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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that… Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!


curvy girl hot billionaireEric’s POV:

We follow Selena. She’s having a phone call with someone which I think is the client. She’s such a vixen. She knows how to bend her voice with a client. No wonder Derek says she’s the best in marketing.

“So sick and tired of these people! I need a fucking vacation from ten to twenty years! Jesus!” she yells in her car after hanging up to the client. She’s having a burst of feelings washing her face to pale again. You’ll have your vacation sweetheart. I promise you that. You’ll have only me on your mind, body and soul. I think it’s a fair trade. I smirk chewing on my cheek. She’s having me. Those angel features of hers walk to devilish one, then back to angel. How can she do that so easily? Once you’re hooked on her, you can’t walk away.

She drives further. I have no clue where she’s headed to. She says nothing else and has music out loud in her car. Only rhythmical melodies with a boom. I like the music she listens to. Nice tastes baby. I would love to have you on one of those. My mind hoovers over fantasies with her, and they are wild ones.

After an hour or so we reach at a club. I know that club. It’s Don Sanchez’s. An old friend and sworn brother. He’s Mafia. He’s three years older than me. I’m his boss in the underground. We have a family history. Our parents were besties and still are. He’s the head of one of the families.

Since I took all the business from my father, I took the underground too. I’m clean, but I have to lead that business as well to keep it clear from problems. A few times a year I must go to gatherings and say my decision over things. A few fights for position as the leader and some parties for connections to be maintained. I’m prepared in all this and business world since I was six. Nobody stands in front of me.

Selena gets down from the car and puts her purse in the trunk. She closes the car and see her a bit preoccupied. “What’s she doing here?” I ask out loud watching her. “She knows Don? It’s early for clubbing.”

“Probably.” Justin replies to my question.

“Hey, baby! We aren’t opened yet.” Says one of Don’s men from the main entrance checking on her. I feel the urge to get down and make them learn some manners. My blood is erupting through my veins when I see them smirk at her and not keeping their eyes off her body.

“When she’s out, teach them some manners Justin.” I give him a beat-their-ass-till-they-pass-out look.

“Noted boss.” He nods being as worked up as I am about the scene.

“I know. Stop staring.” She speaks with the attitude she had with the workers earlier. “Where’s Don? I need to speak to him. Tell him Selena is here. He knows me.” She says crossing her arms with a confidence as if she owns the place. I’ll have you in my bed. Man! She’s so enticing! No woman made me like this before. My body screams for her, my heart has a labored breathing and my soul is having clashes in the Univers.

“How is she involved with Don? Is she his woman? Was?” I question Justin who is already on his tablet checking on it.

“Not officially at least. They do know each other since they were kids. Same school and high school.” He delivers fast. That’s what I like about him. He never disappoints. “But she could be. You know Don. He always speaks about the woman who wants to marry to since five years ago. The woman that when almost died made him realize he loves her. He’s waiting for her to accept him.” He makes a painful point to my heart when I realize now that that woman was MY Selena. “Eric? It’s Selena… The woman he was speaking about is her…” he comes to same understanding as mine. I clench my fists and contract my jawline. Don is a rival at this point.

“Call Don. Tell him I’m coming to discuss the race.” I’m at eruption point.

“Yes boss.” He takes his phone out and calls Don.

“Right. I’ll call him then, but when he fires you, don’t come crying.” Says Selena to one of Don’s guys as she takes out her phone to call him. It’s like calling her lover. Shit! You’ll be MINE Selena! Don’t get too close to Don! I might kill him over this! It’ll be all on your hands! Stop provoking me!

“Delay the call a bit Justin.” I stop him from calling. I think my blood pressure is at high levels right now.

“Wait! I’ll tell him.” He changes his attitude and contacts Don through his earpiece. “Boss? One Selena is here asking to meet you. I didn’t let her in.” From what I see on his face, Don thundered over him. “Yes boss! Sorry boss! Right now boss!” he looks at Selena with a submissive attitude. Don fucked his ear. He loves Selena. Fuck! “He’s waiting for you in his office. He said you know where that is.” He opens the door and gets out of the way for her to go in. She knows where that is? She fucked him already. Wait until I’ll have my hands on you! You’ll be punished for that Selena! Both of you! Nobody takes what’s mine! Ever! I get down the car with my men on my footsteps.

