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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that… Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!


curvy girl hot billionaireSelena’s POV:

I’m semi-sleeping. I can’t go into sleep as I’m having shivers. I’m in a hallucinating state per say. My mouth is dry again, burning for some water. My breath is labored. Then, I feel something heavy crawling into the bed emanating such heat. It’s dark inside the room. No lights. I didn’t shut them off before sleeping. I must have slept for some time. The blanket airs, and the massive heated figure gets under it and sticking itself to my back, placing its muscular arm around my waist, threatening to touch the bottom of my breasts. I’m so cold and so weak. I haven’t overcome the episode in energy. The last outbreak I had with Eric, cut the remaining of it.

His hand is not moving to my breasts. Just lays there. I decide to pretend sleeping though I’m shaking with all my limbs since the moment I went to bed. I can’t.

“E-Er-i-c?” Shit! I can’t even speak right.

“I’m not doing anything baby. I want to keep you warm. Don’t go crazy on me again.” He tightens his grip and kisses the back of my head.

“I-If y-you do some-th-ing… C-c-cut… B-alls.” I’m so fucking cold! I can feel he smirks at me. He smiles. Something. His heart beats, which I feel on my back, increased, and his body tensed up on me.

“Just sleep baby. We are not cutting any balls. You have my word that I won’t do anything to you sexually. OK?” He kisses my ear softly after he whispers into it all that. I’ll kill him!

Don’t. Do. That. That. Sexual. Not. Allowed. Satan.” Ice covers my body instantly and I grab his arm and envelope myself with him instinctively. I need that heat, or I think I’ll die. “Don’t. You. Dare. Think. Other. Survival. I’m. Not. Attracted. You. I. Hate. You. Just. Use. Heat. Bastard.” Lord! Why am I in this situation? Why? Why?

He says nothing. I just feel that with every tremble I have, he tenses up more. His breath gets heavier. And my ass is in his manhood part. Trembling on him obviously. I can’t help that! I can’t control my coldness to stop! I’m not doing it intentionally or asking for it! Jesus!

“Get. Out. Now. I. Can’t. Stop. Trembling. If. You. Get. Turned. On. Fuck. Out. Now.” But I don’t let go of his arm. It’s like when you stick your tongue on an icy metal. That’s my hand on his arm. It’s a bad omen. I perceive it. I just pray to God to not be insane enough to take advantage on a visibly sick person. He can’t be that crazy.

“Sleep. I gave you my word. Just. Sleep.” He says that after he takes a deep breath and releases a prolonged sight. I can feel him fighting against himself. He keeps me into his arms, with his left leg on me and me trembling like a jelly. Even my head trembles. I soon fall asleep and that’s all that I remember.

A bright light brushes my eyelids. I hear the birds chirping. I’m comfortable and have my body at a normal temperature. I have my arms around something muscular and hot. And having my head on something moving up and down. I open my eyes. I’m all over Eric. He’s sleeping. What the fuck did I do?! Embraced Satan?! It can’t be happening! Fucking fuck!

I retract myself slowly. I don’t want to wake Satan up. I can’t face the bastard now. No. I can’t. I can’t see him. It’s driving me crazy! I slept with him on the same bed and I even embraced him? Yuck! How many women has he done this to? Countless for sure! And I touched that! I feel so dirty right now! Soiled! I need to get the fuck out of here. Now!

The moment I want to turn around and go out of the bed, his hand grabs mine and pulls me back on him. “Where do you think you are going? After you tortured me all day yesterday and all night, you’re going?” He says that to me having my face an inch distance from his and his arms around me. I’m fucked right now. This guy is the end of me. He’s not giving up. He will do it to me now that I look fine. The fear that smashes my bones is unmatched.

“Let go. Now!” I force myself to get out from there. Failed. He rolls over me and has all his weight on me to keep me under him. Heavy bastard. No fat on him. But heavy as hell. I can’t breathe. I forgot to tell you. Last night he was shirtless. No clothes on him except his pants.

“You aren’t going anywhere.” I push him with all my might to no avail. When I try to punch him, he nails my wrists on the bed with his hands.

“Eric boy. You really want to do this?” I cut his eyes with my stare. His eyes are a tsunami on me. That turned on he is.

“Do what?” He keeps same glare in my eyes.

“Me killing you. I want to give you a chance to live. I have lived three years longer than you. You’ll miss the best part of your life. Trust me. I know. Older than you.” I wink at him and send him a devilish smirk thinking of ways on how to kill Satan.

“Selena?” he looks at my lips. Dare it. I’ll rip your tongue with my teeth. Don’t believe me? Try it boy! Come on! You piece of shit!

“I give you five seconds to get down.” Our eyes are locked. I’m serious on the five seconds.

“You are…” I interrupt him.

“Five! Four! Three! Two…” The motherfucker kissed me? No, you didn’t!

Can you imagine a battle between a hurricane and a tsunami? That’s what we have right now.

I’m tossing under him. He ravages me. I push my arms to make room from his grip. Not working. Lord! What should I do to take this savage off me?! He’s having me against my will! I don’t want it! I don’t want it! Why me?! What did I do wrong?! Then it hit me. I need to make him think I’m accepting. Then he’ll loosen his grip. He’s turned on, he must not think straight at this point, and I might fool Satan. But I must kiss him back?! For fucks sake! Jesus!

While he devours me with that mouth of his and me storming under him, all tensed up, I relax my body and fucking answer to his kiss. He takes me more passionately and trails his left hand down my body. I keep it in. Satan? Five. Four. Three. Two. One. I fucking punch him with my right hand, which is my best in punching, and make him dizzy. Take that! Satan! I have a crazy devilish laughter inside of me and I launch myself out of the bed and on to the door with my bare feet. I’m out on the hallway running.

“Selena!” Satan growls. Served you right Satan! I told you not to fuck with me!

As I run down the hallway, I bump into Justin guy at the end of it. We have a lock of eyes as I stop with my labored breath. He looks at me worried from head to toes and back. Satan comes out from the room. I go behind Justin and grab his suit. “He wants to kill me! Help me!” I take him as my cover. Satan has a red left cheek from my punch. I told you I have it in me. Wasn’t joking.

“Justin! Get out! Now! Selena? Come here! Now!” he is worked up and has tsunami back to his eyes.

I don’t fucking move a muscle from behind Justin. I somehow feel he’s on my side in all this. At least, that’s what I hope.

“Eric! Calm down man! What are you doing? Jeez! She’s your wife man!” Yes, Justin! You tell Satan! He’s lunatic!

“Justin? If you don’t get away from here in a second, I might kill you over this. Don’t think I’m joking.” I can see he’s not. He’s raging. The bull in fights, seeing red in front of them? That’s nothing. You should see Eric to take lessons as a bull.


Gotta say I laughed so hard writing this chapter! What reaction did you have? How was it? What do you think comes next? Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 <3

Can’t wait to see your comments! <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan


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