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curvy girl hot billionaireEric’s POV:

“Eric?” Justin calls my name as I watch my phone to see Selena in the car driving. I’m so addicted to her. She’s like a drug. Calls I received from different partners, I’ve rejected them all. I don’t wan to be disturbed watching her by some business matters. It’s my private moment now. We follow her from afar.

“Yeah…” I answer with delay.

“Why don’t you give her some space? You already hurt her. Don’t add stalking on that list. You’re doing it for some hours already.” I tilt my head in the rear mirror and see him watching me. I go back to my phone to stare some more.

“There are two options Justin. Either watch her on the phone or go and take her against her will before signing the contract. Which do you prefer me doing?” This is my utmost sincere thinking. I’m so turned on by her that while watching over her I hold my instincts in making her mine. I don’t think she’d leave the room before three days and three nights from how much enticed I am. No woman made me like this before. I’m a stud alright and have long pleasure nights with women. But with her, I’ll strike new records.

“Watch the phone then…” he takes his tablet out and does the same. I frown at him. I don’t say anything to him as I know it’s part of his job to know things at all times. He’s my right hand and he always knows my most private stuff.

Her face has so many changes in seconds. It’s something wrong with her. Her eyes are watery and she’s becoming pale. She pulls over at a supermarket and stops the car in the parking lot. Her sight is out, like she’s not herself. Well, the one I got to know since this morning.

She takes her phone out and without looking she calls someone. We park two cars from her.

When the person takes the call, she breaks into tears. My heart has a halt. I somehow feel responsible. What is this woman doing to me? I don’t even know her to feel so much for her.

“Don?” she starts sobbing. You called him?! You fucking called Don?! Why Don?! Don’t you have a female friend to call?! Why?!

I hear his voice now as he is tensed up for her and screaming. I’ll take her right now. I can’t take it anymore! I put my hand on the door to open it and get down when Justin grabbed my suit jacket.

“Eric! No! You’ll damage her man! Let her have a moment!” I look at him, but my breath is labored with anger. I sit back and watch the phone.

“I don’t know why I called you.” She’s still sobbing. Yeah! Why did you? Huh? “I’m so sorry.” You should say sorry to me! Not to him! You’re mine! Not his!

“Eric! Chill! She’s not yours officially! She doesn’t know man! Calm down!” Justin is probably seeing how pissed I am as I have my jawline contracted and my eyes are on fire. I say nothing to him. I don’t know how much I can control myself anymore.

“I’m… I’m done with everything Don. I can’t take it anymore. I’m so tired, Don. I just want everything to end. I feel worthless. I feel like I don’t matter anymore. I just need it to stop. I fought a lot these years. I tried Don. I’m at the end already. I have to face it.” she says sobbing and getting a low voice. Her eyes are lost and she’s as white as a sheet of paper. My anger turns to sorrow in an instant. My heart beats go crazy. I can’t stand to see her like that. It breaks me.

“I’m going to her.” I go for the door again but Justin yells at me making me stop.

“Eric! Just stay in the car man! She’s having a breakdown! You won’t be the one to calm her down now! She needs someone familiar to get over this! You’re not that person now! If you truly have developed sincere feelings for her, you need to take it in and let her talk to Don! If she called him, it means he’s the one right now that can help her! Not you! Don’t play human emotions! Not with those she has right now! You don’t want that on your conscience!” I get a tremor inside. I’m not familiar to her. It’s only me having feelings for her and attracted to her. But for her, I’m only a stranger. A crazy one on top of that. That hurts me. “If she’s gonna try doing something to herself we are here to prevent that. But until that happens, we all stay right here! Please, Eric! Listen to me man! I want what’s best for you!”

I close my eyes but listen to my phone. I hear Don talking to her, but I don’t want to concentrate on what he says. That would make me lose the ounce of control I have left in me.

I hear how she takes a deep breath. I open my eyes and look at her. “I’m alright.” Her face starts changing and gets a bit of color. “I’m good. It’s OK. I had too much lately.” She stops crying.

“Man, I don’t know from where this girl gets her strength. I have in my earpiece what Don says to her and it’s not him making her calm down. I can see it from her face it’s not him. Him is just a reality anchor. Even a man with all those problems would kill himself. She’s strong.” Says Justin.

“Don?” she says. “You know I love you right? Not the way you want, but I do.”

“Just a reality anchor?” I mock Justin when I hear her say she loves Don which sent a sword into my heart.

