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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that… Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!


curvy girl hot billionaire“Eric? Hey man! I didn’t know you were coming.” He changes his stance and tries to appear like nothing happened. Justin didn’t call him to tell him I’m here. He comes towards me.

“What happened? Wasn’t that a VIP client?” I fake my knowledge over the event.

“Eric. I don’t give a shit on him. Nobody acts like that with Selena. She’s my woman. I’m sorry bro.” You don’t say.

“Your woman? Since when?” I try to keep calm.

“Since we were in school.” He chuckles at me making him have an aura for the memories.

“Don?” I haven’t changed my stance since I made my appearance known.

“Yeah?” he still is in those memories; I can feel it.

“She’s my woman.” I say it on a dry heavy voice.

His eyes widen, his forehead gets stretched, and his lips are apart. Silence reigns the air for a whole minute.

“I don’t think I heard it right. Did you say something like Selena, as in, my Selena, is your woman? Since when?” he looks at me in disbelief.

“Since this morning. She’s mine.” I keep an Alpha look over him.

“Eric? Are you on something? I don’t smell alcohol.” He actually sniffs me.

“No. I don’t use drugs. You know that.” He’s ramming my nerves.

“She can’t be yours. Trust me.” He takes a step back with a final remark.

“And why is that? Enlighten me.” I think I’ll have the hallway walls redecorated with his blood.

“Did she sleep with you?” he grins at me.

“What if she did?” He’s one inch away from being dead.

“That can’t be possible.” I see him relax his shoulders and have a confident smile.

“Why? She did.” I lie, but he’s got me all curious.

“And how was she, huh?” he winks at me and keeps that annoying smile plastered to his damned face.

“She satisfied me in such a way that she became officially my woman.” I smirk.

“Yeah? She’s a pro, right?” he chuckles.

“Want me to kill you this instant?” I have my jawline contracted.

“Eric. Honestly now. We are sworn brothers. How was she?” he becomes serious on me.

“I told you. Not going to divulge my intimacy with my woman. Have limits, will you?” Why is he so prone on this? Did he fuck her? I’m losing my temper.

“Eric. Was she special in any way?” he smirks.

“Of course. I told you she satisfied me completely.” I take a serious look studying his face.

He laughs out loud placing his left hand into his pocket. “You know Eric? There are two things that don’t connect to your story.”

I roll my eyes on him. “She’s my woman! Since when do I have to justify myself for such a thing?” I thunder.

“Bro! If she was your woman, she wouldn’t have come to me for money. That’s one! And two! She satisfied you completely man?! She’s a fucking virgin! And I haven’t seen in her eyes the loss of that purity! I know her for the last 20 fucking years! She never accepts anyone! She’s against relationships! She only studies and works her ass off with all the shit she is in! Wanted to be a top lawyer! But since the fall she needs to take care of her family and family business! No one touches her! Last time I wanted to do that, the only time I lost control, three months ago, she fucking beat the shit out of me! I was drunk! You saw what she did to that guy perhaps! She’s out limits! She’s never going to be impressed on you or me, or anyone! She’s different! She’s on her own mind and self-stability!” he motions to his head leaving me in shock of what I hear. “But I am going to do anything she wants from me! Maybe, I say maybe, she will wake up one day, and accept me!” He’s sending me angry looks.

“Don?” I look on the floor. “She’s mine.” I raise my burning eyes at him. “Nobody is touching her. Do you understand my position here in front of you?”

“Eric. Don’t do this to me man.” he is fidgeting. He knows what that means. I’m claiming her as the leader over him.

“Did you understand what I told you?” I growl.

“You destroy me right now. I know her for a lifetime! I want her in so long Eric! She’s rightfully mine! Don’t do this to me!” he screams, raking his fingers through his hair, with watery eyes. “Since when do you know her, huh? Do you think you just meet her and she’s yours? She’s not like that! You can’t have her!”

“I don’t wait for decades to take what’s mine Don. I see it and I take it. That’s how I am.” I stress each word that comes out of my mouth making Don go crazy.

“She won’t accept you! You have no power over her!” he tries to see the light in the darkness he’s in.