I enter the club but not before giving the guys a killer look after they greeted me with their heads down. Justin will take care of them once Selena leaves the place. I have the instinct to kill them right there but I keep it inside for now.

She’s already at the first floor, making her way up to his office. You really know where that is! If he fucked her, I’ll fucking kill him! No comment!

I reach at his office level, keeping us at a safe distance from her. She stares at the door. Jesus Christ! I’ll kill him! He fucked MY woman! She knocks on the door receiving Don’s welcoming voice and the way he pronounces her name turns me into an assassin. He’s dead.

She gets in but leaves the door semi-opened. I signal my men to go into my office at the end of the hallway. Yeah, I have my own office in every place I own for when I have to pay a visit.

“Hi… Don…” she says on a ‘whatever’ tone, as if she’s sick and tired. I watch safely the scene from the door with my hands in my pockets. If one would look at me right now, I’m a bad omen. He doesn’t see me. He’s too preoccupied on her.

“Hey love! Avoiding my calls for the past three months?” he comes to her with a smirk to give her a hug. Love?! You fucked her, didn’t you?! You’re dead.

“Keep your distance. I haven’t forgotten last time. Don’t make me beat your ass again.” she says, avoiding him and going to seat on the chair in front of his desk, leaving him there with his arms open and a gloomy grimace. That line of hers made me chill a bit. But they surely fucked. At least she doesn’t seem to have feelings for him from the way she dismisses him.

“I said I’m sorry. We know each other for the last 20 years since we were kids. I was drunk and you are sexy. When I’m sober, I control myself. When I’m not… I don’t.” he smirks. I can’t see her face as she with her back at the door, but she doesn’t say anything to that. He touched her. Prepare your funeral bro. Selena? I’ll punish you for being silent. Did you like what he did to you?! “Talking about sexy. You look way sexier now! What did you do?” he comes to his desk and looks at her, standing, with lustful blinking star eyes. Keep your eyes away from my woman!

“Don. Cut the crap. Sit down.” she motions to him to his chair and crossing her legs. She’s bossing him around. She fucked him. My whole being wants to go in and bring the Apocalypse.

He locks his eyes on her face and then lowers his glare on her cleavage area. You’re asking for it Don. Don’t test my limits. He sits and lays back on his chair with his arms crossed. “Damn! You’re beautiful.” She’s mine. I rage inside

“Whatever.” She sights. “Don?”

“Yes love.” He places his elbows on the desk and has craving glares on her.

“I need money.” she says promptly.

“How much?” he grins at her.

“Three million.” It’s already been taken care of by your man out here.

“OK. I’ll wire them to you now.” He takes his phone out. You did fuck her! Help me God to not snap his neck right now! My hands are formed into fists at this point.

“No! Not that!” she yells at him making me raise my eyebrows and pay attention.

“Then?” his eyebrow is up and looks at her attentively.

“Are there any races?” she says on a dim voice with her head down. What did she say?

“What?! You’ve got to be kidding me. No, Selena.” He takes a worried expression.

“Tell me. I’m in.” she doesn’t give up. I’m shocked at her request. Any other woman just fucks for money. They don’t put their life at risk in car races. The ones Don and we organize, are among the most dangerous, but they bring in good money. The prizes are unequalled to the ordinary ones. But they do take lives.

“Are you sure about that? You haven’t raced since 12 years ago.” His jawline is contracted and has a flushed sight at her. I remember 12 years ago a woman won the biggest race that year. I wasn’t present to see the race and the winner. I had a training in Japan. Yet, I do recall it was a 19-year-old girl that made quite a stunt show. Then her file from this morning rings a bell to my mind. It was her. How many times have I missed her presence so far?

“I’m sure. I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t. You know that.” She goes on that strong attitude of hers again..

