Red Moon Love – Chapter 8 – Mixed Feelings

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By Andra-Cristiana Stan

Chapter 8 - Mixed Feelings


Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏❤💖😘❤

“Ha-ha! So, you don’t want to wait until after tomorrow’s ceremony. That is something I will wholeheartedly agree with. It’s not that we aren’t legal now, we can start our intimacy if that’s your desire my sweet angel. You choose, I will be your servant.” His eyes were dancing full of lust and excitement, hell’s flames were melting her.

“You brute and pervert! Put me down this instant! I will fucking kill you! Don’t provoke me! Devil!” she reacted violently in his arms, but to no avail, he was no match for her.

“You said you didn’t know her!” started Olivia to launch a scandal. “But you are husband and wife?”

“It’s not your business witch! How come you are here? I didn’t summon you!” he thundered.

“I came to take my reward for saving her! The price you have to pay!” she reminded him, forcing a change of things.

“Drake will make sure you will be paid. Tell him what you want, he will give you. Go now!” he ordered, as a Master over them.

“You didn’t hear what the price is! You said you will pay me whatever, just to save her!” she argued.

“Save me? From what?” Mika intervened, confused over the word slapping between the two.

“When he bit you and sucked the life out of you! He made me bring you back to life! That’s your fated husband!” Olivia divulged the secret, distorted a bit, triumphant for seeding wrath among them.

“What?! He killed me?! Put me down! Now!” she punched him repeatedly to be released but failed.

“I didn’t kill you! It’s not that bad as she described. There were some circumstances that lead to that. Not that I wanted to harm you.” Thomas defended himself, looking back to Olivia, with murdering eyes.

Olivia had a foxy smile, pleased of the result.

Drake was speechless. His world collapsed. He was raging inside, not wanting to accept the situation. “Put her down Thomas!” he growled, with eyes changing into his imprint beast.

“You two! Get out! Now!” Thomas gave his last warning for them to keep their safety. It was too long he maintained his calm and patience with them. He took Mika up the staircase, aiming his bedroom, to have privacy from them, and clear some things up with her. His wounds were healed outside, but inside it was burning still from the werewolves’ poison. He needed some rest, peace and quiet. Her presence near him made him recover faster.

Drake tailed him to take Mika, yet Thomas released a wave of energy that sent him down the stairs, pressuring him, unable to move.

“I told you to never disobey me! Don’t ask for unnecessary trouble!” he barked at Drake.

“What are you doing to him? He’s my friend and wanted to help me!” Mika protested, feeling sorry Drake had to go through that, seeing he spat blood, as Thomas was pressuring his heart. “Stop! I will go with you! Leave him alone!” she pleaded, sacrificing her will.

Thomas released Drake from his attack. Drake coughed and gasped for air, spitting blood on the floor.

Mika disappeared with Thomas. He took her in his room, and on his bed. Windows and doors were locked at once, making a dangerous noise for Mika to hear. The message, she was trapped, not being permitted to freely go out as she pleased, at least until further orders.

He stared at her, standing beside the bed, facing her. “Finally, you are here.” he whispered, with a fainted voice.

“I won’t be your bride! You can’t force me! I’m not willing!” she decided, crossing her arms, eluding his gaze.

“You are. But I thought you died.” he whispered again.

“I should thank that lady and Drake for saving me after you killed me!” she word-slapped him.

“I wasn’t referring to that.” he said, putting his hands inside his pockets.

“Then? You killed me more than once?” she raged the question on him.

“When you were three, I thought you died. At least, that was what your father let me think.” A reply that made Mika turn her head and confront his beast eyes. He still had them, as he needed to heal after the night’s attack.

“How do you know about that?” she became interested in who he was and what involvement he had back then. Could he be the one that kidnapped her?

“I know. It doesn’t matter anymore. What is important, you are alive, and the contract is valid. You are mine.” he avoided the details.

“Don’t do this to me! Tell me! Who the fuck are you and why are you doing this to me? Contract? What contract? Better said, why a contract? For what? What’s going on?” questions she didn’t received an answer to.

Thomas sat on the bed, putting his head on her lap and falling asleep. He was injured. He couldn’t stand anymore or having enough strength to explain. He needed rest and her. The best remedy he could ask for.

“Hey! What are you doing?” she tried to move him. Her eyes landed on his face. He was the picture of a sleeping angel. A loose hair strand covered his forehead, and a bit of his right eye. She slowly approached her fingers and removed it. Mika was in awe at his sight. She wasn’t afraid of him. Only rage resided in her guts. But she had mixed feelings. She was sort of attracted to him, a thing she realized when she found herself approaching his lips dangerously. She stopped at an inch length, pulling back instantly. I must be crazy! He infected me with his craziness! What’s the meaning of this? Why is he like that? He killed my father! were her last thoughts before falling asleep herself. It was late in the night.