“She will and I have. I bought all her debts from the bank. All three million. I’m the new creditor. Her payback to me? She’s marrying me.” The final blow on him.

“You did what?!” I see his intention to grab me and start a fight, but he knows he has zero chances with me. He’s a great fighter but I’m over him. He knows his place on that, so he controls himself. His body and face scream at me. I understand his pain, yet I can’t do anything about it. She’s mine. And from the last info he spilled, those two months, make it a lifetime. I have never been so sure in life over something. I’m hers and she’s mine all the way. Nothing will ever come between us.

“She’s going to be my wife. I’ll see you tonight on the racing field.” I walk away leaving him there in tears and shock, having my men on my steps down the stairs.

“Eric?” Justin calls my name from the front seat as we trail Selena. She’s at a coffee shop. My Angel.

“Yeah.” I answer looking at her on my phone while she takes a sip from her coffee.

“Heard all of it. What are you going to do? Ruin her?” he looks at me in the rear mirror.

“She’s going to be my wife. End of discussion.” I cut him speaking and look at her more.

“For two months?” his voice gets stressed.

“For eternity.” I say looking at him in the mirror. He gives me a satisfied smile. He knows I’m serious.

“Do you have the contract?” I extend my hand watching over Selena.

“Here you go. There’s no limit on it. I assumed responsibility for the beating for going against your orders.” He smirks and hands me the marriage contract.

“Good boy.” I smirk back.

“You too are alike. Minus the playboy part.” He sends me a look. “I think you two are fated to one another. Still, I sense war is coming over you. She’s not gonna be easy on you, boss. You need to keep your cool with her and arm yourself with patience. She’s not your ordinary girl.” He’s worried that I always have a temper and patience is not my forte.

“Take me to the coffee shop. It’s time to meet her.” I can’t help it. I want to see her face to face, hear her voice and see how she reacts to me outside the office. What Don told me makes me have all kinds of thoughts. How could she still be a virgin? She’s a grown-up woman.

In fifteen minutes, I get down from the car and enter a local coffee shop. It’s simple but elegant. She’s sitting in a corner at a table for two. Perfect.

She’s browsing on her phone and now writing something. When I stand behind her my nostrils pick up her perfume. It’s intoxicating. How come I haven’t sensed it this morning? Or I did? Her frame is delicate. My manhood senses are on. It’s similar to those werewolf stories when he finds his mate and the wolf inside screams “Mate!” That’s me right now.

“Selena?” I call her name. When she turns her head at me, and our eyes lock my heart gets a shot gun and my knees get weak for a second. I keep my left hand in my pocket.

“Yes?” she looks at me like she sees a stranger. No emotion at all. “Mr. Rodricks?” she remembers me. Her attitude gets professional, the one she served me this morning at Derek’s.

“Yes. Strange I meet you here.” I don’t take my eyes away from hers. She stands up.

“Yeah. Well, I live around here.” She says with icy eyes. No god damn emotion sending my way. She’s iced indeed.

“Are your problems solved now?” I randomly ask searching for a string of feeling at my sight.

“No, sir. I’m afraid I have sent in my resignation. I have problems that interfere with my time working in New York. I’m sorry, but I won’t be working on your project anymore.” No fucking reaction that she’s impressed in any way with me. Is she for real?

“Call me Eric. Can I sit?” I smile and motion to the seat in front of her chair.

“I wouldn’t do that, Mr. Rodricks. I’m sorry.” She gives me a fake smile with coldness in her eyes and no tremble in her voice. “Oh! I was just finishing. I have places to go unfortunately.” She picks up her purse. “Wish you a wonderful day, sir! I have to go now.” She walks away. I close my eyes, clench my jawline and catch her arm without turning around, standing in the same place.

“Selena? Please. Sit down.” I sense her tension from her arm’s muscles.

“Mr. Rodricks? Would you be kind and take your hand away from my arm? Like, now.” I turn and meet her eyes. They’re burning to punch me if I don’t retract my hand.

“If you promise to take a sit, I will.” I gasp her expression and have the instinct to kiss her on the spot. Those lips are so inviting. I refrain. Hardly. I fight myself to not grab her and have her.

“What are you doing? Let go. Now.” She hisses at me. She talks informally now.

