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curvy girl hot billionaireA/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes might be in place. Sorry about that… Otherwise, I hope you’ll enjoy the chapter! It’s a long one, but hey! Get used to that! *says grinning my teeth*


Selena’s POV:

I reach downstairs with one thought in mind, I need to be strong and kick ass. Mom and Dad need me. I’m the only one they have. I’m an only child and now I have to play the man in the house.

I take a cab which conveniently just dropped someone in front of the company and tell him the parking loft I left my car this morning.

I reach there in about 15 minutes, pay the man and stroll fast to get my car. Nobody knows I own a car or anything about me, that’s why I don’t drive my car at the company’s parking area for employees. They don’t have to know things about me. I’ve got things to find out and I’ve left some things out from my CV and life story among the employees and boss.

My black BMW sports car awaits. Yes, I was rich remember? It’s a 10 years old model, but still turning heads at its sight on the road. It’s among the only things I’ve got left from the financial hit. And our home.

I place my purse in the trunk, get in and start the engine and like a fast and furious driver aim my home. Oh! I’m very skilled with driving. Don’t worry. My house is out of New York City in a quiet suburb area on a lake across a beautiful forest, two hours away from the city. It’s dreamy there, silent, a man-to-nature contact, and the only house we have left to live on. It is a small, cozy white villa of two floors and an open attic, with a beautiful garden and a large swimming pool. I used to be an athlete in my teens, so my dad built me a professional swimming pool to practice daily there. I was a tennis player, swimmer, basketball player and hockey player. Dad was into sports, as a former football player until his twenties, resulting him into getting me into all fields he could. He wanted a boy. I loved to please him, and I loved the sports, hence I did them all until about 15. The swimming pool is in ruins now for about nine years. Hey! It costs a lot to maintain it every year!

The trip to home seems like forever. Halfway in, my gas signals it needs a refill. Shit! I stop at the nearest gas station for a refill. I get down, an employee comes to fill it and I go in to pay and decide to buy a few packets of cigarettes. I’m out of them and I’ll badly need a lot for what’s coming.

While I’m at the cashier’s, I observe two men in black suits and white shirts, with black shades entering, pretending to look on the shelves, but I feel they are watching me. Something is off. I remember I forgot to take a drink for the road when my mouth dried instantly and start to the cold drinks’ fridge. I cannot pass over them cornering me, but still pretending to have no connection to my presence there. I ignore them, go back to the cashier’s desk and pay for everything. I go back to the car, tip the man who helped me fill the gas and “Thank you! Have an easy one!” and get in.

When I start the engine, I observe three black SUV’s parked and the men in black coming out and on to the nearest. I have another fast and furious drive and off to road after I made sure I no cars were coming.

I open my Pepsi Max and have a sip while I have my music out loud in the car. It’s Lady Gaga’s “Do What You Want To My Body” and I drive gangsta style with me left hand on the wheel. I make my mind forget those guys which I see are after me. I care less. I’ll deal with that later if it’s necessary.

After another hour, I reach my beautiful home which I’ve missed a lot after last month’s decision to move in in the city for the job. I look into my rear mirror and see the cars stopped following me. “You guys are pros. You know when to get low I see.”

I stop in front of the house, stop the engine and get down, taking the bag with the cigarettes, my Pepsi and then my purse from the trunk. I open the gate and go inside. Be cool Selena! You’ve got everything under control! You need to be strong for Mom and Dad! We’ve got this!

I’m greeted by Tommy, my white fluffy Persian cat with a meow, I pet his head, and enter the house. Mom is sleeping on the couch. She looks as if her life is sucked out of her being. My heart is shattered in pieces.

She feels my presence. “Selena?” she stands up while I go to her in a big bear hug, kissing her forehead and then her cheeks. She hugs me back.

“Yeah mom! Your knight in shining armor is here!” I let her kiss me too after she releases a smile.

“The papers we received are on the table. We have two months to evacuate the house….” she sobs. She’s a strong woman, with black long hair, green eyes, 61, pale skin, and a lioness, but the last 16 years broke us one by one.

I go to the table and open the papers to read them. Two months. We’ve lost the house. They say that if we pay three million dollars in full by the end of first month, which is all we owe in debts, we can keep it. My car is off the hook as it’s still own by one of the companies I still run. But it’s a small company and things are not going well enough in the constructions for petite companies. “Where’s dad?” I ask mom while having my back at her reading every single line of the notice to see if there’s a loop somewhere that I can use tomorrow morning, when I’ll pay the bank’s manager a visit.

“Baby….” She starts crying out loud making me turn instantly with wide opened eyes and a bit of gap between my lips.

“What’s wrong?” I get to her trying to calm her down.

“Michael called. Dad’s having problems with the workers. He didn’t pay them because of the client. He hasn’t wired the money and Dad is threatened by them to be killed. I was so freaked out that I stayed on the couch crying and somehow fell asleep, but I think I fainted.” Tears are pouring down her sucked cheeks.

