How To HIGH SCHOOL?! Chapter 1 – First Day Of High School Part 2

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Chapter 1 - First Day Of High School Part 2


Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏�❤💖😘❤

Ada and Sandra go to the school's canteen.

"I'm terrible... I was the center of attention, but for the wrong reasons... This is one heck of a start... I made Lorely an enemy, Mr. Truman has a bad impression about me and that Donovan must think I'm crazy... I could die right now..." Ada zips from her juice.

"Oh! Shut up! It's going to be fine! You have me on your side! Nothing can go wrong!" says Sandra, standing from her seat and giving a bear hug to Ada.

Meanwhile, everyone stops talking in the canteen and look at the entrance. Donovan came in, stalked by Barbie and her two BFFs.

"Donovan, darling! You have to agree with me! I didn't do anything wrong! She was the one who bluntly went to your desk and owned it! I warned her, but she just wouldn't listen! So, where is my fault? You can't break up with me because of this nonsense!" pleaded Lorely, forcing her hands around Donovan's arm, him walking with his hands inside his pockets, without looking at her.

"We were never together. It's just what everyone assumes. Because of your constant blabbering. Now, let go. I have enough stress with the upcoming game than standing a girl fight and some crazy newcomer. Just let me out of it!" he pulled his arm from her hands, making Lorely tearing up.

"What do you mean Ada was the one responsible?! And you! Why did you call her 'crazy newcomer'? Are you insane, people?!" snaps Sandra who witnessed, like everyone else, the scene.

Donovan rolls his eyes. "Look! I don't care! Just let me be! You girls can have a cat fight, me, I need to go with the dogs and practice! Jeez!" and he leaves the canteen to go to the gym.

"You are responsible for this!" yells Lorely to Sandra.

"I'm responsible?! You are the crazy one! How come Ada is in this mess?! You were the ordering one! You have an ugly soul! You don't deserve this perfect appearance of yours! It's nothing! Stay away from us, or else...!" Sandra puffs and turns around to go back to where Ada sits.

Ada has widened eyes, mouth open, and a shaky appearance.

"What's the matter? Are you OK?" Sandra is worried seeing her like that.

"I... I... can't ..." she can't say, words cannot come out, she's fixated on what happened earlier.

"What's this scandal here?! Girls!" Mr. Truman makes his appearance, firing Lorely with his eyes.

"I didn't do anything! Sandra is the guilty one and Ada!" she tears up hysterically. She loves to be a drama queen.

"Ada Adams! Into my office! Now!" barked Mr. Truman waiting for Ada to stand up and follow him.

Lorely gives her a sneaky smile.

"Mr. Truman! But Ada didn't do anything, she's the one that makes all the scenes!" says Sandra, pointing to Lorely.

"Ada? Aren't you standing up? I won't stay here enough to get old waiting for you!" screams Mr. Truman, with furious eyes, matching her puppy, now teary eyes, but not saying anything.

Ada stands up and follows him, Sandra is jaw dropped of how everything ended up, and Lorely with her girls coming closer to her.

"This is my school! I'm the queen here! And if you displease me, that's what happens!" states Lorely, pushing Sandra, making her fall on her back.

"Seriously? Is this what you want? Oh! I'm so kicking your ass!" Sandra stands up and starts a cat fight with Lorely.

"What are you doing?!" Donovan pulls Lorely away, who is now on top of Sandra.

"Let me destroy her! She crossed me!" screams Lorely.

"Knock it off! Stop!" Donovan tries to pull her for good this time as she escaped from his grasp and on to Sandra.

"What is this?! Donovan! Get Lorely out! Now!" the principal orders, who is none other than Lorely's mom.

"Mom? I didn't do anything... She started this..." again a liar Lorely, pouting in tears in front of her mom.

"You! Why do you bully my daughter? I'll have your parents come to school and tell them about your lady behavior! I'm not tolerating such attitude in my school!" she threatens Sandra. Bianca Shivers is the same in appearance as Lorely, but the older version. Nonetheless, she's a Barbie too. And has same attitude as her daughter, though she is a polished one. She knows when to stop, unlike her daughter.

"Mrs. Shivers, she started this, she's the one who doesn't have manners. She constantly lies to everyone. Everybody here and in the classroom can vouch to that. They all witnessed everything. Ask them and you'll see who's telling the truth." Sandra looks around waiting to have backup from the students present.

"So, how is it? Is my daughter lying or she is? Anyone?" Bianca looks around with furious eyes, waiting for someone to say something.

"Lorely is saying the truth." says one student from the back. "Yes, Lorely is victim." another one adds. The majority nods in agreement, and the few ones who stay silent, have their heads down, avoiding eye contact with the parties involved.

"What?! You all saw everything! How come you all do this? What's this?!" Sandra is in awe of the reaction the crowd had, not understanding why no one defends her, she really isn't guilty.

"In my office! Now!" smirks Bianca, turning on her heels and walking towards her office with Sandra behind her.

Lorely smiles once again, she is her mom's daughter. She takes Donovan's arm again, but gets rejected by him.

"I'm so fed up with this, Lorely. If it weren't for our parents relationship, I wouldn't have been here. Next time I'm called to stop your craziness, I'll hang up the phone. Stop messing around! Leave those two alone! They didn't do you wrong!" and he walks away to the gym, leaving Barbie pouting and crying in her BFFs arms.

"Mr. Truman, I'm sorry. I didn't want this to happen. I was just trying to avoid everything, but Lorely is not a person who I can make sense with. I haven't provoked her in any way. I apologize for my behavior." says Ada, with her head down, in front of Mr. Truman's desk.

"Ada. I know Lorely. She's like that since a child. She's too spoiled. I know you didn't do anything wrong." says Truman, with warm eyes, from his chair, giving a soft smile to Ada.

