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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that… Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!

curvy girl hot billionaire

Selena’s POV:

I feel a bit better after the insulin shot and lunch bread. Stress is drying me out. I call the client and after three rings he answers.

“Hello, Mr. Rippletok. Here’s Selena Dutchmond. May I briefly speak with you or I’m calling at a bad time?” I keep my cool.

“Hi! Yes! No bad time! How are you? Back from the Big Apple?” he seems happy to hear from me. That’s strange.

“Fine. Yeah. Briefly. Mr. Rippletok? It seems that the last bill we sent you hasn’t been paid yet. Can I have a confirmation for when you’ll be able to wire the money? The workers need to be paid.” I have a smiling and warm voice. You never want to offend a client as he may choose not to pay. To file a suit against them is a hard mess. You don’t want or need that.

“What? I’m sure I did. Wait a minute. I’ll check it right now. I’ll put you on hold darling.” I hope he doesn’t play me right now. I can’t keep my cool forever. We are building him a ten-level block of flats. The company has all the money in his ass of a project. If he doesn’t pay, I’m screwed all over again.

“Sure. I’ll wait. Thank you!” I tighten my grip on the wheel to keep control over my attitude.

After about three minutes or so, he comes back. “Selena, I’m sorry. I thought I confirmed the pay as I have signed it. We have a new employee and has things all over the place. Freshmen. In ten minutes, the money will be wired. My apologies. Hope you’re not upset for my negligence.”

“Thank you, sir! No worries. I would never do that. It happens. As long as things get solved, we’re good. Wish you a great blessed day!” Asshole… I roll my eyes, but I’m relieved. Well, not completely. Until I see the money in the bank, I can’t be.

“Wait!” he doesn’t want to end the phone call.

“Yes, sir?” I have same smiling voice.

“Can you come to my office tomorrow to speak? Or I can come to yours if it’s more convenient for you. I want some additional contracts for the extension in the back. We should talk about prices and deadline.” he has a very sweet voice. I wonder why.

“Tomorrow it’s a bit difficult for me, sir. But I’ll see what I can do. Can I get back to you around 1 pm tomorrow? Maybe I can find an hour from then on if it’s not too late for you.” I wish he says to leave it till the day after tomorrow.

“That’s perfect. Then it’s settled. I’ll wait for your call. Check the bank today. You’ll have the payment without further delays.” He’s smiling, I can feel that.

“Alright. Thank you. Talk tomorrow then. Bye.” I say fast.

“Bye, Selena. Have a good one!” he says, and I close the damn call.

“So sick and tired of these people! I need a fucking vacation from ten to twenty years! Jesus!” I roll my eyes and puff while driving to an old friend. Well, not friend. He’s…. He’s complicated. I hoped I won’t have to see him anytime soon, but with the bank and all, I need to.

I reach near a club area. It’s a big fancy building. One hour from the working site. One of the main clubs in the area. I park my car near the place, stop the engine, take my ID and some money from my purse, put them in my pants’ pocket and get down.

I open my trunk, put my purse in it, and close the car. My keys go into the other pocket. I look at the entrance, take a deep breath and start walking there.

Two handsome gorillas are towering the front door, dressed in black suits, white shirts, no ties, and a piece into their left ears. “Hey, baby! We aren’t open yet.” I forgot I don’t have my ugly suits on me. I have the new clothes that reveal my body line, and not making me fatter like the old ones do. I feel like a piece of meat right now with that lustful glare of theirs.

They are new. They don’t know me. “I know. Stop staring.” I give him a bossy look. “Where’s Don? I need to speak to him. Tell him Selena is here. He knows me.” I cross my arms waiting.

“Don? He’s the owner. It’s pretty hard for you to talk to him.” Same guy speaks checking me out with his eyes and smirks.

“Right. I’ll call him then, but when he fires you, don’t come crying.” I take my phone and motion calling him.

“Wait! I’ll tell him.” He seems shaken. The gorilla presses his earpiece and asks for Don. “Boss? One Selena is here asking to meet you. I didn’t let her in.” I see his face dropping. “Yes boss! Sorry boss! Right now boss!” he is stressed out with eyes widened. “He’s waiting for you in his office. He said you know where that is.” He opens the door and gets out of the way for me to go in.

“Thank you.” I don’t look at him and enter. The club is empty. Only a few people cleaning and preparing for tonight. This is one of those VIP clubs with a trendy décor, expensive lights and animator cages. A big screen for music videos and a DJ booth. I walk upstairs to Don’s office which is at the second floor. First floor is with VIP private rooms. You need about five grands to reserve one of those and it’s membership only.

I reach Don’s office. Stare at the door for a few moments. Shit! Why am I here? Can’t believe I’m doing this… I knock at the door.

“Come in! Selena?” he shouts before I open the door.

“Hi… Don…” I keep a straight face while I enter.

“Hey love! Avoiding my calls for the past three months?” he comes to me with a smirk to give me a hug.

“Keep your distance. I haven’t forgotten last time. Don’t make me beat your ass again.” I say avoiding him and going to sit on the chair in front of his desk, leaving him there with his arms open and a gloomy grimace.

