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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that… Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!


curvy girl hot billionaireSelena’s POV:

I take my car to a coffee shop halfway to my home. It’s one that I always go to when I want to be alone. I’m still annoyed by that asshole who grabbed my ass. I feel bad for Don. He was sincere to me. I guess he does like me more than a one-time-sex encounter. But I don’t feel anything for him on that. I do appreciate him a lot. He was always a best friend that I could lean on in times when I was a mess.

I remember when we were kids. First time we met. Someone bullied him. He was a weak boy then. Not the bull you see now. He can kill someone with his bare hands. That strong he is. But then, I was the one who saved his ass. Two bigger boys picked on him, beating him. We were both eleven. He was a transfer student to our class. I saw the fight and him wronged. I yelled at those guys; two years older than us. They didn’t cease with punching him while he was on the cold ground in the school’s backcourt. I threw my schoolbag and jumped on those guys. I kept him behind me and put those guys in their places.

I’m good at fighting since a child. Never trained for it. It’s just inside of me. Mom and Dad didn’t take me to martial arts lessons as they were afraid I might kill someone with my temper if I got skilled in moves. Don’t think I’m a monster or love to hurt people. No. But when someone is in danger or someone breaks some limits that puts me or my loved ones in danger, I take a stand. I never provoke a fight. Along the years, I learned how to use diplomacy instead of reacting with violence. It’s a safer route. However, these last years called the devil in me, and when I’m provoked, it gets difficult to control.

Since the day I was there for him, we became besties until high school. He was the hot guy, most popular in school, and me the nerdy one. He started girls; I was on home problems with mom that almost died. I had to take control over the house at 15, because she was bedridden with sickness. So, I didn’t have time to understand why other girls were so in loved with dating and having boyfriends. At 16, I discovered my diabetes because of inner sickness and tiredness I had that landed me in the emergency room, right after my mom got a bit better and could walk alone without help. Messy years.

All these broke us apart for some years, but we would still talk and stuff. I never fell for him. He was like a brother to me. I think I was too, a sister to him.

When I would enter into arguments that could potentially lead to physical fights, and he would be around, he interfered and took the problem into his hands. Yeah, he is one that I care about and thankful I know him. He’s my brother to go to per say. Among all the people in this world, he knows me the best, and I know him the best too. But that’s all I feel about him. Nothing more. Him being a player, doesn’t help a change in feelings on me. Not happening.

I take a seat in the empty corner of the coffee shop after I order a latte and start writing on my phone my resignation from Derek’s company. I tell him that the things happening in my personal life would keep me too long from my job and would affect the company. I truly apologize for the situation. I tell him that I will send him the signed one as soon as possible and try to put in a good word for Marta. I really love that kid. She’s all over the place when it comes to work, but she’s a good kid. She deserves her job and she learned a lot in the month she was my secretary/assistant.

I scroll over my social media messages when Marta’s PM popped. “Where are you? Everything alright? I’m worried! Please say something! Hope you’re not hurt!”

I have to say that Marta right now is my best friend. I talk everything with her. Well, not my personal life. I didn’t want her to know. But everything else is on subject. If they kick her out, I’ll help her find something new. I never stand people get hurt or out of job, especially if it’s because of me.

I start writing her a reply. “I’m fine, sweetie. Just family problems. Miss you. Honestly. I’ll call you later. Promise.” The moment I hit send, I hear a strong voice calling my name. It’s a man. I turn around to see who that is and just stare at the guy after I say yes. He seems familiar, but my dizziness can’t see clearly and put a match to his face from where I know him. Then it hit me. The client from this morning for whom I worked a whole week on a project that other would take one month to do it.

“Mr. Rodricks?” I look at him surprised to see him here. Didn’t he suppose to see a land with Derek? Maybe it’s around here. Don’t care anyways. I hope he’s not with Derek. I can’t face him right now. I take my professional attitude.

