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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that… Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!

curvy girl hot billionaire

Eric’s POV:

“Alright. Talk soon then.” I nod at him and get into the next elevator and on her footsteps. My men are already tailing her downstairs. She won’t escape me. I’ll find out.

I reach downstairs and motion to my official car to go, while two out of my three black SUV’s packed with bodyguards in the back, come to pick me up per my orders. I hop in the first one.

“Ryan and Luke are on her steps boss. She took a cab. We’re on it.” says my top bodyguard, the one that is always my shadow. I’m versed in martial arts and street fights. However, there are times I want to get loose and that’s when he comes in.

“I want her complete file in ten minutes to see.” I order while the car is already tailing the one sent after Selena.

“Yes, boss. I already requested it when I saw you slow down the pace on the hallway before the meeting.” Justin knows me the best. He knows what I want, when I want and how I want it. That’s why he’s my personal bodyguard and right hand for the last eight years. He’s three years older than me and we get along like best friends, though he’s my employee which I pay handsomely. He deserves every penny.

“Good job!” I lightly hit his shoulder twice from the back of the car and he sends me a smirk in the rear mirror. That Devil! He knows my ways! Gotta love him!

I see Selena get down from the cab in front of a paid parking area. We go after her. “What is she doing here?” Curiosity builds up in me. She aims at a black BMW sports car. Is she meeting her boyfriend or something? Blood boils through my veins at the thought so I ban it from my head. To my surprise, she gets in it and drives off like a pro at a race. Wow! She’s got some skills to exit like that from a parking lot. I like her! Baby? I’m for long runs too. Just you wait until I have my hands on you. We continue to follow her closely. All my three black SUV’s. The one I’m in is now leading the others. I want to see everything.

Justin receives her file on his tablet and passes it to me. “She’s one bad ass woman boss.” He chuckles. “She fits you well.”

I look at him grinning and I take the tablet. I browse to her entire file. She’s 31, Aquarius, has eight companies under her name and family’s. Seven went into bankruptcy at the economic crisis. She’s got some impressive academics. Lots of sports she practiced until 15. I bit my lower lip when I see hockey among the sports. She was at the junior’s national team. She’s rough. I so love that! Mmm…

She participated in some illegal races when she was 19. Drifting. No charges pressed. She’s a rebel too. When I reach the financial status, I see my advantage on her. Three million dollars in debt, her house has just been seized by the bank. She needs to pay in one month from now if she doesn’t want to lose the remaining house they have as property. In two months, she needs to evacuate the perimeter with her parents if not paid. That’s my leverage right here.

I check if she was ever married. The answer is no. No official boyfriends. Can’t stay in a serious relationship, huh? I smirk. She loves to play I guess and walks out when things complicate. Perfect!

I reach the medical part. That’s when things pinch my heart without understanding why. She’s diabetic since 16. Insulin dependent. Had a bad foot surgery five years ago from an infection that almost took her life. Eight months in bed to recover. Doctors didn’t give her chances, still she’s one furious driver and on her feet wild woman today. My eyes get watery for a short moment after I read that part of her losing her life.

“Justin? Help me buy her property from the bank and pay all her debts. Name me as her creditor. I want her submitted to me. We will talk later the conditions on paying me back.” I say with a devilish smile and give back the tablet.

“Yes boss. I’m on it.” he takes back the tablet. “I guess we’re headed to her home. She was announced about the bank making the next move.”

“Yeah. I guess so. That’s going to be a two hours’ drive boys. Cancel my agenda for the next few days and rent us something near her location. Make all the necessary arrangements. I want everything ready when we reach there.” I lay on my back out, putting my shades on and have my eyes on her car. “Tap her entire estate until we reach there. I want to know and see everything.”

“Yes, boss.” Justin says and starts following my commands.

After an hour, I see her pulling over at a gas station. We pull over as well. Justin and Rick get down and go inside to watch over her. I wait into the car. What am I doing for a woman I have just met? I must be crazy. It’s not my style to go through too much trouble to get what I want. But every move she makes and everything I discover about her, provokes me. And she doesn’t even know yet. When she got down the car with that fine ass and fluttering hair, I was so turned on that I barely kept my cool not to go and kidnap her.