“I want to speak with you. Please. Sit.” I don’t let go. We are in the same position.

“Boy, I think you’re crossing some lines. I advise you to listen and let go.” Boy? I’m a boy? She’s sending spears through her eyes.

“Sit.” I glare into her eyes to make her submit to my want.

“Why? Do I owe you something? Let go! Right now!” she grabs my hand and tries to take it away from her.

“If only you would sit.” I use my strength and make her sit gently keeping my hands on her shoulders. She’s sitting now but has a failed attempt to stand up as I put her back. “Give me five minutes of your time.”

“You’re really out of line. I’m trying hard to not make a scene because you’re a client at the company. That’s the only thing keeping your face in one piece.” She’s narrowing her eyes at me. “Speak.”

“Selena?” I take a sit as well.

“It’s Miss Dutchmomd for you.” she’s having the bossy attitude with me now. I smirk.

“Selena.” I tease her.

“If you want five minutes to speak you better learn the meaning of respect. If you don’t, I walk away. You have nothing to say to me that would pick my interest anyway.” She’s so devouring. The more she resists me, the more I want her. She’s got some nerves.

“I’m giving you respect.” I smirk.

“OK. That’s it.” She fires me with those delicious eyes and the way she curves her lips to speak to me…. “Would you stop?”

“Stop what?” I come back from my fantasies.

“Listen. How old are you?” What’s that got to do with anything?

“Why?” I sincerely ask.

“You look young. Younger than me. How old?” Is she patronizing me now?

“28.” I promptly answer. I want to see where this is going.

“Then for you I’m miss Dutchmond. Got that?” she spikes her left eyebrow at me and shots ice with her eyes. What the effect she has on me right now, you don’t want to know. She’s on the bed and me all over her.

“Well, how old are you then?” Like I don’t know already. I want to play.

“31.” She says on a dry, patronizing voice.

“Not much older than me.” I chuckle.

She rolls her eyes. “What do you want from me? Let’s get over with it.”

“You.” I say with a hard voice waiting to see her reaction. The anticipation kills me.

“You’re out of your mind. Goodbye.” She stands up and starts to the exit.

“One million dollars for a night with you.” I provoke her having a devilish smile plastered on my face. My request makes her turn around and look at me with an anger that I have never seen before on a woman.

“Even for one billion dollars, I would never sleep with you. Hammer that to your damn mind! If you’ll ever see me in a place, I suggest taking the other way, if you know what’s good for you. Hope I’ll never see you again!” she thundered and walked away leaving me alone at the table. She deserves to be the wife to someone my position. I smirk. You’ll see me soon baby. Just wait to have you on my bed. This bad boy is going to send you to extasy. I’ll see you then how you plead in front of me and submit to my wants.

I stand up, exit the coffee shop, and go to my car where Justin and the boys wait.

“What did you do Eric?” Justin has a no-you-didn’t look on his face.

“Nothing. Why?” I get in the car.

“She came out swearing and calling names, went to her car and drove away like a mad woman. I’m sure you’re the reason.” he looks at me pissed.

“I proposed her one million dollars for a night with me.” I smile with my eyes and have a devilish position of my lips.

“What?! Why?! Come on Eric!” his eyes darken at me.

“Just testing the waters. She said not even for one billion dollars she won’t sleep with me.” I chuckle.

“Good! I wouldn’t sleep with a jerk like you too!” he says between his teeth.

“Watch your language Justin.” I smile.

“You made her hate you. But hell, it’s your style to show you can get whatever you want! Hope you know what you’re doing.” He crosses his arms.

“Let her hate me. Hate can turn into love.” I motion Rick to start the car.

“Yeah? Not soon. From how I see her, she can hate you forever.” He looks on the window.

“She won’t.” Because I love her. When she refused the night with me for one million dollars, she sealed me to her, and only to her. I’ll make her love me.

“Whatever.” he hates me now.

“Shut up.” I tease him.


Their first encounter outside office. What feels did you have for this chapter? Can’t wait to see your comments!  <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

So? How was it? Did you enjoy it? Any opinions on it? I can take any comment even if it’s a love or hate one . I don’t mind. I believe in constructive criticism. 🙂 <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

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