“She said not the way he wants. Meaning, she doesn’t love him like a man. It was just a voice she needed to hear to get back to her senses. Come on, Eric! You’re a smart person! Nothing gets past you! Why are you so weak-minded right now? Read between the lines, will you?”

“I’m in a parking lot at some supermarket. Don’t worry. I have my sanity back. I have to thank you for that. After the race tonight, I promise I’ll personally make you lunch for tomorrow as a thank you. I’ll prepare your favorite. See you tonight! Love you!” she hangs the phone.

“She’s making him lunch tomorrow. His favorite…” I’m out of my mind. I can’t think straight. I just picture myself killing Don. From my sworn brother, he’s now a target on a wall…

“Eric. They have history together. She didn’t sleep with him. They are friends. They’ve probably done this many times before. Don’t get jealous over this. Actually, I have never seen you jealous before on anything. That’s a first.” He smirks at me.

“Jealous? I’m over that. I’m at assassin point. That’s the newest thing. Never felt that before because of a woman.” I would kill Don if he was in front of me. I’m so heartbroken that my mind is overrun by instincts.

She takes a picture of the supermarket and starts writing something. I don’t want to know what. I should be the one receiving her calls and messages. She starts the car and Rick follows her. I’m in a state of a psychopath. And I always have my sanity.

She parks in front of a building having the tag “Dutchmond Constructions & Real Estate” among others. It’s her office.

“She goes to work now? Wow! She’s destined to someone like you. With all you lead you need such a woman at your side. When you think she breaks down, she immediately comes back and gets shit done. She’s either crazy or a phoenix.” Justin comments while I motion him to send me footage from inside. We can’t go in without her finding out. “Coming right up. Sent. You can see her now. Tap the link.”

I see her inside and going into her office. There’s Don, waiting for her. “Is he kidding me right now? He’s like a leech!” I yell at my phone.

“He loves her. If he’s a leech knowing her for so long, what does that make you from only a few hours?” Justin is only putting salt on my bleeding wounds.

“Shut the fuck up!” I growl but he smirks. I just added Justin to my killing list that I’ll deal with later.

“Sit.” Don tells her with a mad man look and she obeys. Perfect. You didn’t sit when I told you to. But you listen to him. Wait till I’ll have my hands on you. I’ll torture you until you submit to me.

“Do you know how much I care for you?” he says to her from her desk’s chair and her in front of her own chair sitting. This is killing me right now.

“I know Don. I’m sorry. I lost it for a second. I usually keep it inside. I don’t know what happened.” She replies with such a submissive stance.

“I can’t watch this anymore! It’s like she’s cheating on me!” but I can’t let my phone down and my eyes go back at the screen. I think I’m a masochist too.

“Selena!” he stands up and goes to her. He grabs her from the chair and takes her into his arms. “You kill me!” he tightens his arms around her. She accepts him. Prepare your funerals, you’re both going down. My heart can’t take it anymore. I can’t explain it. It’s like I found out my wife of years is cheating on me with my sworn brother. Am I crazy? You bet. I am at this moment. Since I met this woman, all my life before disappeared and now she’s the center of it. Everything she does or feels has such effects on me that I can’t control, understand or prevent. It’s just instinctive. She’s mine and someone else is taking her from me. I’m pained, I’m hysterical, I’m mad, I’m nothing like my usual self in a given situation. I can’t give reasons of this change in me. It’s just happened since the moment she opened that door and entered for the presentation. That’s the moment when what you see at me has nothing to do with who I was before that.

“She’s not cheating, Eric.” Justin replies.

“I said shut the fuck up if you don’t want me to snap your neck!” He shuts it.

“I’m sorry… I’m human too. I have weaknesses too, you know?” I can’t hear it. She’s his now.

“Stop saying sorry. I’m not mad for what you said, I’m mad for I thought I would lose you. If there is anyone in this world that would break me, that’s you. Don’t play with my heart, Selena. It’s half broken since five years ago. Don’t kill the remaining half.” He says, keeping her tight in his arms. I feel as if I have a million worms in my head.

“I know. I’m OK. You won’t escape me. I would come back and haunt you if I’ll ever die of natural causes.” She says. They sweetly laugh. The worms just had an atomic bomb explosion in my head. She wants to retract from the embrace that has me thinking how to start murdering Don in excruciating pains. He doesn’t stop. “Don? That’s enough. Limits.” Finally.