“What?!” I rage but take away her tears with my fingers. Michael is dad’s right hand, but he’s not a strong man. He’s weak. When you’re not Donahue Estate Development, you don’t have money for best employees. Instead of calling me he called mom. That fucking asshole! “Shh… Everything is going to be fine.” I rub her back. “Where is the site?”

“It’s the new client…” she sobs. I know where that is. Twenty minutes from here.

“OK. Mom? Look at me. I’ll go there and I’ll get dad, and with the house, I’ve got everything covered. Okay?” I stare into her eyes to let her now I’m on it and chill. I lie, of course, for the house part, but not for dad.

“No! I don’t want you to get hurt too! Please!” she pleads, holding my hand.

“I’ll be fine. Don’t you trust me?” I smile at her.

“Yes, but…”, she doesn’t let go of my hand, but I force her gently.

“I’ll be back, but dad will be first to come home. I have another stop to make.” I kiss her forehead, send her a warm smile and let her say to me to be careful.

I storm out of the house. I think I have a mad look and grimace. No one touches Daddy! No one is taking my house! The losses end here!

I get in the car and I pull a race stunt to get from the spot my car is on and off to the site where it will get messier when I reach there.

When I approach the site, I see a riot and Dad is in the middle of it with Michael behind him, doing nothing much. Dad is trying to calm everyone out, but they sure look angry.

I enter the site with speed, roaring my car when I reach the area my dad is on and push the break right behind him, making everyone stop and step back. My music was out loud. I stop the car engine and get down fuming. Luckily, I always wear flat shoes from a deadly surgery on my foot from five years ago, as the site is bumpy for heels.

“What’s happening here?” I ask on an authoritarian tone, looking at my father. “Mr. Dutchmond?” I call his family name as he is one of my employees. I do this to get everyone silent. In business we are not family. At home we are.

“Selena? What…?” he doesn’t get to finish as one of the men yells at me.

Dad’s face is darkened and tired. Heartbreak after heartbreak on my heart.

“He stole the money! He didn’t pay us! We either get out money or he doesn’t get out of here in one piece!” the man says, that as many constructions workers has a built figure and a bull stare.

“Hey! What did you say?!” I rage at him and I get one inch from his face. My stare at him fires through his eyes making him hold his breath. He is half head over me but gets a halt on his hysterical argument against us. “Let me hear it one more time! Don’t look at me that I’m a woman! I’ll broom the entire site with your ass!” I don’t break the eye contact. It’s a battle right there between our eyes. My stance is like a pissed lion.

He lowers his eyes. “I’m sorry madam. I-I….” he gets to his senses.

“You what?! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?! I verbally attack him now. “Three months ago, we gave you advance money because you had your daughter hospitalized! We were human with you! We said we will not take them back and turned it into a sponsorship for you to not have your monthly salary cut and left with no food on the table! Is this how you repay kindness? And you!” I turn my eyes to the one behind him. “Haven’t we helped you find a home and paid for the rent without affecting your pay when you were kicked out of your house? And you!” I turn to the one beside the first one. “Haven’t we helped you with supplies for your newborn? And you all!” I motion my hand in their direction. “How much kindness and generosity you all received from our company and family to get by your own hard times?!” They all subside and lower their heads.

I make a step back to gasp them all with my sight. “The client hasn’t paid yet! It’s not stealing your money! I’ll deal with the client after I walk from here! You are all paid until these two weeks! Does it hurt you to wait for a few more days? You know we always pay!” I rage once more, fire coming from my eyes.

“We’re sorry ma’am…. We were afraid we won’t be paid…” says one of them on a low, submissive voice.

“And why is that?” I growl.

“The assistant of the client said he wired the money last week and he was surprised we didn’t get paid. We know you have debts and we thought you’ll run with our hard-worked money. We haven’t seen you for the last month, so…. We apologize ma’am.” He is sincere. I can see that.

“Though I understand and accept your worries, you should know we would never do that.” I say on a calmer voice. “And what that man said is not true. What is true is that we haven’t received the money, but I’ll get them.” I look at all of them seeing their faces relaxed and accepting of what I say. “Now. If I hear one more time of such accusations or threatens to Mr. Dutchmond or I, or to any boss you have over you, I’ll have my way with you and make you pay back for what you touch!” My eyes are dragons spitting fire at them. “And don’t think it’s just words! I can beat your ass any time easily! Don’t provoke it to see proof of it! Get back to work and leave me worry and solve the money problem! Go!” and they all say yes and go back to work.

“Michael.” I fire him with my eyes. “Go and do your job watching over them. We’ll have things to discuss tomorrow.”

“Yes, Selena.” He retreats to the working site leaving me and dad alone.