She gets out of the gas station’s store, tips the man who filled her car, smiles at him at says something to him. Then she gets in the car and drives away in her unique driving style. Did she just smile at that man?! No, you didn’t! I’ll have you punished for that! You didn’t smile at me like that when we met! My body is tensed and flushed with a feeling I don’t know. Jealousy? I have never been jealous before….

Jason and Rick come back in the car and Rick starts the engine to follow her further.

“I think she sniffed on us Eric.” Jason reports.

“What do you mean?” My eyebrows are up.

“She looked straight at us. Then decided to ignore us and went to take a drink from the fridge. She paid for the gas, drink and also cigarettes.” He looks at me in the rear mirror to see my reaction.

“It doesn’t matter. She’s going to find out soon anyway. When she’ll meet the creditor.” I wink at him and have the devilish smile plastered on my face. I always get what I want no matter the means. She’s no exception.

The last hour went by faster than I expected. We know we are almost at her address, so I signal the guys to take it low. She doesn’t have to be certain at this point. Let her have a ‘what if’ moment. I want her scared a bit. Anyway, I have all her house inside out tapped with audio-video equipment by now. Everything happening in there is streamed to my phone.

We reach at the rented house five minutes from hers. Can’t help looking around how breathtaking the location is out here. The lake is like in magical books, the forest towers it and mirrors its beauty. The silence of out of city is soothing to my ears. The air is strong and calms my nerves. I go in a similar looking house to hers and straight to the main bedroom. I need to take a shower and change. Girls always chat a lot, so I have time. I don’t think she’s leaving the house any time soon.

“She’s in the house, Eric.” Says Jason who has access to the streaming too. “You really wanna do this?” he looks at me with a meaning. “Don’t play with her Eric. She’s got a lot on her hands and seems a nice person. I don’t think she’s gonna be happy with a broken heart.” He gives me the look of a worried man for my further actions. He knows I play with them and then leave them behind.

“First time in my life hearing you speak like this for one of my women.” I study him.

“Don’t know man, she seems different. Personally, I wouldn’t want to see her hurt. That’s all I’ve got to say. You do want you want. You’re the boss.” he leaves the room.

I sit on the bed and loosen my tie. I enter the access code on my phone and see what she’s doing. Justin’s words are on my mind.

“The papers we received are on the table. We have two months to evacuate the house….” says an older woman sobbing that I think she’s her mom. Beautiful woman even at her age.

I see Selena go to the table where her mother pointed. I can see every room and every angle of the house and courtyard. I take the images and audio through satellite. Among my companies, I have an intelligence and security one too. One of the biggest worldwide.

She’s having her back at her mom, but I can see her face. She’s reading carefully the document. Her glare goes from shock, to biting her lower lip, and then a poker face. “Stop reading baby. I’ve got everything covered. Don’t you worry.” I smirk. That lower lip biting of hers is so sexy.

“Where’s dad?” she asks her mom not putting aside the papers.

“Baby…” her mom starts crying and I get worked up. I contract my jawline and chew on my inner cheek.

“What’s wrong?” Selena asks going to her. They have me all serious now.

“Michael called. Dad’s having problems with the workers. He didn’t pay them because of the client. He hasn’t wired the money and Dad is threatened by them to be killed. I was so freaked out that I stayed on the couch crying and somehow fell asleep, but I think I fainted.” Says her mom with an affected grimace and crying. Who’s Michael? Kill her dad? Not under my watch. “Justin! Prepare the other cars! Find her dad’s location now!” I say standing up and ready to go, keeping my eyes on my phone.

“What?!” shouts Selena hearing that with a mad look. “Shh… Everything is going to be fine.” She rubs her mom’s back. “Where is the site?” What?! You’re going there? What can you do? Chill woman. I’ll solve this for you. Or maybe she wants to call the police. Probably. I’m about to get in the car.

“It’s the new client…” her mom sobs.

“OK. Mom? Look at me. I’ll go there and I’ll get dad, and with the house, I’ve got everything covered. Okay?” she says to her mom with an all confident stance and tone. “Who are you woman? Wonder woman?” I chuckle grabbing Justin’s attention.

“We’re trying to locate him right now Eric.” He informs from the front sit.

“No! I don’t want you to get hurt too! Please!” her mom pleads, holding her hand. Yeah, listen to your mom. It’s best.

