Winners of AndaStan Writers Twitter Competition 23rd April 2019

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Hey! The competition on Twitter is over! Well, it was over on the 23rd April 2019 when I announced on Twitter the winners!

Yes, I promised I will choose 10 winners that will get a sale for the submitted book, an interview on my website, on my "Interview Time" section, with yours truly, and a feature on my podcast show, "AndaStanTalks", available on 9 podcast platforms as we speak, more to be added soon.

Anyhow! Because I am a person that loves to deliver surprises and make people happy, I chose not 10, but 24! It was such a joy for me before announcing the surprise! If I had the financial means, I would have bought all 281 submissions! It was such a diverse thread with books from all genres! I felt like a child in front of a toy store who was to buy a bunch of toys, but had a limited budget, yet wanted to buy the entire store! You know what I mean and how I felt? Boy!

All submissions were amazing! I want to thank all the authors and writers that submitted their treasure! You were all awesome and so prompt with engaging with my pinned tweet!

The writing community (#WritingCommunity), Indie authors (#IndieAuthors) are simply the most responding community that I have ever seen and experienced! I'm proud to be a writer myself and be part of them! They are special people, special authors, and with a kick-ass craft under their thumbs! They are such supportive and warm people! Much love to all of you!

Now, going back to the topic of this article, the 24 winners got what I promised for the 10 initially. They are in random order named as winners, as they all got 1st place in my heart!


Proudly presenting,

1.       Liz Butcher @lunaloveliz with “After Dark”

2.       Ami J. Sanghvi @bloodinkroses with “Armageddon Dystopian poetry for the soul”

3.       L. R. Hay @Jairus_Girl with “Jairus_Girl”

4.       Thomas Czarniak @CzarniakThomas with "Loser Fooser"

5.       J. E. Plemons @lastlightfallin with "Last Light Falling :The Covenant, Book 1"

6.       Kelly Sedinger @Jaquandor with “Stardancer (The Song of The Forgotten Stars Book 1)"

7.       Laurel Johanson @laurel_johanson with “All Things Mortal”

8.       Cynthia McDonald @mccindy72 with “Life Is A Terminal Illness”

9.       Drew Neary and Ceri Williams @stepford115 with “The Clockmaker”

10.   Norman @NormantheButton Michelle Olson with “Norman”

11.   Chris Hepler @TheOtherHepler with “Civil Blood”

12.   Justin Swapp, Author @JustinSwapp with “The Magic Shop”

13.   Lena M. Pate @LMPATE with “They Called Her Alivia”

14.   Dawn Marie Clifton @DawnClifton8 with “Falling for Wolfe”

15.   Regina Timothy @iamreginatim with “Full Circle”

16.   Terri Tiffany @territiffany1 with “The Bend”

17.   Norb Aikin @fivesixer with “100”

18.   Kirk Burris Author @BurrisKirk with “Breaking Sandcastles”

19.   Nicole DragonBeck @DragonBeck with “First Magyc (Guardians of the Path Book 1)”

20.   Wendy Jones @WendyHjones with “Killer’s Countdown”

21.   Jorja Grael @JorjaGrael with “To Tame A Rogue Heart”

22.   Alan J Fisher @AlanJFisher0  with “Preludes of Enoch”

23.   Vanessa Wester @vanessa_wester with “Hybrid”

24.   Dylan Madeley @thedylanmadeley with “The Gift-Knight’s Quest”

These were the winners and their books selected. I chose from all genres as much as I could.

Don't worry those of you that weren't selected! I will soon do something for you too, but be patient, as everything takes time and a process. Also, stay tuned because I will repeat such events, the same or similar. I want to make a monthly competition for various themes. Bare with me, I have to finish things first to allow another row of support. *kisses*

I have completed 2 out of 4 steps from the competition for 23rd April 2019.

Step 1. Announcing the winners on the 23rd April 2019 on Twitter. CHECKED

Step 2. Buying the winner books and proving the purchases on the 23rd-24th April 2019 on Twitter. CHECKED

Step 3. Interview with the winners on my "Interview Time" section. ONGOING

Step 4. Feature on my podcast show AndaStanTalks. ONGOING

At the moment, I am waiting for all winners to send me their email address on my email, to connect with them for the interview and podcast show. There are still winners that are yet due to send me their email address. Once I have all email addresses, I will proceed with making an agenda for all 24 when they will receive via email their interview questions about them and their books.

The moment I start receiving back their answers, I will start posting the interviews for everyone to see and read them.

By the way, I love interviewing people! It's so exciting to get to know the author and the person behind the book! Also, to see how they speak about their book, and maybe the way it was written to reach the final product! We all writers get to learn a thing or two from them. That's delicious for me! An interview with them is like being served a dish prepared by a Michelin Chef! You know what I mean?? I bet my fellow writers understand my "craving"! Hehehehe! *kisses*

Proof of purchases for the winning books are below in random order!

























OK guys! These were the winners and what I wanted to announce! For those of you that love to read and would fancy giving a try to these books, by all means do it! You have the links to their Amazon pages! Check them out! And if you will do so, purchase one of them or more, please come back and leave a comment about this. Moreover, if you will read the book/books purchased, an honest review for the book would be more than appreciated by me and the authors. The review should be made on the book's page, on the section reserved for this, on Amazon.

Another thing that I would be thrilled to see, is your comment about this article, this competition, and how you feel as an author/writer/reader about all this on the "Leave a comment" section under this article! Let's connect and speak! *heart and kisses*

Stay tuned for more news about the following steps of this competition!

Kisses and hug!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan



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