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Eric’s POV

I walk in in Derek’s company for the marketing presentation on my new project “Casablanca Red”. It’s a resort with a VIP club. I’m 28 years old and took my dad’s business since I was 23. I made it to the top 10 in the Forbes list last year as one of the youngest billionaires. I like to play and party but when it comes to business, I’m like dad, deadly and on the profit. Never mix pleasure with business. I know Derek since I was 5. He’s like a bigger brother to me and best friend. We are both bachelors and we often hangout together.

I’m welcomed by Derek’s stuff and on to the elevator to the tenth floor where are the managers’ offices. He said it’s a new marketing manager. A woman. She’s one of the best though she’s not known on the market yet. I really want to see what she has for me. She had one week to work on the concept.

“Hey buddy!” comes at me Derek and shakes my hand in a men’s embrace. “Hope you’re not dizzy after last night’s drink.” He winks at me. Yeah, we had a little get-together last night with some other friends. We discussed about the project and then we went loose in one of his clubs until 2 a.m.

“Hey! Not at all. You know me.” I’m good at drinking and I know my limit when I have business the next day. Derek was my teacher in this among other things.

“Jesse? Can you take Mr. Rodricks to the meeting room?” he asks a hot blonde with a too short dress for an office environment. He knows how to pick them. That old guy. I keep a businessman face in front of her.

“Sure. It would be this way Mr. Rodricks.” she butterflies her eyelashes at me, motioning the way, showing me her cleavage, with a sexy smile.

“She’s our Planning Manager, Jesse Startwust. You can go with her and with your people. I’ll be there in a minute.” he says with a smirk. I nod and follow the bomb shell. Nice legs vixen, but a bit of a flat ass. Luckily you have a comeback with your cleavage. While I walk to the meeting room guided by the blondie like she’s on a catwalk, I hear Derek yelling. “Marta?! Where’s Selena? She’s not in the office!” I slow down my pace to eavesdrop what’s happening.

“Sir, she’s on her way. I-I…?” Come on Derek! You’re frightening the girl. I grinned.

“You what?!” he is pissed. Does she do that often? Never seen Derek so pissed on an employee. Maybe it’s personal. She doesn’t say, but she repeats the “I-I.” “Was she on a date last night and didn’t hear the alarm go off or something?” Yeah, it’s personal alright. I would love to meet that woman that can make him lose his control like that.

“No sir! She takes work seriously! You know that! I’m at fault!” her voice is trembling but got it out strong in that woman’s defense.

“At fault? What for? What did you do?” His anger decreased a level.

“I’m sorry sir! I forgot to send her the change of the meeting’s time last night! I have only now spoken to her on the phone and realized I didn’t. She was really upset. But she’s coming! She is at the coffee shop across the street…” I like her assistant; she takes the blame for her boss. Hard to find one nowadays.

“She’d better not keep us waiting for too long!” The last thing I hear before entering in the meeting room.

Hot Jessie is sitting next to me, presenting me the concept that woman created. She tries to get touchy and all to get my attention. I can get one like you ten times a day if I want. I’m fed up with girls all over me. You’re working way too hard and it’s not impressing me. I know your type. I have a long trail behind me. I wish there was a woman that would have no reaction at me and not be a lesbian for a change. That would be really interesting.

“Selena is so late! That fatty ass!” puffs with fakeness Jesse checking her phone to see the time. “I’m sorry, Mr. Rodricks. It slipped my tongue.” Yeah, it slipped alright. And you didn’t want it at all.

“It’s fine. The concept seems catchy from what I saw. I can wait.” she starts fidgeting at my words. I think she wanted me to have am aggressive reaction. I would have if the previous Derek’s scene wouldn’t have picked my interest to meet the woman Selena.

Derek comes in with other three managers. The project manager that I know for some years now from other project, Dave, the financial manager, Kevin, which I also know, and the design and IT manager, Bob. None that I don’t know of except for Jesse and Selena. Jesse was on other branches until a few months ago, and Selena is the newest in the company.

I look at my watch. It’s 8. Derek is saying something to Kevin but visibly irritated on Selena for being late. Jesse tries a failed move on me as a knock on the door and an appearance makes everyone silent. Derek is the only one vocalizing as he is with his back at the door.

“It was about damn time you…” and he turns with the chair to see her but is silenced at her sight for a good minute. I’m too staring at her. She’s not skinny as Jesse said, but I don’t find her fat. She’s having all the right curves in all the right places. Her wavy dark blonde goes on her back like the Little Mermaid’s. With those jade eyes with long lashes, thick eyebrows, perfect lips and sexy ass black attire had me on the spot. And she wears no make-up. She’s a natural beauty. She’s not my type, but she’s all the type I want right now. Derek, I’m sorry man, she’s mine.

“So sorry. Traffic.” she excuses herself not blaming the assistant.

“Yeah,” he says, “this is Eric Rodricks, our client, CEO of Rodricks Real Estate Investments, and this is our Marketing Manager Selena Dutchmond.” Derek makes the presentations and I stand up without controlling my body. I never stand up if I get sited. Especially for someone who got late on me on business. This time is different.

“Nice to meet you, sir.” she extended her hand looking me straight in the eyes with that penetrating look, icy, but professional. I can’t help but imagine her in my bed and run wild staring in her eyes. No reaction from her. She’s like seeing a wall. She’s not impressed by me like Jesse was. I don’t think any woman gave me the cold shower. Maybe she’s lesbian? Don’t think so. If she was, Derek wouldn’t have been like that. I stop my train of thoughts when I realize she’s trying to retract her hand.