“Yes. Strange I meet you here.” he says looking at me with a look into his eyes that isn’t professional at all. His eyes say he wants to have me right there. Is this guy crazy? I stand up. I can’t stand that look. What am I? A whore? I’m in a coffee shop, not parading to have a man. I keep my cool. I don’t want to mess up things for Derek. I already did damage with my resignation. Maybe he’s got other things in his head and I’m just hallucinating. My blood sugar levels are high. I can feel it. That’s the point when I get irritated, not necessarily because someone does something to me, but because my diabetes overruns me. So, I have to keep it in and not ruin things. He would think I’m crazy. I’m not his type anyways. From how he looks and from how all men want, Jesse is the type of women they crave for. And you can’t blame them for it. It’s just the right thing to do.

“Yeah. Well, I live around here.” I casually say as I start having a blurred vision. Man! I hate when that happens! Hope I don’t have it too high. I might collapse if my body can’t handle the level of blood sugar. I attempt in controlling my inner state. I keep it steady. Thank God!

“Are your problems solved now?” He wants a conversation with me while I gather all my strength to keep standing? I already can’t see his face clearly. Not that I’m interested in him, but it’s a bad sign for me. I would want to pinch myself to get to my senses and not faint, or to shake my head to stir my body up for a bit of adrenaline. I can’t do that with this man standing in front of me. I need to cut the conversation and walk away while I can still feel my feet on the ground. I can’t afford getting into the emergency room. There are a lot of things everyone needs me to do.

“No, sir. I’m afraid I have sent in my resignation. I have problems that interfere with my time working in New York. I’m sorry, but I won’t be working on your project anymore.” I’m amazed I can speak strong and clearly. It seems I’m not lost in my state. The poor man would think I hit on him or that I’m crazy. Which both situations aren’t valid.

“Call me Eric. Can I sit?” Call him Eric? What does he want from me? When he motions his hand to the other chair makes me dizzier. God! Don’t let me collapse right now! I need to get away now! At least until I reach inside my car! Please God! I accept collapsing in my car! Don’t leave me here! Jesus! Help. My veins are pumping blood so fast. The rush makes me feel weaker and weaker. Selena! Get the fuck out! Now!

“I wouldn’t do that, Mr. Rodricks. I’m sorry.” I shot him a fake smile as he doesn’t seem to see I’m having a hurricane over me. That’s good it doesn’t show outside. My blurred vision is still on but my voice and speaking are intact. “Oh! I was just finishing. I have places to go unfortunately.” Get out Selena! Now! I take my purse and say the final greeting to walk the hell out from there. He’ll think I’m crazy or rude but it’s way better than see me on the floor. “Wish you a wonderful day, sir! I have to go now.” I walk away but not too far when I feel a big hand grabbing my arm. What’s happening?! What’s he doing?! A fight starts in me between fainting from what my diabetes does to me and the adrenaline I get from the anger I get provoked by his action. My body gets tensed up in fury. At least I have that pinch of adrenaline that gets my being back to my senses for a bit.

“Selena? Please. Sit down.” Is he for real? What does he want from me? Grabbing me? I look at him with killer eyes. Sorry. I can’t help it. It’s his fault. I’m not one to do such things but that’s considered assault. At some degree.

“Mr. Rodricks? Would you be kind and take your hand away from my arm? Like, now.” I refrain from getting physical. He’s a hot shot businessman. I don’t want any problems. Give me strength God to not punch him right now!

“If you promise to take a sit, I will.” He doesn’t want to let go. Through my blurred vision I see him watching at my lips and seems like he wants to… kiss me? Is he insane?! That’s my limit! I thought he wanted to speak business! You are hitting on me? Who the fuck you think you are?

“What are you doing? Let go. Now.” I’m trying to keep my control still thinking about the contract he has with the company. But I don’t know how long that thought will make me hold it in.

“I want to speak with you. Please. Sit.” He doesn’t let go of my arm. Derek, I’m sorry. It’s his fault, not mine!

“Boy, I think you’re crossing some lines. I advise you to listen and let go.” He needs to back off now.

“Sit.” Who are you? My owner?

“Why? Do I owe you something? Let go! Right now!” I start taking his hand off me, but his grip is strong. Shit!

“If only you would sit.” He makes me sit down keeping his hands on my shoulders. You’re dead, boy! I get dizzy again. Yeah. Thank you, God! Among all the moments in time you chose to make me like this now while this lunatic goes against my will! Peaches! I try to force a stand up and go but he puts me back on the chair. “Give me five minutes of your time.” Oh! I would give you five punches right now if I weren’t in this shitty state! Damn you diabetes!