Dad is idle. He just sits there, pale and weak. A state that I got used to for the last 16 years. He is tall with athletic constitution, wavy dark blond hair. But his brown eyes are opaque. “Dad?”

“Yeah.” he replies on a dry, decreased voice.

“Are you OK?” I go in front of him.

“Yeah.” Same voice.

“What’s the matter?” I put my hand on his shoulder.

“I think I lost my touch. Everything is falling apart. I’m worthless. Can’t do anything. I’m….” I interrupt him.

“Dad! You’re not! You’re just tired.” I give him a tight hug and rub his back.

“We’re losing the house babes….” he starts sobbing silently on my shoulder hugging me tight in return. “I didn’t want any of this! I just wanted to make sure you have an easy life unlike me and your mom.” he is losing it. “If only I didn’t make you sign the loans with us, we wouldn’t be in this state right now. I’m sorry babes. I’ve ruined your life and your future. I can’t face you or your mom…” he lost it.

“Dad! Chill! Everything will work out! Trust me! As long as us three are alive and well, we can overcome everything! Alright?” I shot him a warm, confident smile, making him relax a bit.

“Love you babes.” He kisses my cheek and hugs me.

“Love you too, dad.” I kiss him back. “Your son is here with you! No worries!” I wink at him making him laugh and shine his face a bit. He always says that I worth to him as much as five sons and one daughter.

“My baby. Dad loves you so much and it pains his heart to get you through all this with this old man in front of you.” his eyes are watery again.

“Dad! You’re not old! You’re only 56! You’re as young as it gets!” I kiss his cheek one more time as he smiles.

“You always know how to make me feel better.” He holds my hand with sad eyes.

“You know what daddy?” I raise one eyebrow.

“What babes?” he waits.

“I’ll have Michael send you home and I’ll be back in about 3-4 hours in time for dinner. How does that sound?” I hold his hand.

“I still have to work babes.” He argues.

“No. Today I work in your place. Let me do this. Mom is a mess. Go home and support her. I can’t wait to eat home food again! Please? Deal?” I butterfly my eyelashes at him and pout.

“Okay baby.” he gave a sight.

“Michael!” I yell at him on a strong voice and motion him to come. He was far from us on the working plot. He nods and starts to us in a hurried pace. He’s relatively tall, black hair and eyes and skinny, around 45 years old. He’s an engineer but not as experienced as my dad, who is also an engineer by profession.

“Yes Selena!” his gaze goes from me to dad and then back to me.

“Take Dad home for the day. Come back. That discussion for tomorrow is going to be pushed back for when you return. Okay?” I have a serious look in my eyes but the anger has put its paws down from me.

“Sure. Terrence? Let’s go.” He says to my father who is idle still. Shit! It’s gonna be a long one this time. I need to stay for a few days.

“Yeah. Bye babes. I’ll wait home for you. You be careful, alright?” he cups my left cheek and then strokes my head.

“Sure thing dad.” I smile at him and motion him goodbye while he furthers away from me as I lay my back on the door of my car. I have a strong urge to smoke. My nerves are so tensed that the vein on my neck is booming. I open the car and take out my purse, get a cigarette and light it. I see my phone in the car and observe I have some icons on it. Great!

I take the phone and close the door, lean back on the door and browse the phone while smoking. I know, it’s bad for health! But I don’t have other vices and working on getting rid of this one too.

As it was on silent mode, I haven’t checked it. Jeez! 50 calls from Derek, 78 from Marta, and a bunch of text messages from them and some emails. Have they gone crazy? I’m out for only a few hours and have announced my departure. As I start reading the messages, I lose my balance for a second and get dizzy, having my vision a bit blurred. A shock wave crosses through my being and my heart stings for a second. I grab the top of the car with my left hand and shake a bit my head. My heart beats increase, and my breath gets labored. “Shit!”

I throw my not finished cigarette and put the phone on top of the car, holding the car’s top with my two hands and working on my breathing. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Slowly. That’s it. I say to myself having my head down and eyes closed. It’s my diabetes. Whenever I stress myself like I did before, my diabetes reacts. Hope there aren’t any other problems. “Fuck!” I forgot to take my lunch insulin shot.

I get the phone and inside my car, close the door and take my purse. I roam in it to find my insulin pen. I see it and take it out. I raise my top to reveal my belly, open the pen and deliver the shot. I take it out after 15 seconds, put it back and take a wrapped piece of bread that is in my carbs’ meal for lunch. I eat it pretty fast and wait for about 10-15 minutes. My forehead gets tensed and the sides of my head. Yup, it went up.

I decide to spare Michael today. I’m already worn out. I start the engine of my car and drive backwards, stir the wheel to the right to turn, break, stir the wheel to the left and go for the exit. I have some other place to go.


So? How was it? What do you think about Selena and her family? 🙂 <3 Next chapter is going to be Eric’s POV. I’ll write it fast and upload it as soon as I can. Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

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Anda Stan


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