“I’ll be fine. Don’t you trust me?” she smiles at her mother. If they want to kill your dad how are you going to be fine? “Is she crazy?” the question escapes my mouth on an irritated tone.

“Yes, but…”, her mom doesn’t let go of her hand, but she retracts her hand. Yeah, you’re very good at taking your hand back. Did the same to me in the morning. Just that you do it lovingly with your mom.

“I’ll be back, but dad will be first to come home. I have another stop to make.” She kisses her mother’s forehead and smiles at her like everything is already taken care of. “Be careful!” her mom last words before Selena goes out. Oh! You don’t say. You’ve got everything settled, huh? I make a zoom on her. Rage is covering her entire being.

“Those fiery eyes!” I shout from the back seat. That’s a turn on. “Follow her car. She’s going at her dad’s location. Did you access the inside of her car as well?” I ask Justin.

“Yes. Sending you the key access right now.” he replies while Rick starts the car on her trails. She loves to drive like that I can see. Wonder how she’s in other areas. I smirk having my mind in devilish fantasies.

When we reach the site, there’s a riot. Everyone is yelling and angry. A man is trying to talk to them but to no avail. One sits behind him doing and saying nothing. Then I see Selena’s car entering the site in full speed, roaring her car when she gets to the spot that man was trying to speak with those people, and breaks behind him, making everyone take a step back in silence.

“Gotta say Eric. Never seen a woman doing that. She’s got some balls. Those guys are no joke.” Says Justin. “Want us to go over there?”

“No. Not for the moment. I want to see what she’s trying to do. She’s got my attention. Take us near the place at a safe distance.” I say switching my phone to that location’s satellite to see and hear the scene.

She gets down like a killer from the car. She goes to her father I think, in a serious, powerful stance, not looking at the other people who are still in silence and having worrying glares.

“What’s happening here?” she asks with a superior voice, looking at him only. “Mr. Dutchmond?” she calls him on his family name. That’s her dad alright. Why is she so patronizing with him? The poor man is a pure mess already.

“Selena? What…?” he starts saying surprised to see her but doesn’t get to finish as one of the men yells at Selena, making me want to go over there and break his neck on the spot for the attitude.

“He stole the money! He didn’t pay us! We either get our money or he doesn’t get out of here in one piece!” the man says, who is well-built. I have a pinch in my heart for her safety. “Just…” I can’t finish calling for Justin to get down and help as I hear Selena’s voice with such power that I turn my eyes back on the phone.

“Hey! What did you say?!” she rages at him and gets dangerously close to his face. Me and the boys in the car just have a deep silenced moment. She captures our attention. Who’s this woman? Her killer stare at him right in his eyes makes the man stop and fear on his face stars appearing. “Let me hear it one more time! Don’t look at me that I’m a woman!” she motions her hand in her direction. “I’ll broom the entire site with your ass!” she doesn’t break the eye contact. Her body, face and eyes emanate such power. I’m at her feet right now. That’s the kind of woman a man like me would want to marry. She’s the whole package. That’s provoking my male senses on ways I didn’t imagine before. My heart is the one that wants her now.

That man lowers his eyes. “I’m sorry madam. I-I….” she dominated him.

“You what?! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?! She yells. “Three months ago, we gave you advance money because you had your daughter hospitalized! We were human with you! We said we will not take them back and turned it into a sponsorship for you to not have your monthly salary cut and left with no food on the table! Is this how you repay kindness? And you!” she turns her eyes to the one behind him. “Haven’t we helped you find a home and paid for the rent without affecting your pay when you were kicked out of your house? And you!” she turns to the one beside the first one. “Haven’t we helped you with supplies for your newborn? And you all!” she motions her hand in their direction. “How much kindness and generosity you all received from our company and family to get by your own hard times?!” they all accepted her leadership. Their heads are down. I wonder how you’ll try and dominate me baby. I’m not one to submit. Though I give you credit for being an Alpha girl. I bit my lower lip and smirk.

She makes a step back looking over them. “The client hasn’t paid yet! It’s not stealing your money! I’ll deal with the client after I walk from here! You are all paid until these two weeks! Does it hurt you to wait for a few more days? You know we always pay!” she rages.

