Red Moon Love – Chapter 7 Say What?!

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By Andra-Cristiana Stan

Chapter 7 - Say What?!

Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏❤💖😘❤

“I thought he was a werewolf, and you a vampire. Still, why am I involved in this?” she spoke her mind, searching around with her gaze, trying to figure out the real situation, leaving Thomas wondering how she knew, and why wasn’t she terrified. “I did have training for this, but thought dad was only exaggerating. Now, I understand. But what am I supposed to do next?” she continued without realizing Thomas was there. She was like Sherlock Holmes, attempting to find details and put the puzzle together.

“You knew? How did you know? Then, you remember that night? Who are you?” he rumbled questions on Mika, with seed of confusion.

“You know who I am. The owner of the company you want to buy.” she gave the explanation, having a cold attitude. It was like she was a different persona. “Did you kill my dad?” she bluntly asked, having her back towards Thomas, taking something from her makeup stand.

“Kill your father?” he replied, surprised by the question.

“Answer.” she didn’t move, waiting for his confession.

“And what if I did? What is a girl like you going to do?” he mocked her, chuckling.

Hearing that, she turned and plunged over him, with a silver dagger in her hand, with the intention to terminate him.

“Wow! Knock it off!” he caught her hand that was aiming his heart. Her eyes were launching fire spears once again, her jaw was clenched and had a perilous force and stance.

“You murderer! I’m going to fucking kill you! You killed my father! Why? What did he do to you? He didn’t let you have the company? For that?!” she screamed, forcing the dagger to cut his heart and turn him into ashes. She was for revenge.

“Yes, I killed your father.” he delivered the confession Mika asked for. “The company will be mine, and you, my bride. How about that? Sounds good?” he thrilled her nerves on hell’s notes.

“Son of a bitch! I will kill you!” Mika put all her might, clashed a punch on his left cheek, and retracted her hand with the dagger.

Thomas was set a step behind, bursting into a crazy laughter. “You are really something! Worthy to be my partner!”

“I will be your Grim Reaper! You can be sure of that!” she threw the dagger to his heart.

“That is not going to happen. And this, is not going to kill me.” he said, catching the dagger, plunging it on the window, nailing it on the cold ground of the night.

“Your bride? Who on Earth would accept you after you killed my dad? Monster! You ugly monster, with that ugly soul, and ugly heart! You have a troubled mind as well!” she wasn’t afraid of him, only rage poured through her veins. Her heart was crazy, and her head was spinning, recollecting all the training she was put through and all her father’s warnings. Her dad told her, that a man would come and buy the company after his death, if that was going to happen. She wasn’t sure of who the person would be, as there were a number of men who asked for the same thing.

“Ha-ha! Ugly? There is a crowded line of women ready to be with me, happy to serve me. You should consider yourself lucky, I picked you among those!” he voiced with a superiority air.

“In Hell is even a thicker line of such women, waiting for your Highness!” she madly replied, with killer glares.

Thomas hadn’t the will to hear additional threats, grabbed her in his arms and jumped with her from the window. He seated her in his car, fighting her to stay put, and drove away to his mansion. “Tomorrow we will sign the marriage papers. They are ready, with your father’s blessings.”

“Say what?!” she tried to open the car’s door.

“No worries, I won’t touch you until after the ceremony. Your mother will be there as well. I have her blessings too.” he informed her, pulling her in the car as she managed to slightly open the door, attempting to jump.

“Oh! I will so kill you! Your blood will be on my hands, that’s going to be my marriage gift to you!” she professed, taking the wheel with her left hand and taking the car on the right side of the road.

“You want to get hurt? I won’t get killed in a car accident.” he pulled over on a forestry road.

Mika opened the door and started running in the woods with her bare feet. She didn’t have slippers or shoes, as everything rolled fast.

Thomas caught her. “I am destined to be your husband. Your father knew that! Instead, he kept you away for so long, covering up your existence from me! But he was smart, he left with his lawyer a legal document, with instructions. You are to take over the company on condition to be my wife!”

Mika was puzzled, not believing a word, fidgeting in Thomas’s arms. “I don’t believe that! You must have forged the documents! My father wouldn’t give me to a beast! He would never! And you killed him!”

“Past is past! Hate me, whatever! But this is how things are and will be!” Thomas took her against her will, back to the car.

