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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that… Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!


curvy girl hot billionaireEric’s POV:

I’m positioned in front of the entrance, with my hands in my pockets, a look that I don’t think I have ever had on my face, probably like Devil himself, waiting for Don to show his damn face.

He comes with such a bright aura all over him and a face of a man that has what he wants. When he sees me, all that becomes a dark night with a stormy cloud over him. He stops walking.

“Come here, Don. Just come.” I say between my teeth, stressing each word.

“Eric? What are you….” he stops speaking, looking behind me. Probably Justin or Rick motions him to either shut up or run. I don’t care.

“Come here I said! Now!” I thunder making him come slowly to me.

“Yes… Eric… I…” he stumbles over speaking.

“What did I say to you earlier?” I kill him with my burning glare. That’s step one.

“Eric. Please. Give up man. Please.” His stance is submissive, but still blabbers.

“Give up on what?” I narrow my eyes at him in anger with my left eyebrow up. At this point, my men, ten of them, surround us. They know I’ll snap, and they assure cover for people not to see much of what’s happening.

“Selena is not yours man. She’s….” That’s the only thing he says before I smack his face sending him on the ground. There is nothing around me anymore, just me and him.

“You dare kiss her?!” I take him by his jacket and punch him again. “You hug MY woman?!” another punch hits his face. “You want to fuck MY woman?!” Third punch. “Sworn brother?!” Fourth punch. “You put her on racing?!” Fifth punch. “I’m going to kill you motherfucker!” I lose count of punches when Justin yells at me right before I give him a deadly hit.

“Eric! Don’t kill him!” he grabs me from Don, but I punch Justin too by instinct. All the control I had over my emotions all day, all the shit I put up with seeing Don with her, are all out now. I’m unstoppable. Don lost consciousness; he’s bleeding. But I’m like a Rottweiler right now who when sees blood is more hyped in fighting than stopping.

“Boys! Stop him all! Now!” Justin yells as I grab Don once again. They keep me away from him while I’m a monster, not wanting to let go of this. I’m a bull seeing red and having the target in front of my eyes.

I start breathing as everything is at maximum speed inside. “Let go of me. I’m chilled. You can let go. Now!” They do it slowly. Two men take Don away.

“Eric? Are you alright man?” Justin asks. I loosen my tie to breathe. Doesn’t do the trick. I take it off and give it to him. I unbutton my shirt at the neck. Never in my life did this over a woman. One that I even haven’t got to fuck.

“Let’s get into the car. Have men on her footsteps. See if she saw any of this or heard. Make sure nobody saw or heard. I don’t want her to find out. I need to take a cold shower and change. I’ll make it official today on everything. Have the contract at hand.” I get into the car.

“Yes boss.” He replies. I motion Rick to start the car.

“Take us at the rented house. Justin? Cancel the race tonight. We’ll reschedule it. Don’t promise a date yet. Keep it pending.” He takes the order and I take my phone out to see what Selena is doing. I know seeing her would calm me down. Hope she didn’t see the scene.

“Finally!” she says looking at her laptop in her office. My angel. What are you doing to me? Who am I now?

“I’m so fucking tired. Good the money is in the bank. I’ll pay them tomorrow.” She got the money from the client. I’m tired too, baby… I would want to sleep with you in my arms…

She stands up from her chair and stretches her body with her hands in the air. “Oh! I needed this!” She turns me on again. I forget about Don and about anything else. I have my manhood take over me. She’s so beautiful. She’s so natural. She’s mine.

She locks the door at her office and goes to the leathered sofa. She looks at it. What is she thinking?

“I took the blanket at home last time. Shit!” she crosses her arms. She’s so sweet. I can be your blanket… I smirk.

She undresses her suit jacket. If you’re stripping, I get the car back to your office. I swear to God that’s my final limit…. She’s in her sleeveless top now and mounting on the sofa, covering herself with her jacket. It’s a longer jacket, covering her till the knees a bit. She has the position of a baby in a mother’s womb. She closes her eyes and sights. I just stare at her. I have never seen such a breathtaking image. Only her wings are missing. The rest is in place. She doesn’t look like a 31 years old woman, more like 20. Her face is angelic. Her innocence is screaming through her skin.

I’ve never looked at woman sleeping. Didn’t feel like it. After sex, I just wanted them to go. Their sight annoyed me. Yet, I can’t get bored looking at her. I love looking at her. Watching her. Feeling her.

When her arm’s muscles tensed up at my grip in the coffee shop, it sent me a penetrating wave through my entire body. I have to say, I’m her slave. That much I love her. Love? Yeah, this is real love. Never been in love. Just playing around. This is true love what I feel for her. And she didn’t do anything intentionally to impress me. Her personality, her judgement, her appearance, her innocence, her conduit, her reactions, her flaws, her qualities, all that impressed me, my manhood, my heart. In just one day, I’m all hers.

She sleeps peacefully on that couch. I watch over her. I zoom in on her face and I trail my finger over her cheek and then her lips. I’m crazy. I know. But I can’t help it. She upgraded me with a new software. The old me is gone. The new me is hers, and she’s mine.

We reach at the house. I go in, on to the stairs and in the bedroom. I put my phone on charging. I take my clothes off and go in to take a shower. I need a cold as ice one. I need to chill my senses. I can’t have her. Other woman is out of question. So, I have to cool off with the cold shower over my body.

After 15 minutes under the shower, I get out, put a towel around my waist and have another to dry my hair. Justin calls me from the bedroom.

“Eric? She didn’t step out from the office. Everything is secured. I canceled the race. Don is in the hospital, but he’ll be fine.” He is waiting for me with the contract in his hand.

“Did you modify it how I texted it to you?” I come out from the bathroom.

“Yep. All good.” He gives it to me. “Eric? The meeting from 2 pm today.”

“What about?” I start reading the contract for a final check.

“The guy was pissed you didn’t show up.” He waits for my orders.

“Remind me the amount of that business.” I continue reading the contract.

“100 millions.” He says.

“I’m the investor, right?” still reading the contract.

“Yes.” He knows where this is going.

“Teach him some manners and take the other business I put on hold for this one. He’s out.” I don’t stop reading the contract. This is my life’s contract and I don’t want anything out for Selena to take an exit from. She’s a Law major among others, so she’ll read it in detail for sure. I saw how she did it with that notice from the bank. I can’t leave things uncovered. I’ll have her sealed to me forever.

“Already did it.” he smirks.

“Justin? You’re my brother from another mother.” I wink at him and smile. “The contract is perfect, and it’s already legalized. When she signs it, it will become effective immediately. It will hurt her, I will hurt her, but it needs to be done.” I put it on my bed.

“Eric. I’m happy for you. It’s the best decision. However, keep yourself in control. Having her in your bed will not be soon. You need patience and understanding. Make the difference between wife and casual women. She didn’t have someone so far, she’s at a mature age, she’s going to be difficult to submit to you. From what I saw her, she’s not going to accept it with you. Forcing her will turn everything against you. I don’t know what to say more, but I think you understand what I want to say.” He’s advocating for her again. My man is on her side. Sweet.

“Get out.” I turn to my wardrobe where they already put my suits and stuff.

“Waiting for you downstairs.” He went out and closed the door.


A shorter chapter than the ones I’ve used you to. Eric has finally lost control. Well, it happens. How was the chapter? Did you like it? What do you think happens next? 🙂 <3

Can’t wait to see your comments! <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan


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