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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that… Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!


curvy girl hot billionaireSelena’s POV:

My senses pick up motioning. I’m in a car. I don’t know what happened. I had a nightmare. The Eric guy from this morning’s meeting forced me to marry him, bank…. Yeah… Bank sent notice to seize the house…. Racing…. Someone followed me… My mouth is so dry, I can’t open my eyes yet. Why am I in a car? Am I driving? Still dreaming?

“Justin? Call the nearest hospital! Sent you coordinates of my route! Send Selena’s medical files there! She fainted and I think it’s because of her medical condition.” I hear this strong voice that has my chest clench and blood boil. I begin coming to my senses and try to open my eyes. At least one I try. I can’t move. I can’t feel my body to control it.

A big hand is feeling my face. It’s so warm. I’m cold. My breath begins regulating itself a bit.

“Selena? Baby? Are you OK? Please. Open your eyes. Don’t make me like this.” This is… This is… Eric?! Not dreaming?! Everything comes back to me. I remember everything. It wasn’t a nightmare. I fainted after this fucker forced himself on me as if I was a whore! I open my eyes shocked, but the clench on my chest is tightening. I put my hand on it and press it with a labored breath. My mouth fills with water.

“Eric! Stop the car! Now!” I can’t, I can’t.

“Baby? I’m taking you to the hospital.” He seems sincere, worrying, but I don’t have time for that.

“Pull over! Stop the fucking car now! Listen to me! Please! Stop the car!” I’m hyperventilating and trying to hold it in. He listens and stops it with a squealing break on the side of the road.

I barely manage to take of the fucking seatbelt, open the door and get down. My knees break when I am about five feet away from the car and I’m on all fours, throwing up.

I don’t have much to throw up. I only had a medium length banana and a small green apple for breakfast, coffee at the coffee shop in New York, the bread from lunch and the coffee from the afternoon. That’s about all. I still have the vomiting wave, but nothing comes out, just saliva. I hate my life. Eric came in a hurry after me and is keeping my forehead tight and my hair out from my face kneeling beside me.

My body is shaken. My spine is crawled with icy shivers, my hands are cold as ice. I feel like shit. Eric gives me a handkerchief. I take it and wipe my mouth with it. I can’t stand up. I don’t need motion anyway. I need to sit like that for a few moments. I took to much lately. The stress is hitting me and damages my diabetes.

“Eric?” I can’t speak long, my lips are trembling.

“Yes, angel. Are you feeling better now?” he rubs my back.

“Not really. But I’m used to it. Please. Go in the car and bring me Pepsi. Purse. Now. Please.” Tears snake down my cheeks, but in silence.

“I’ll take you back to the car baby. It’s cold on the ground.” He wants to take me from the ground in his arms, but if he does that, I’ll be sick. I don’t want to move yet.

“Go. Do. What. I. Said. Please. Don’t. Move. Me.” Can’t speak

“OK. I’ll be fast.” He takes his suit jacket off and places it on my back and shoulders and goes to the car. He took mine. I suppose he didn’t waste time to help me.

“Here baby.” He gives me the Pepsi I had in the car. I take a sip trembling, clean my mouth and then spit it. I have an iron taste in my mouth. I drink some in small doses. He gives me my purse. My hands are shaking. I’m sitting on the ground now on my knees only. He rubs my back and my arms to give me warmth.

“Eric? Stop. Thank you.” I search for my insulin pen. I take it out, roll the dosage and prepare for a shot. I reveal my belly and try to do it, but my hands are shaking too much. “Fuck! I’m so fucked!” I start crying trying to put the damn needle in my fucking belly, but if I don’t do it right, I might hurt myself.

“Let me do it. Tell me how. Calm down. Please.” Eric has such a hurt expression. I can see it between my tears. This is the wife you’ve got stupid. I’m not fucking normal. In any way. Nobody knows my real life. Just me and my parents. The rest just have an idea of it.

“Just keep my hand steady if you can.” I sob. “I have high blood sugar levels.” I forgot again to take my insulin shot on time. It needed to be done at 8 pm.

“OK baby. Calm down. Breath. OK love?” I nod my head. I’m so hopeless right now. I hate so much when I have such episodes. And now I have it in front of him. The one I hate and makes me angry, exposing my weaknesses. Great. It doesn’t matter anymore. Let him see it all. Maybe he’ll finally realize he doesn’t want me before it’s too late.

He takes my hand with his, giving me warmth on mine, and I guide him to take the shot. We finally do it. I press the top of the pen and release the insulin. Keep it inside for 15 seconds and then take it out. Before making the shot, he placed himself behind my back, on his knees, to have same position as mine. Now he’s holding me while I’m closing the pen, put it back in its cloth and then in my purse.

“I’m sorry baby… I put you through too much today… I’m sorry…” he has his face on the side of my neck on my right shoulder. He’s body is warming my back. If I weren’t in this state, I would have punched him and trashed him on the ground for everything. But I feel comfort and healing from this. It helps me gain some strength. I allow his actions and keep silent with my eyes closed. I tremble visibly.

Three cars packed with his bodyguards arrive and an ambulance. The one he calls Justin arrives with paramedics. He’s flushed when he sees me on the ground. The paramedics ask me the usual questions.

“Don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m a diabetic. It’s normal. I had too much stress lately. I don’t need to go to the hospital. I’ve missed my 8 pm insulin shot. I took it now. I’ll be fine.” I inform the paramedics as I try and finally succeed to get on my feet, helped by Eric, who doesn’t let go of me.” They still check my vitals and take a glucose test. It’s 500 mg/dl. My blood sugar levels that is. I knew it was high. They freak out and insist in me going to the hospital.