“I can’t believe this!” she cried. Mika didn’t make a sound all the way to Thomas’s house, just tears would come down her cheeks. She couldn’t accept, or trust, his words. She decided to play the game and see what’s next. Why those werewolves attacked Thomas and her? Something was off. He had enemies? Or, they were after her? She needed to see Drake, and she would, at Thomas’s place.

Inside the mansion, Olivia was waiting on the sofa, in a tight black dress, with a deep cleavage, revealing her rounded upper part of her breasts, and cut along her left leg at hip length. She would emanate a faint lilac smell. Her long, heavy black hair, was covering her right shoulder, leaving her left side of the neck in plain sight. She resembled a goddess.

Drake entered the house first, after dealing with a last-minute duty, Thomas sent him to do, before evening time. It was a complicated matter, him being the one able to see to it. He had some injuries on his abdomen and left arm, but he wouldn’t complain about it.

“Drake? Coming home so late, babe?” greeted Olivia.

“Witch, how many failed times did you have with Thomas? Isn’t it enough for your pride?” he replied, going at the bar, serving himself with a Jack on the rocks, the favorite drink in the mansion, to alleviate the daily horrors.

“Do I sense love on you? Yes…, infectious hormone babe…,” she harassed his back, sniffing around him, becoming excited.

“Witch, keep your distance, I’m not Thomas.” he rejected her, taking her hand off him, and going to sit on an armchair.

“I have my ace on the sleeve this time babe. He has a price to pay, I will choose how it will be paid. Hmm, I shall dance under the sheets tonight….” she said, closing her eyes, picturing her reward, when Thomas would reach home. “He can’t refuse me this time. Ha-ha!” Olivia resumed her stay on the couch, to welcome Thomas.

“Good luck with that! Don’t come to me crying when he will make you kiss the walls like last times.” Drake chuckled. “You know he is not into you. You only annoy him.” He had a man pose, with his legs crossed, sitting relaxed, glaring at the witch, scanning her with his black eyes. “You are a femme fatale, but some men are into something else. Thomas is part of them. Better stop being stubborn.”

“Why did you kill my father?” screamed outside Mika to Thomas who was dragging her in the house.

“Who’s that?” asked Olivia, waiting an answer from Drake.

Drake identified it was Mika, and jumped on his feet, ready to go outside, wondering why she would accuse Thomas of killing her father. He knew that wasn’t true.

“Because I wanted to. Let’s go inside!” he took her in his arms and went inside.

“What are you doing?” yelled Olivia, seeing him with Mika hanging in the air in his arms. An image that pierced her heart, left her in pain, wanting to murder someone.

“What’s going on? What are you doing to Mika?” asked Drake, visibly angry, and stepping forward to take Mika from Thomas.

“I dare you to come near Drake! See what happens next!” threatened Thomas, seizing him with vampire eyes.

“Let me go!” tossed Mika in his arms to free herself. “I want to speak with Drake! Now!”

“Why speak to Drake? I am your husband, he’s my subject. He doesn’t have a say over me.” said Thomas, not having a single thought to listen to her demands.

Olivia was in shock when she heard “husband”, she was banning the word from her mind, wishing she heard it wrong. Her body was trembling, fire burned inside, her head was a volcano, ready to erupt.

Drake remained as shocked as Olivia, couldn’t believe what Thomas was saying, looking from Thomas back to Mika and then again to Thomas. “Her husband? Since when?”

“Same question here!” exclaimed Olivia, feeling betrayed, demanding explanations for the tragedy of her heart.

“We will marry tomorrow officially, but the documents are already signed since 16 years ago.” confessed Thomas, leaving everybody with their jaws dropped, gaining silence around him. Even Mika was quiet, glaring at Thomas, with expanded eyes, holding her hands on him, not to fall.

“Say what?!” erupted Mika, apparently her most used question lately.

“As you heard honey. We could say we are happily married for the last 16 years. But starting officially tomorrow. So, be good and drop the aggressiveness. It’s not good for our marriage.” he winked, attempting a kiss, however, receiving a slap that was heard inside the mansion.

Both Olivia and Drake held their breath, not wanting to see Thomas’s cruel reaction, as they knew he would in any other situation. Not that he would subject himself to such a thing. No one would dare or reach him to act that. The person would be dead the next second.









Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it and are waiting for the next part! Comments, likes, subscription to my website and follows on my social media are more than welcomed! 😊❤💖😇

Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏❤💖😘❤

Kisses and hug!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan



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