“I said I’m sorry. We know each other for the last 20 years since we were kids. I was drunk and you are sexy. When I’m sober, I control myself. When I’m not… I don’t.” he smirks. I roll my eyes and have a mad look. “Talking about sexy. You look way sexier now! What did you do?” he comes to his desk and looks at me with sparkly eyes. I think I’ll walk away.

“Don. Cut the crap. Sit down.” I motion to him to his chair and crossing my legs. I take a serious stance. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is hot, ripped with muscles, towering. With short wavy chocolate hair, ravishing green-blue eyes and perfect lips. He’s wearing black skinny jeans that embrace those muscled legs, a black belt from Gucci, black V-shaped T-shirt that reveals his muscles, and a dark grey suit jacket. He’s dreamy but I’m not interested. He’s a Mafia guy. Plus, I’m not interested in relationships. Ever.

He glares at me and lands on my cleavage. He sits and lays back on his chair with his arms crossed. “Damn! You’re beautiful.”

“Whatever.” I roll my eyes and sight. “Don?”

“Yes love.” He places his elbows on the desk and waits.

“I need money.” I bluntly say.

“How much?” he grins at me.

“Three million.” I reply.

“OK. I’ll wire them to you now.” He takes his phone out.

“No! Not that!” I yell at him.

“Then?” he spikes a brow at me.

“Are there any races?” I say on a low voice with my head down.

“What?! You’ve got to be kidding me. No, Selena.” He is annoyed.

“Tell me. I’m in.” I have no choice.

“Are you sure about that? You haven’t raced since 12 years ago.” His jawline is contracted and has an opaque glare at me.

“I’m sure. I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t. You know that.” I try to appear strong and healthy.

“Selena? Why don’t you accept my money as a loan? You almost died five years ago. Don’t break my heart. I care about you, love. I was drunk last time, but I was sincere with you. I want you. And not for one night. Don’t drive me crazy with all this.” His eyes send me his sincerity.

“Don. You know me. I’m iced. I don’t want anyone. I appreciate your care. I want the race. Is there one and how much is the prize?” I cut him away from the confession alley. I don’t want or need to hear it.

He sights, looks at me for a few good moments and bits his lower lip. “Tonight. Midnight. Old road. Five hundred thousand. How’s your car?”

“Rusty for drifting.” I realize it.

“Fine. I’ll give you mine. It’s latest model. If you break it, you pay for repairs.” he says, looking aside, avoiding my gaze. He’s pissed.

“How much is your car?” I had to ask.

“Selena!” he screams with a furious look.

“Gotta know if it’s worth the race.” I raise my hands and shoulders to make a point.

“We’ll talk about that later. Police may have info on that. So it can be dangerous for you. There’s a big crowd and lots of drivers. It’s the biggest race this year. I’ll cover for you though.” He relaxes his shoulders and lays back on his chair.

“Alright.” I stand up. “I’ll be there 20 minutes earlier. Thanks, Don. See ya later then.” I show him my back, going to the exit.

“Don’t tease me, Selena.” He says on a lustful voice.

“Bite me.” I exit the office and go to the stairs.

The moment I want to take the stairs down I feel a hand on my ass. “Where are you going sexy?” That’s it. That’s my self-control limit. You son of a bitch!

I turn to the guy and punch him in the face, sending him on the ground. “Who gave YOU permission to grab MY ass! You son of a bitch!” My yelling voice made Don come out.

“What’s happening here?!” His eyes are like a bull seeing red, looking at the man on the floor and then at me.

“You damn bitch!” the guy says to me.

“What did you say?” I scream at him ready to trash him.

“Hey! What did you do to her?” Don is losing it.

“I grabbed her ass! She punched me! This is how you tell your girls to act on clients?” the guy says standing up.

“She’s not a girl! She’s my woman you fucker!” That statement makes me roll my eyes at Don. He starts beating the shit out of him, raging. “You don’t come into MY house and hit on MY woman!” He punches him more. The guy spits blood.

“Don! That’s enough! He understood the message!” I know he might kill him.

Bodyguards come and take that man from his hands leaving us alone. He doesn’t look at me. He’s so tensed up. Never seen him like that before.

“Don? Chill. Thank you.” I pause a little. “I didn’t say it in front of that man but I’m not your woman. Never was. OK? See you later.” I go for the stairs.

“YOU WILL BE!” he growls.

“Not going to enter that long line of women you have. Bye.” He’s a player. I don’t need or want men. I’m perfectly fine on my own, alone. I have enough shit in my life.

“I swear to God Selena!” I hear him from upstairs. I ignore him and get to the lobby area. I walk away from the club, the front door gorillas opening it for me to exit.

I must be crazy. I shouldn’t have come here. If it weren’t for those damn debts! My fucking life! I go to my car, get in and start the engine. I need to go away from here and relax for a few hours until the race. Hope I’ll win that shit. I badly need that money.


Hope you liked this one. Selena is going to participate in a dangerous race, but next chapter will be Eric’s POV to all of this. What do you guys think about Don?  🙂 <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan


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