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A/N. Hey guys! I'm writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that... Hope you're enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!


curvy girl hot billionaireEric's POV:

When she doesn't reject me kissing her, I can control myself better. I still want her badly, but I can comply to show her I love her. I want to win her trust and love. She's so cute when she's mad at me touching her. The fire in her eyes makes me have her right here but her crying and her childish attitude put a hold on my instincts. I know and feel she would hate me forever.

She's an adult yet a child, an angel at core when it comes to this. I sense how afraid she is over my actions. The moment I saw her naked with water all over her I lost it. I almost had no judgement left. She's perfect inside out. Her naked body on mine maddened me. She was cold and I was hot. She trembled on me again like last night. No man can resist that or her. Not in such position. Only if you truly love you can have some reason to give in to her pleads. However, is almost impossible to do it. Her being a virgin is the only thing keeping my sanity in not having her yet.

I can't say if I'll last a week. I'll try. My heart and mind want to wait a week, my body is screaming at me of how stupid I am.

"I can kiss you whenever I want. And you don't reject me. Ever." Her eyes look terrified and murdering at this. Choose wisely baby. I can't control myself. I'm surprised I could let you down after all this.

"NO! THAT'S FINAL! GET OUT!" she pushes me with both her hands, and I land my eyes over her perfectly shaped breasts. No man touched those. You chose baby. I can't. I tried. I take her back on me. Waves of excitement cross my body on repeat. I heat up dangerously. I already reached limits over limits. This is as far as I can go in not following my manhood.

"Then, let's go to bed baby." I start turning her around to aim the bed, but she contracts her body and white color flushes her face trembling harder. I rest on the spot with her in my arms. I don't want her to faint again or have sickness. I'm not a dog.

"Fine! Fine! Put me down! You make me sick! I fucking hate you! Satan!" When I hear her calling me Satan, I take her head with my right hand and kiss her instinctively. Her taste is a mix of honey with passion fruit. Don't know if it's because she's a diabetic or an angel. It doesn't matter. Both states are mine. I'm her Satan and she's my Angel. Perfect match.

Whenever I kiss her, I lose track of time. She hyperventilates and backs off from my mouth. "Eric! Enough! I need to take my morning insulin shots! Do you want to kill me?!"

Nothing makes sense to me. I'm in my excitement and satisfaction so deep that nothing has logic. "What?"

"I'm a diabetic! I'm on treatment! You really want to send me to the emergency room?! This is how you love me?! You son of a bitch!" she slaps me back to my senses. I think I have a red left cheek.

"Now?" I don't understand.

"Yes! Now! Put me down! Killer!" She doesn't look good and has that state she had last night. Fuck!

"You do it in the morning too?" I'm sincere with this. I don't know anything about it. Just that it's a chronical disease and take insulin or pills. That's about it.

"I have two insulin shots in the morning, one at lunch, one at dinner and one at 10 pm! Last night I missed the 10 pm one because you broke my nerves with your attitude! This is what you do to me! I'm not normal! I need treatment to live! Bastard!" I have a dropped jaw and widened eyes. I look at her in disbelief. I remember about it. But thinking she's down to so many shots on her angelic body is disturbing.

"Baby?" I'm in despair.

"Don't baby me! Put me down! I'm naked on you and feel like dying! Don't fucking look at me or my body! PUT ME DOWN! NOW! You make me feel so dirty! Let me shower and take my shots! PLEASE!" she's hysterical. I put her down slowly and look into her eyes. Another slap throws my head aside. "Asshole! I fucking hate you! GET OUT! NOW!" she covers her private parts on her body with her hands, with a labored breath and crazy look.

Now I hate her diabetes. It comes between us. If it was a person, I would have killed it. "Alright. Alright. I'll...." I can't finish it as she pushes me to get out from the shower.

"OUT!" her eyes are icy shots again on me.