“We’re sorry ma’am…. We were afraid we won’t be paid…” says one of them on a low, submissive voice.

“And why is that?” she growls.

“The assistant of the client said he wired the money last week and he was surprised we didn’t get paid. We know you have debts and we thought you’ll run with our hard-worked money. We haven’t seen you for the last month, so…. We apologize ma’am.” He continues.

“Though I understand and accept your worries, you should know we would never do that.” she says on a calmer voice. “And what that man said is not true. What is true is that we haven’t received the money, but I’ll get them.” She makes a pause and looks at them with that mad look of hers “Now. If I hear one more time of such accusations or threatens to Mr. Dutchmond or I, or to any boss you have over you, I’ll have my way with you and make you pay back for what you touch! And don’t think it’s just words! I can beat your ass any time easily! Don’t provoke it to see proof of it! Get back to work and leave me worry and solve the money problem! Go!” They reply yes and go back to work.

“Michael.” She says. That’s Michael. Too old to be her boyfriend. “Go and do your job watching over them. We’ll have things to discuss tomorrow.”

“Yes, Selena.” He walks to where the workers went leaving her and her dad have their privacy.

She has a conversation with her dad. He is affected by the ordeal they had and have since the economic crisis and apologetic for how things went. Selena comforts him. She’s a great daughter to both her parents.

“Love you too, dad.” she kisses him back. “Your son is here with you! No worries!” she winks at him making him laugh and gaining some confidence.

“If I’ll ever have a daughter, I want to have one like her.” Justin says making me look at him and nod.

“Yeah, me too.” I reply. It’s the truth. Selena is making me fall for her in so many ways in such short amount of time. A feeling warms my heart slowly. I want her on my bed, but now she got me interested in more. What’s that more? I don’t know yet.

They continue their conversation and she decides to send him home with Michael. Her dad refuses at first but then gives in. She calls Michael and he comes to take her father home.

“Justin?” I say not taking my eyes off her.

“Yes, boss.”

“Call my lawyer. I have decided on the conditions.” I bit my lower lip and clench my jawline.

“Which are the conditions?” Both Justin and Rick look at me intently.

“Marriage contract.” I promptly say.

“What?” they both ask at the same time.

“For two months.” I complete my conditions.

“Eric? What are you doing?” Justin turned on his seat to look at me with a shocked expression. “You’re playing too much with this. That girl and her family are in a very hard situation. I don’t know from where she musters the courage to be like that and deal with things. Don’t break her man. That family needs her. You can have any girl you want. Leave her aside.”

“I’m not playing. I’m serious.” I say what I feel.

“You’re serious?” he rolls his eyes. “Contract marriage. Two months. That’s serious to you.”

“For three million dollars, I think it’s a great deal.” I say on a businessman tone.

“Whatever Eric. Do what you want. Who am I to go against you?” he looks at her out of the window. “What is she doing?” he says being tensed making me look as well. She has her left hand on top of her car and shaking her head. I look at my phone.

“Shit!” she says. She’s pale. She throws away her cigarette and puts her phone on the top of her car, holding the car’s top with both her hands. She tries breathing. I get down from the car at this point without thinking anymore.

“Fuck!” she yells, making me stop from walking towards her with my phone in my left hand and Justin with Rick down from the car. My heart is beating so fast at this point.

She gets her phone and enters the car. She doesn’t see me. I watch my phone and select the inside of her car. I see her looking into her purse. She’s getting something out. A syringe of some sort. I frown. She reveals her belly and gives it the shot. I close my eyes at this point. A sight is released from me.

“I told you man. Don’t play with her. This is a real sin. She’s not like the others. Spare her.” Justin advocates for her.

“Shut up. Let’s get back to the car.” I’m having a clash of wants and feelings. My manhood wants her badly, my heart wants to protect her. What is she doing to me?

After a few minutes she decides to leave the site as she starts the engine. She drives as if nothing happened a while ago. Baby? You’re mine. All the way. “Follow her.” I have a straight face giving the order. Nothing is more important to me than her at this point. She’s the woman I want. The only one.

So? How was it? What do you think about Eric and Justin?  Where do you think is Selena going?Gotta say that next chapter is going to be an intense and action packed one! Eric is going to see another side of Selena. 🙂 <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan


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