“You’re really out of line. I’m trying hard to not make a scene because you’re a client at the company. That’s the only thing keeping your face in one piece.” I narrow my eyes at him, trying to see his face. Luckily for him I don’t gather his expression as I would die happily to destroy that face. “Speak.”

“Selena?” I hate my name from his mouth.

“It’s Miss Dutchmomd for you.” If you think you’re above me for having money and high social statute, you’re wrong boy!

“Selena.” God! Give me self-control! My vision gets a tiny bit better. About 1 percent better.

“If you want five minutes to speak you better learn the meaning of respect. If you don’t, I walk away. You have nothing to say to me that would pick my interest anyway.” He sits there so relaxed and with a towering attitude that makes me so angry.

“I’m giving you respect.” No, you didn’t! He smirked at me? Who the fuck is he? What’s the matter with this guy? Jesus Christ!

“OK. That’s it.” I have killer instincts at this point. “Would you stop?”

“Stop what?” Is he in a trance or something? I can’t see him clearlyEverything is blurred right now. I see he is in front of me and such, but I can’t see details on his face like his grimace.

“Listen. How old are you?” He is young from what I saw this morning. I think younger than me.

“Why?” He annoys me at maximum speed with each word that comes from him.

“You look young. Younger than me. How old?” I talk like an elder.

“28.” He answers without delay.

“Then for you I’m miss Dutchmond. Got that?” I raise my eyebrow at him though I would punch him on the spot for all this shit.

“Well, how old are you then?” Gosh! I hate the guy!

“31.” In my mind right now are 20 ways to kill a billionaire. All good for me to apply if it weren’t for my state. I have nothing to lose. I have lost everything already.

“Not much older than me.” He chuckles. He thinks he’s all that because he has money and power in the business world. This guy thinks that if he’s a billionaire he can do anything he wants. I roll my eyes at him.

“What do you want from me? Let’s get over with it.” Just fucking say what you want and let me go. I need air and something icy to cool off from what’s happening inside me. I feel like throwing up.

“You.” And that’s my cue to leave. It’s not happening. Jerk!

“You’re out of your mind. Goodbye.” I stand up and leave.

“One million dollars for a night with you.” The blood rush ravaging my veins is hitting me hard when I hear that. He said what?! No, he didn’t! I could destroy the coffee shop with him right this instant! Who the fuck he thinks I am? I turn around though each move I make gets me dizzy. Good it’s only inside and I can keep myself like a normal person outside.

“Even for one billion dollars, I would never sleep with you. Hammer that to your damn mind! If you’ll ever see me in a place, I suggest taking the other way, if you know what’s good for you. Hope I’ll never see you again!” I rage at him and leave for the exit. The anger I have makes me walk on my feet and win over my state.

I get out from the coffee shop. “You son of a bitch! Who the fuck you think you are?! Jesus! I want to kill him with my bare hands! Does he think I’m a whore? You fucking shit! Gosh! I hate men so much!”

I reach my car after my rant that I couldn’t keep inside, get in, slam the door, and drive as a mad man as I clearly am right now. It’s not dangerous, my sight is better now. I can see now in detail. When I express myself and get it out of my chest, my inside becomes better. I hate my life. Deeply. I just want it to end. Does he think I’m a joke? Is this a billionaire game or something? Do they think human lives are a play?


We get to understand a bit why she comes so strong outside. Her health is not very good. There is a constant fight inside of her as diabetes is not an easy one to have. She always pushes her limits to be a normal person outside. Problems and health ones can change a person like this. And when one starts with attitude like Eric is too much to take. You might hate her, but she’s a victim of many things, fighting alone to overcome them. The cruelest fight is when you have it with your own body.

Her interior state provokes her attitude sometimes to be out of control or seem arrogant/rude. I know many of you will not understand her very much or agree with her reactions, but she’s someone that does have heavy problems inside out. No, she’s not crazy and needs an anger management session, there are other things. Don’t know how you will receive this chapter from Selena’s perspective but I sure hope you’ll get interested in more.

 Can’t wait to see your comments! <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan


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