“Baby, please, let’s go to the hospital. Please. Don’t break me.” I look at his eyes and see such sadness. Are you happy now bastard? Didn’t I tell you that what you want with what you’ll have don’t match? Why didn’t you listen to me and listened to your fucking dick?

I take myself from his arms. The insulin is doing its job to decrease my blood sugar levels. “I’m fine. Give me the papers to sign my refusal for going to the hospital. I had a stressful period lately. I haven’t slept at night. It’s normal I have this state. I’ve pushed my body over its limits. I just need rest.” Eric is shocked, Justin guy wants to say something but keeps silent, the paramedics have a failed attempt to persuade me, and then I sign the papers.

“Selena? Why? You’re not feeling good. Please baby, please.” Eric continues to make me go.

“Shut it. I’m my own owner. I get to decide what I do with my life. You have no right. I’m not mentally unstable to need a guardian. I’m in full mental capacities.” I leave him with a why-do-you-torture-me expression, thank the paramedics, and go to my car. I sit on the passenger seat. I clearly am not able to drive. So, I’ll have to accept the bastard to do it. I’ve gained my strength at some degree yet continue to tremble. I tighten his suit jacket around me to lessen the cold and shivers I have.

Eric comes in the car. I think he stares at me for a few good moments and then starts the car. I’m preoccupied with getting control over my body and I look on the floor.

I don’t know how long it took to reach his house. When he stops the engine, he puts the back of his fingers on my left cheek. I draw back, though they are warm.

“Baby. Stop rejecting me. I’m honest with you. I’m not playing. Why don’t you want to understand that?” He has a soft voice.

“In one day? Do you want me to believe your sincerity in one day? I don’t believe in Don’s whom I know for the last 20 years. There is nothing I don’t know about him. I don’t trust you. No sane person, woman, would trust in someone after one day. Considering all you did you can’t be trusted. I’m no stupid person. I’m not one guided by instincts to be fooled. I thank you for the last part. Honestly. Thank you. But for the rest, don’t expect anything.

I open the door and get down shaking. You have no idea how it is for someone like me to be able to feel the ground under your feet. It means you are controlling over your body. I walk to the entrance. I hear the cars arriving and parking.

Before reaching the door, I’m lifted into air and see myself in Eric’s arms. My heart stops for a second due to scare, not because I am impressed. Don’t judge me! I don’t want to fall for anyone! Especially him! That’s final!

“Eric! Put me down! Now!” I start fidgeting into his arms.

“Shut it. I’m my own owner. I get to decide what I do with my life. You have no right. I’m not mentally unstable to need a guardian. I’m in full mental capacities. So, you have no say in this.” He smirks and winks at me leaving me with my jaw dropped. No, he didn’t! He just used my line to get back at me with this? Oh! I’ll kill him! You mock me now? Son of a bitch!

“Put me down Eric! I’ll smash your face!” He puts me on the bed. Don’t know when we reached the bedroom.

“As per my Queen’s orders.” He smirks again.

“Satan!” I fire him with my glare.

“I bought you clothes and everything you would need. You can change if you want.” He has that lustful look on his face. I hate him!

“I don’t want to change into anything! Just get out! Now!” I’m hysterical.

“You don’t want to change? Fine by me.” He starts unbuttoning his shirt.

“What are you doing? I said get out!” Are you insane?

“Stripping.” He chuckles.

“What for?” I’m shocked at his action. Don’t you fucking joke with me!

“To go in bed.” I swear to God! He’s the Devil!

“Which bed?” I’ll kill him if he says on this one!

In the one my beautiful wife is.” He winks at me. I grab something from the nightstand, something heavy, I don’t know what that is, and throw it at him. He starts crazy laughing. He ducked it. Of course he did. Bastard!

“Get the fuck out! Now! I can’t stand you! Out!” I take his jacket from me and throw that too into his direction. He just laughs with watery eyes. He’s so amused. I’m shaking because of my state and now because of anger too.

“We’re married baby. I’m your owner. I get to do what I want with you.” Owner? Owner?! The fuck you said that! Demon!


“Baby. Chill. You’re in no state to get angry. Please.” He must see a change on my face as he becomes serious.

“And who’s responsible for my reactions?! You just stay there and rock my nerves! I fucking worked on your project for one week straight! Sleeping in seven days only five hours gathered! You throw yourself with your feet in my life and in one day you almost sent me to the emergency room! And I don’t get to be angry?! You son of a bitch! OUT! No man has ever shared a bed with me! And never will! All this? IS MINE! GET OUT!” I motion furiously at the bed and to all I say. I became a devil too. He’s responsible for it!

His jawline gets contracted and he chews from the inner of his left cheek. He has a crazy look at me. “Fine! I’ll go!” And he goes for the door and slams it shut.

“Finally! Thank you, Satan! And never come back!” I had a nervous breakdown. He made me get so angry as I have never been before. He gets that from me without me being able to control it. I’m shaking bad right now. My teeth are jiggling, my lips are singing too in shivers.

I lay down on the bed and grab, with a trembling hand, the sheets, blanket. I cover myself and curl under them for warmth. I’m unhappy I have no strength to take a shower and change to feel comfortable. I close my eyes and pray that when I’ll open them again, all this becomes a nightmare and leave it behind….


Three chapters written in 24 hours. Wow! So? How was it? What do you think comes next? Any comments? 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 <3

Can’t wait to see your comments! <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan


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