“I don’t want to.” You’re dead if you don’t want to. “It feels really good.” I know it will feel good when your blood will be on my hands. I told you that’s my woman, still you fool around, touching what clearly is mine. You have no fucking respect! I’ll see to that. Sworn brother? You just showed your true colors.

“Don! I can’t breathe! I’ll kick your ass!” she pulls him away. That helped me regain some sanity. “Really? Don’t take advantage of my state. I love you, but not like that. Don’t cross the line. Please. You’re the only one I have.” When she says ‘I love you’ to him I cringe. I have daggers cutting my heart and boil inside. I don’t even hear what she says after ‘I love you’. I just get blocked on that. It stirs me up badly.

“Why can’t you accept me as a man? Just tell me. I would do anything you want me to. You know that.” Because she’s mine asshole! She’s my fate! Not yours! What you would do, I already did!

She brushes her face with her hand while she closes her eyes. She sights and looks back at him. Her expression that I can’t explain in words, has something on her that draws my attention and shuts my thinking. “Don. I don’t need you to do what I want. I’m not taking advantage on you or your feelings. It’s not that is something wrong with you that I don’t accept you as a man. It’s just I don’t feel it. I don’t know how to explain it. I have no feelings for anything. I’m so soiled with problems. I don’t get to sleep very much. I have insomnia. I have no vacation for the last ten years. I have high blood sugar levels. All these don’t let me feel anything for any man. Since I caught my dad cheating…” I can’t think anything. She stops with another expression that shows how hurt she is. Again, my heart reacts on her own at her, as if it has its own mind.

“I wouldn’t do that to you. Trust me.” He makes a step towards her. You wouldn’t? Then why did you fuck till now? If she doesn’t know, I do!

“Shut up Don! I’m sure he said same thing to mom, and he did what he did! I would never marry or be with a man! I don’t trust any of you! If there is something in my life that I can still control and have a choice over is my personal life! And I say fucking NO to that! I have enough life complications to willingly accept that too! That’s final! I thank God that I’m iced and not a stupid one to feel or believe in fake love! When you love, you don’t go and fuck around just because you have testosterone!” she’s raging. I love you, Selena. I understand now. You’ll marry. With me. Not willingly, but I have no choice. It will be hard on you, I get that. But I can’t lose you. You will have to forgive me for this.

“Selena. Please. Don’t put all men in same category. We aren’t all like that.” You’re right on that, but not you included. You’re like her dad. I know you too well. You love her for the last five years as a revelation after her near-death experience, but you had countless women. You know about her situation for years, yet you didn’t do anything. If you truly love someone, you take care of things so that you give a peace of mind to the one you love, as long as you have the means to do it. And you have the means. Three million dollars is not a big deal for you. You allow her to participate in a deadly race for merely five hundred grands, but you don’t want to lose her. Whereas I, in a few hours after meeting her, I drive around her like crazy, paid her loans, go mad when she cries, want to solve her problems, decided I want to marry her and have only her in my life. If any woman, that before, I would have had, would cross my path, I wouldn’t see her. She wouldn’t be a woman in front of me. Just a person. No matter how appealing that woman would be. You did nothing. But you screwed around, knowing how much she suffers. You don’t deserve her.

“Well, I’m stubborn. My mind is made up. No one can change that. I have nothing against men, but I don’t want to suffer. To involve feelings, to put your heart and all into someone, and be trashed. No, thank you. I’m good. Oh! I’m so fucking good right now.” She goes to her chair and sits at her desk. She keeps her head on her hands and looks at the desk. “I want to be alone. Please. Thank you for everything. I appreciate your feelings. But you’re wasting them on me. It’s not fair for you. I love you, but I can’t love you more. Please understand.” If she says ‘I love you’ to him, one more time, I snap.

“Are you into a relationship with someone else?” He’s referring to me.

“No. Why?” You are…. You just don’t know it yet.

“Just asking.” What is he doing? “I will never give up on you.” Yes, you will. I’ll make sure of that. “You will love me and accept me.” No, she won’t.

What the fuck?!” I growl getting down from the car. “He kissed her!” I hear her irritated calling his name. “If I barely held it in at that hug, for this, I’ll smash him!”

“Eric!” Justin and Rick are following me, attempting to hold me back, but they fail. I walk to the main entrance waiting for Don. He’s got it coming.


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