"I'm going! Calm down!" I scream at her without intention when seeing her lips trembling and how her face changes colors. She's hyperventilating. I don't know if I should really go. What if she faints there?

"Eric. Please. Just. Leave. I'll be fine. GO!" she points to the exit.

"OK. Just calm down. I'm in the bedroom if you need anything." I'm scared right now over her condition.

"Out." I look at her one more time, release a sight and go. I leave the bathroom door open and sit on the bed with my head in my hands and elbows on my knees. I'm mad. I'm hurting her. If only I could take a grip over my instincts and make her give in to me in her own pace.

She showers and comes back with a robe on her, tears coming down her cheeks. My heart receives a million needles at her sight. She sees her purse in the wardrobe and takes it out. She gives me no look. She takes out two cloths of insulin pens and sights. She sits on the bed with her back at me and puts one of them on the bed. The other one takes it out and she opens the front of her robe. That's the belly shot. She closes it and puts it back. She closes her robe. Then she takes the other one and reveals her left thigh and rubs the exterior of it in the upper part. She takes the shot. I feel like crying right now at this image. It hurts me.

I have been beaten, I have been stabbed and many other things in my life, yet I never felt crying or hurt. This right here, bleeds my heart and scratches my brain. I want to take her and put her in my body and protect her against everything. If someone would tell me that if she gets cured if I take her place under the treatment, I would do it in an instant, as long as she is free of it.

"Baby?" I go to her.

"Shut it. I don't want to hear it." she takes the cloths and puts them into her purse.

I kneel in front of her and take her hands though she cringes at my actions. She attempts retracting her hands, but I don't let go. I kiss her hands and take one of them to feel my face. I need that. "I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you. I love you. Please understand me." I have my eyes closed. "I want to control, but I'm a man and it's difficult. I'm not treating you as a whore or disrespecting you. I know you are a virgin and it's hard for you to accept this. I understand that's you and not trying to make me go crazy. I just want you to try and accept me as I try to give you one week. Can you do that? I need your help in this. Your rejections make me lose control and not think anymore. Please Angel." I look at her with her hand on my face and the other one in my other hand.

"Eric. My reactions are also instinctive. I'm not one to accept such closeness. And how you entered in my life in one fucking day, is driving me nuts. I get that I'm your wife now, and that part is also one of my duties in front of you, but you can't expect someone like me to accept it right away. It's like killing a baby. That's how I feel over this. Understand that. Besides being a virgin, I'm also a sick person. I'm strong and all, yet when I have stress and other problems or shocks, I don't respond well to them. My body that is. I had a month full of persecutions over me, not to mention the last 16 years. I was between New York job and my company over here. I worked on both. No sleep, no relaxation, no nothing. And then you hit me too with all this nonsense and the bank. I'm not a child anymore who has optimism and doesn't get the implications of life. I'm an adult who knows god dam well everything. Even before you came yesterday, I was in a big depression. But I was able to manage it as it was under bearable limits. And no one was over me to fuck me like you do. They respected my rejections and understood my set boundaries. It's true that it's the first time having such an opponent. I have never been weak in beating a man. You are stronger than me. I hate that too. So far, I had no problem beating the shit out of someone. And it wasn't because of them pulling out, but because they couldn't handle me in the fight. Was stronger than them." She looks at me for the first time with a normal glare. No fire, no ice. Just normal. She sights.

"I'll try to refrain from having bad reactions. But you too must have limits. I react same as you, but on opposite direction. I'm not you to have urges, I'm one guided by ration at all times. If you can work on that, I'll do the same. I offer you no guarantees I'll accept you, but I'll try. That's all that I can promise you now." I kiss her hand again, the one I had on my face.

"Alright. We'll do that. But the conditions earlier stay. At least that. Deal?"

"Eric!" fiery eyes on.

"No comment." I take her lips without notice.


Touching chapter.  So? How was it? What do you think comes next? Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 <3

Can't wait to see your comments! <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

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Anda Stan


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