“Selena? Why don’t you accept my money as a loan? You almost died five years ago. Don’t break my heart. I care about you, love. I was drunk last time, but I was sincere with you. I want you. And not for one night. Don’t drive me crazy with all this.” I wonder how I would have felt to know her and see her like that, to experience the possibility of her death… You what?! No, you don’t bro! She’s MINE! He drives me crazy and brings out the Alpha in me…

“Don. You know me. I’m iced. I don’t want anyone. I appreciate your care. I want the race. Is there one and how much is the prize?” That’s right baby. You’ll be mine only. Music to my ears when she rejects him.

Looking at his face, I don’t want to hear what he’s going to say…. “Tonight. Midnight. Old road. Five hundred thousand. How’s your car?” Are you out of your mind Don?! You put my woman into danger?! That much you love her, huh?

“Rusty for drifting.” She replies with a straight voice.

“Fine. I’ll give you mine. It’s latest model. If you break it, you pay for repairs.” he says, looking aside, avoiding her gaze. He’s giving her safety, but I still don’t like it or approve.

“How much is your car?” she asks.

“Selena!” he is outraged. Don’t you fucking yell at my woman if you know what’s best for you.

“Gotta know if it’s worth the race.” she raises her hands and shoulders at him.

“We’ll talk about that later. Police may have info on that. So, it can be dangerous for you. There’s a big crowd and lots of drivers. It’s the biggest race this year. I’ll cover for you though.” Nobody is going to touch my woman and make it alive.

“Alright.” She stands up making me walk away from the door and in the direction of my office. I have my back at them faking a phone call at my ear. “I’ll be there 20 minutes earlier. Thanks, Don. See ya later then.” She exits his office.

“Don’t tease me, Selena.” Oh! I’m going to kill you.

“Bite me.” I’ll bite you soon enough. Just you wait angel. I hear her closing his office’s door and going to the stairs. My back is still at her, halfway the distance between Don’s office and mine. The light is dim, so I don’t draw too much attention. I don’t turn around so that she can’t see me face.

I hear a man’s teasing voice. “Where are you going sexy?” It’s not Don as he is still in his office.

The sound of a punch and a big bump on the floor make me turn around. I see a guy on the floor with a running nose on blood and Selena yelling.

“Who gave YOU permission to grab MY ass! You son of a bitch!” I put my phone into my pocket and intent to jump on the guy to destroy him, but Don exits his office like a bull and I stop.

“What’s happening here?!” He’s going to beat the shit out of him. If not I’ll lose it and expose myself. Nobody touches my woman. I feel fire running through me.

“You damn bitch!” the guy says to her. I’ll kill you. You’re out.

“What did you say?” She screams at him.

“Hey! What did you do to her?” Don is at his limit with that VIP client.

“I grabbed her ass! She punched me! This is how you tell your girls to act on clients?” the guy says standing up. Girls? She’s not a hooker fucker! She’s my woman! I lose my temper and make a step but stop at what Don says. It freezes me.

“She’s not a girl! She’s my woman you fucker!” He starts trashing the guy, but I keep my shocked face on him. What did you say? “You don’t come into MY house and hit on MY woman!” I see blood in front of my eyes. He’s claiming her right in front of me.

“Don! That’s enough! He understood the message!” Selena calms him down determining me to move my sight on her. She agrees? What? No, you don’t!

Bodyguards come and take that man from his hands and there’s only us three on the hallway. They haven’t seen me yet. Don doesn’t look at her but breathes with anger.

“Don? Chill. Thank you.” she has the look of appreciation in her eyes. Don’t fall for him. Don’t. You’re mine. “I didn’t say it in front of that man but I’m not your woman. Never was. OK? See you later.” She wasn’t? She isn’t? What’s happening here then? If she isn’t or wasn’t, Don wouldn’t react like that. She goes down the stairs.

“YOU WILL BE!” he growls. You’ll be dead before that happens.

“Not going to enter that long line of women you have. Bye.” Good girl. I smirk.

“I swear to God Selena!” he continues his nonsense, but she doesn’t reply. She’s gone.

“Hi, Don. Can we talk?” I give him my ultimate killer look with hands in my pockets and a towering attitude. He needs to know his place….


So? How was it? Did you enjoy it? Any opinions on it? I can take any comment even if it’s a love or hate one . I don’t mind. I believe in constructive criticism. 🙂 <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan


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