“Let me help you.” offered Olivia, wanting to give Drake a hand.

“I don’t need it! You may leave! There’s nothing for you here tonight! Think of something else as price to be paid for your services! And if you persist in your madness, I will have my way with you for the failed spell you gave for the Red Moon night! It’s because of you, he did that! Don’t provoke me to make you hold responsibility for that! Two of my men died because of you then! Mika would have been the third!” he inflicted his rage on her, but Thomas was the one who made him snap, and the whole Mika situation he was updated. Things were happening with lighting speed, and none of these he knew. His Master seemingly kept away from him important things. He wouldn’t mind for other unknown stuff, but regarding Mika, it drove him mad, determining his craze against his favorite person, who was like his brother, his father, and best friend.

“If you are this stirred up, why don’t we work together, and each obtain our want. We can help each other. I get Thomas, and you Mika. You clearly are in love with her. This happened fast, I see, but it’s love. What say you?” she was waiting his answer with her arms crossed.

“Not making a deal with you. I’m loyal to Thomas. This is between me and him. It has nothing to do with you. I won’t play your game. Leave.” he fired her to go around her business, taking a napkin and cleaning himself.

“When you will change your mind, you know where to find me.” she said picking her belongings from the sofa and leaving to the exit.

Drake went to the bar and poured himself a full glass of Jack. Straight. He was bitter. He wouldn’t consume the marriage tonight, right? He wouldn’t to this to her. She doesn’t want him. He knew her. He lied. He never lies. His bride? Why had he never told me about such an important matter? He didn’t trust me? I have never betrayed him. What should I do? I…. he was about and around the feelings he had for both. He loved Thomas, now he loved Mika too. Anything else he could give up on for his Master, this time it seemed impossible. If Mika would have chosen him, he was able to accept her as his master’s bride. But she wasn’t willing. This gave him hope for a chance to be with her. Maybe he favored him more. Or did she?

He spent some time drinking two bottles of whiskey, and then went in his room, which was on a separate wing from Thomas’s.

Mika woke up the next morning, snuggled in Thomas’s arms, him still sleeping. When did we end up like this? He’s a vampire! What am I doing? He must have done something to me to let my guard down like this. Why my body feels safe around him? I never liked to be touched or approached by men, still, I never immediately reject him. I even had my first kiss with him. Am I stupid?! she retracted from his embrace but was kept tight by an awakened Thomas.

“Where are you going?” he asked with half opened eyes, revealing his glamorous navy-blue eyes and long dark lashes.

“Let’s stop this play. It’s not good for either of us. We are two strangers, battling over my dad’s company. Let’s keep it that way.” she drew a safe context for her.

“Are you afraid of me?” he turned to her side, gluing her to his bare chest.

“I’m not afraid of who you are, either as businessman or night creature.” she replied. “Stop with this! I’m not a toy!”

“You aren’t, you’re my wife. Let’s get ready for the ceremony. My assistant prepared everything. At noon we are to wed.” he said on a serious tone, kissing her once more.

“We are not going to marry! Stop with the craziness! I’m only 18!” Mika released herself from his embrace and stood up. “I want to speak with Drake. Something is fishy, but I don’t know what that is. Who’s Olivia? What does she do?”

“Olivia? Why? Jealous?” he chuckled, standing up too.

“Why would I be jealous?” she faced him with sincerity.

“She is one of your rivals. She’s been for the last fifty years or so.” he confessed, glaring at her, to see her reactions.

“She’s a beautiful lady. I can see she’s powerful too. She’s more suited for you than me. You should choose her. How old are you by the way?” she asked, scanning him from head to toe. “You don’t look more than 25 years old.”

“I’m 523 years old as real-life span and turned when I was 24. Olivia is not suitable for me.” He said, going slowly near her, feeling she’s not into him. That was a first. No woman would resist him, regardless of age.

“You are such an old ass! Don’t you see the lack of compatibility here? I’m mortal, you’re not. I’m young, you’re ashes, not even, at your age, if you were a normal person. You better choose someone having at least one characteristic among these, that suits you.” she amended him, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms, disrespecting him.

“We can work on that. You could become immortal, if that’s what you want. But that’s soon to happen anyway. It’s in your blood already.” he hinted a secret only him and her father knew.

“What do you mean?” she asked, pushing him with one hand, as he came to take her into his arms.

“You will see when the right time comes. It’s irreversible. It’s your fate. I’m going to take a shower. Speak to Drake if that’s what you need, and get ready for the ceremony, or lose the company. Make your pick.” he went for the bathroom, leaving her with unanswered questions.

“I hate you!” she yelled, hearing a laugh in the bathroom, and running water.










Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it and are waiting for the next part! Comments, likes, subscription to my website and follows on my social media are more than welcomed! 😊❤💖😇

Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏❤💖😘❤

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Your true friend always,

Anda Stan



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