"What? You believe me?" Ada matches his eyes, not believing what she hears. She was expecting a cold shower, but her teacher is giving her justice.

"Yes. So, how is your first day so far?" Mr. Truman asks, giving the impression that everything that happened was nothing at all.

"Well, it was great, until I first reached the classroom...." she is puzzled by Mr. Truman's reaction and question.

"Your father asked me to give you private lessons. I don't know if he told you already." he is looking at her intensely.

"What? Umm... No, he didn't." she puts her hands at her back and has a straight stance.

"Then, tomorrow I'll have the first lesson with you. You will come at my place. Your father has the address. He said he will take you there." Mr. Truman scans her, waiting for her reply.

"I'm not having study problems. I don't know why he said I need private lessons. Can I first speak with my dad and decide on this?" she really isn't fluttering over the idea.

"Sure. He can call me if you guys change your mind. If I don't get a call from him, I will consider the lesson on. You can now go back to class, Ada. And stay out of trouble, will you?" he gives her a smile, taking a file from his desk.

"Thank you. I will. I'll excuse myself then." she exits his office, thinking what was that about. Her dad omitted to tell her that. She knows he's stressed with the case and not telling her something is kind of normal under those circumstances. She shrugs and bans the conversation from her head.

On the long corridor, where teachers and principal's offices are, she finds Sandra sitting on a chair. She looks on the door the chair is and sees it's the principal's. "What are you doing here, Sandra?" she places her right hand on Sandra's left shoulder. Sandra had a furious face, crossed arms.

"I had a fight with Barbie. Her mom came. I'm at the principal for being a bully. No one told the truth. We are the bullies. How was with Mr. Truman? What did he do to you?" Sandra is concerned about her new friend.

"Oh, nothing. He believed me. How can I help you?" asks Ada, sitting next to her.

"Thank God one of them is normal. This one is not. She's Lorely's mom. Go figure!" she puffs and rolls her eyes.

"What? The principal?" Ada looks at the principal's door.

"Yep! She's calling my folks as we speak. She'll get some from my mom. She's Italian." Sandra smirks with satisfaction, knowing how fiery is her mom, especially when it's about her baby.

"I'm sorry to be a terrible friend. All this happened because of me. I'm sorry." Ada's chin drops, and sights.

"Oh! Shut up! You're not terrible! You're my friend! I'll always have your back. Plus, you weren't the troublemaker. So, chill!" she gives Ada a hug.

"Thank you for being my friend. I don't know how I would have done without you today. Let's be friends forever, OK?" she smiles at Sandra.

"Of course, silly!" she giggles and has another friendship hug with Ada.

"Your mother is coming to school in ten minutes. Wait for her here and then both of you in my office. Understood?" says Bianca, shooting Sandra with her eyes.

"Yes madam." Sandra replies.

"And you? Don't you have class to attend? Go!" Bianca orders Ada.

"I'm sorry. Yes. I'm going." Ada leaves, signaling Sandra that she has her support.

Ten minutes later, Sonia Cooper, Sandra's mom, arrives. She's a typical Italian woman in figure, with an hourglass shape, brunette with a fancy hairstyle, with green eyes, wearing a black dress at knees length, tight on her body, with white sleeves, and a pair of black Stilettos. "What are you doing here Sandra? What did you do? You haven't answered your phone!" she has an upset glare.

"I left it in my bag. Sorry mom. I'm innocent. The other one is the bully, not me. Everyone here is not in their right mind. Only my new friend is normal and one teacher so far." she stands up telling her mom.

"That's enough! We'll talk at home. Let's go in." she takes Sandra by hand and barges inside the principal's office.

"Mrs. Cooper?  I'm sorry to have called you from the first day. Your daughter seems to have a thing at attacking her classmates. I don't approve of such behavior. She needs detention." says Bianca in one breath.

"I see. Who is that classmate that was attacked by my daughter, if it's not too much to ask." Sonia takes a firm grimace.

"My... My daughter, Lorely. I came into the canteen as it was noisy and screams, and found your daughter fighting physically with my daughter." Bianca fidgets on her chair a little, then resumes her principal's attire.

"Your daughter. I see. What about the other students? What did they say? Who started it first?" Sonia keeps her serious attitude, not leaving her eyes from Bianca.

"They all said that your daughter was the bully and my daughter the victim." Bianca smirks.

"Right. I demand to see the video recording of the scene. This school is packed with cameras, I'm sure the canteen has some, too. Let's see the truth and then we'll talk about detention." Bianca is a very observant creature, nothing, always, gets past her.

"Wow! Mom! You are so smart! Why didn't I think about that?" Sandra is filled with excitement, taking a moment to adulate her mom.

"Shut up! You're not off the hook. If I see that you're the one who created all this, you're grounded for life." Sonia gave her the angry mom look.

"I promise I'm not. She started. My mistake is that I reacted. I'm guilty of that." Sandra takes a moment of repentance in front of her mom.

"I don't think we need to go through footage to decide who's the guilty person here when I have a room full of students, telling the same thing, that your daughter is responsible and the bully." Bianca is trying to cover for her daughter.

"Madam Shivers, I demand as a parent, and as one of the sponsors of the school, to see the footage. It's my right, before I accept any decision of the school. You can willingly show it to me, or I'll have the school and you sued for the treatment students get and not having a chance to defend themselves. I cannot punish my daughter without seeing with my own eyes that she did it. Luckily, you have cameras in the school, so we get to see proof of the events." Sonia confronts Bianca, making her boil inside.


Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it and are waiting for the next part! Comments, likes, subscription to my website are more than welcomed!

Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏�❤💖😘❤

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