“The pleasure it’s mine.” I release my grip and she retracts her hand. She sits on her chair, opens her file and then her laptop. I sit back on my chair, lay back, and keep my eyes all over her. She starts the presentation, but I can’t focus on what’s she’s saying. First time happening to me. If it was Jesse speaking, I had no problem concentrating. This one has a leash on me. Why? Is she Derek’s woman? He didn’t say anything to me. Yet, he looks at her like he is. Domineering over her. That’s why he’s not dating anyone for the last month? Tired for dating because of business, huh? Business my ass! But she’ll be in my bed soon…

She finishes the presentation which I haven’t heard any of it as I was eye-glued to her and with a smirk plastered on my face. “That’s interesting.” I say taking my eyes from her and into Derek’s direction. He continues to eat her with his eyes. He pisses me off now.

“What? Yeah. She’s our best.” he finally breaks contact making me growl inside. “Anything you need a correction or addition on?”

“No. It’s fine. But I would want to have a word with you alone.” I look back at Selena with fiery eyes. Oh! You’ll be mine baby, don’t you worry. I have to talk to Derek to get a confession from him and then we’re on angel.

“If there’s anything, I’ll be in my office.” She gives me the cold business smile, standing up and leaving. Not for long baby, not for long. “It was a pleasure to work on this project, sir.” The pleasure hasn’t begun yet. We’ll work on that later. She extends her hand for the final handshake and I take it strongly, to have a profound touch of hands. Her eyes are cold. It didn’t excite her in any way. No tremble, no spark in her eyes, no nothing. She provokes me I see.

“You did a great job. Rarely I’m so impressed.” I smile at her and from looking into her icy jade eyes I land on her natural rosy lips that I would devour here and now.

“Thank you, sir. Have a good day.” She tries again to retract her hand but now I’m the one provoking her and not letting it go. Her eyes get irritated but not in the way I wanted. I let it go.

She walks away leaving me and Derek alone. Jesse is still hovering around, and I think Selena’s assistant, who is packing the stuff. During the entire meeting I swear there wasn’t anyone around us besides Derek who was walking on my Alpha nerves. I’m way wealthier than him, younger and a lot more attractive. I love the guy, but here I wouldn’t let go. Marta excuses herself. Derek tells her he wants Selena in his office now to talk.  She nods and goes to Selena’s office. He then sends Jesse off. She doesn’t want to go but she follows the order and shuts the door behind her.

“Tell me, bro. Are you in a relationship with the Marketing Manager?” I ask directly with my Alpha male look on.

“What? Whom?” he blabbers. Haven’t seen him like that. Ever.

“Selena. Are you two dating?” he looks at me taken aback by my blunt questions.

“What makes you think that Eric?” he clenches his jaw and becomes rigid laying back on his chair as I do on mine.

“You only have eyes for her.” I have a strong glare on him.

“No, I don’t.” he denies and keeps a poker face.

“How long is she working for you?” I continue my interrogatory.

“For about a month. Why?” something is up with him. He never hides things from me.

“For about a month you’re not dating anyone. Having something to confess to me?” I smirk.

“I’m not dating her. I’m not dating anyone. Any other questions? We should go see the land. But wait for me downstairs. I need to talk to Selena about something.” He stands up avoiding my questions obviously. I think he’s not dating her, but he would want to. So, I’m not taking his woman. That’s a relief.

“OK. Let’s go then.” I stand up as well and we go back through the hallway to the elevator with my men following us.

I see Selena coming from the other way of the hallway to the elevator crying. She has her purse and her gaze is down. She doesn’t see me and bumps right into me in front of the elevator. I keep still but I’m a bit shaken seeing her like that.

“Oh! Sorry!” she looks at me and then at Derek and my men.

“It’s alright. Something happened?” I see her eyes are red and that she keeps tension inside of her. She wants to cry out loud but struggling to control it. I’m checking on her with my eyes if she’s hurt or something.

“Where are you going? Didn’t Marta tell you I’m expecting you in the office?” Derek yells at her but he’s checking on her as well. He’s worried.

“Nothing happened.” She says to me without even looking at me. “Yes, she told me. I have some unexpected family situation and I have to leave for the day. You can cut my paycheck. I’ll still run all the work at home. Marta will send me on my email. I’m not going to wait for your approval. If you consider you want to fire me over this, you can do it. I’ll understand. Have a good day, sir.” Though she is on the edge she keeps her professional with a strong stand. She sure is something. The elevator comes as one of my men pushed the button when we reached the spot. She walks in leaving us there, with her head down, not looking at any of us, pressing the lobby button and the doors closing.

I give my men a special signal with my fingers without Derek seeing me, to follow her. Something is on and I have the urge to find out what it is. I need that. I want that. “Derek? I remembered I have something urgent to do. Can we have a raincheck on seeing the land?”

“What? Yeah, sure, no problem. Call me.” he is thinking at what I’m thinking.

“Alright. Talk soon then.” I nod at him and get into the next elevator and on her footsteps. My men are already tailing her downstairs. She won’t escape me. I’ll find out.

Hope you guys enjoyed the second chapter! A comment, vote and follow would be awesome to encourage me to write more on it. So, what do you guys think about this chapter?


Hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter! A comment and follow would be awesome to encourage me to write more on it. So, what do you guys think about this chapter?

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