wishes for her readers.

- Give the story a chance and you might not be disappointed.

- Author's personal motto is 'Life is a bitch, let's make it better.' If you agree to it and feel the same, then this story might be for you...

Yes, guys, I did give a 'Fair warning', as I do find it necessary as I did everything on my own for this book, as I do with all my works, and also to warn over the content. I did everything on my own? I enforced that in "Author has English as a second language" line. And as a side note, yes, everything is done by yours truly, from writing the book, editing it, cover design, publishing it (with all the hammering on the brain process of it!) and yeah, everything you'll ever see from me is with a lot of brain smoke, passion, inner conflicts, explosive thought processes and all along that line... But I regret nothing for the reward after seeing things coming together is the most sweet reward to my heart and soul and my mind gets waves of bliss and serenity for a completed process. Yeah... I'm crazy... But in the good way... So I think and hope... He, he, he... Hence, if you do need to blame someone for any of it, that's me... I admit it... I'm the guilty one... I apologize... Yeah, yeah... Laugh all you want... I can take it... I did assume responsibility for it when I hit 'Publish', didn't I? So, there...

Oh! Yeah... And a little bit of explanation for my cover choice. The two punches, fire and ice, represent the main characters. Selena Dutchmond is the ice punch as she's iced to feelings regarding love and personal relationships. She is a warm, kind soul at core, always sacrificing herself for others, always putting her loved ones first and never having a selfish thought or want. But she might come out as arrogant at first, as she's having all the past problems, past and current sacrifices, that did marked her with her diabetes, life and death moments, and fighting with everything inside out to overcome them and deal with things. Eric Rodricks is the fire punch as he's fire and burning in all the senses along the story and series. And when fire and ice collide, well, a big explosion and disruption reverberates... He, he, he... The girl on the cover represents Selena and she's placed under the clash of the fists as she will have a lot of unfortunate events outside and inside and his fire maybe will warm her up... Who knows, right? He, he, he...

Anyways, let me give you all the promised links. Thank you so much for taking your time to read all this and a BIG thank you in the case you will be compelled to give the story a chance, having my wish of not disappointing you with the actual story, as I do not need or want any curses for it... *I'm blushing right now*

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Alright, guys! This is about all that I wanted to tell you about my new and very first book release. If you have questions or anything that you would want to say, you always have the comments section below this post at your disposal. And if you do purchase the book, do tell me with a comment here, on my social media, or a review on the platform from where you have purchased it, how did you feel about it! I do hope it will be on your liking and would want for the next book to continue your journey with the lunatic couple... ☺🥰😘😊😇💝💌🍾🥂🎊

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan


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