Red Moon Love – Chapter 5 A Black Car…

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By Andra-Cristiana Stan

Chapter 5 - A Black Car...

Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏❤💖😘❤

“I see. He wasn’t so good today. Though I don’t remember him from last night, he should have remembered me. However, he acted like he never knew me, and he went on with his business attack. What am I supposed to get from that?” she analyzed the situation.

“He separates his personal life from his business one. That’s the way he is with everyone. If he knew you will be at that meeting, for sure he wouldn’t have left home this morning and would have spoken to you directly with no legal people around. If he wanted to leverage from that, he would have done it that way. It would have been the perfect atmosphere to get the things his way. So, no, he didn’t know your identity, and he was only acting in the name of his business at the meeting. I can vouch that as I know him for years. I am his closest person. Nobody knows him better than I do.” Drake was talking to her like he never did with someone, except for Thomas. He was cold in general and a man of few words. Anyhow, she would make him talk and share with her personal stuff.

“OK, stop. Because we are friends, I don’t want to know more about him and put you in a wrong spot. You are loyal to him and you should remain like that. Being friends with me, we need to not get involve in more than our friendship as people. Business matters between me and him should not be present in our discussions or information transferred to your people or mine. What we speak from now on, should be kept confidential between us. That’s my condition if you want to continue being friends. I appreciate your honesty and your desire to keep me from harm’s way. That is why, I have conditions and not walking away.” Mika valued honesty and things said before being found out. She knew she had to be reserved still, but she could understand his feelings and wants. So, she agreed to give him a chance to be friends as he was a warm guy with whom she could speak freely. It was rare for her to be able to manifest like that around people. Not because she was shy or something, but because everyone had wolf skin around her, ready to devour her, for her status and company. Little did she know, that Drake was not only a real wolf, but an Alpha on top of that. One of the greatest werewolves that existed until then, but he was a cute puppy in front of her.

“I can promise that and keep my word all the way. Thomas will find out about our friendship. I can’t hide that from him. But I will not divulge what we speak, or what we do, no matter what. Though he will keep an eye on everything. It’s in his nature to find out and watch over things. I don’t know how he would be in private, but I think you should consider a private meeting with him and tell him your real reasons for not selling. I am certain you will reach common grounds and maybe he will give up on taking your company. Why don’t you try? I am able to set a meeting for you with him.” attempted Drake to bring peace among his now two favorite people.

“That’s out of the question. If he acted like that, he wouldn’t change his mind. He might sweeten the offer, but never giving up. He emphasized that enough at our official meeting.” she refused with good reasons Drake’s suggestions.

“You might be right, he is like that. You read him well. You don’t seize to surprise me with your mature thinking.” he complimented her. Drake was so into her at that point that he couldn’t back off and stay away. He cherished every second, every minute he was with her. He was attracted by her looks, mind, soul, heart, everything. At the same time, he loathed Thomas for his reaction towards her.

“Well, I need to go buy stuff and check things on my agenda. You go back, and I will call you in the evening.” she ended the meeting as it was late for her, having a busy schedule still.

“Promise?” he asked.

“Promise, I wouldn’t lie to you. And if I would, you know where to find me, so there’s no need to lie to you Drake. I will call you at eight, is it OK for you?” she inquired.

“Perfect. Thanks for understanding me and not being mad on me.” he spoke his true feelings.

“Why would I be mad on you? It’s not like you knew. It just happened that way. I can understand that and accept it. Drake, I may be a kid at age, but I am already well versed with people and their characters. I can spot a lie from a mile. I must admit that I sense there’s more to it, but you can’t tell me about it. And what I perceive is that is not a pleasant thing. Nonetheless, I respect your privacy and confidentiality you keep for your boss, so, I let it go. You don’t have to explain. I am thankful you were honest and shared with me what you could. That qualifies you to be my friend. Now, let’s go.” she gave a friendly order attached with a genuine smile.

“Don’t! I will pay. I am the man here.” he accentuated the “man” part and took out his wallet, though the staff knew him as he managed the place when Thomas wasn’t around. When he entered with Mika in the restaurant, he signaled behind her to the waiter not to greet him.

“Silly, it’s already paid. I have an opened account here. After our orders were taken, it was already paid. This was my dad’s favorite place, and the company pays for meals or events here. You can pay next time, just to be fair, if that’s what you want.” Mika was relaxed and enjoyed her new friend. She didn’t see him as a man, but as an older brother and friend. She was like that with all the men and boys. Never got herself involved romantically with no one. She didn’t have time for that, nor she wanted. Other priorities were in place for her and continued to be as such.

“Don’t forget to text me your number!” Drake reminded Mika as he went to his car.

“I won’t, I will go now to the shop nearby and buy one. Talk later! Bye! Drive safe!” said Mika, waiving her hand. She then resumed her itinerary to buy a new phone.

Drake had no intention to leave her, but agreed he needed to give her some space. It would be better to keep an eye on her from afar.

Thomas exited the restaurant and tailed Mika. His mind was occupied with her. Nothing was more important to him than her. He was drawn to her like a magnet. His feet went their own way behind Mika at a safe distance, not to be noticed. He saw her making a stop at a flower shop. She bought a dozen white roses. A black car was following her.

“Mika Reigna?” asked the man in the car.

“Yes?” she answered turning around to see who asked her name.

The man went down from the car and towards her. “No time, no see! How are you? Don’t you remember me?” he queried, with his arms opened to wait for a hug.

“Laurence? Is that you?” identified Mika her childhood friend whom she hadn’t seen for years, since she went abroad for studies. Laurence Schemewhich was a family friend as their parents were besties. He was six years older than her and now the heir of Donahue Real Estate Group, one of the biggest companies in real estate and constructions. He took over his family’s business at the age of 21. His appearance was that of a fatal man, with dark blonde wavy hair, green eyes, sturdy built, and one head taller than Mika. Laurence had the aura of an idol. Many girls always had a crush on him since he was a teenager. Though he would pose in a gentleman in most times, headlines from gossip magazines screamed of his scandals and bad boy attitude. Some said they were only rumoring and attempts to throw dirt on his name, some believed them and condemned him for it. However, neither him, nor his business could care less about it, as he was prosperous and had a big name.

“At least you remember me!” he exclaimed grabbing her in a big hug, a bit tighter than necessary. He had a crush on her for some years now, since he saw one of her pictures on her mom’s phone, when she praised Mika on how she beautifully grew, to his mom. He even asked Mika’s mom to send him the picture on his phone to have it.

“How could I forget you? How long has it been? Seven years?” she made conversation topic and pulled back from his embrace slowly not to offend him. She really didn’t like to be touched by no one more than it was normal.

“Yeah, about seven years. Look at you! You are such a beautiful young lady now! Wow! Can’t believe my eyes! You were only a kid when you left. I missed you and our time together!” he complimented her, scanning everything with lustful eyes. He wasn’t a man to wait when he liked something.

“Missed you too. Well, I couldn’t remain a kid, right? Though I wish I could…,” said Mika with gloomy eyes.

“Your dad…, I know, I was there at his funeral three months ago. But you weren’t there. Your mom said you were still abroad.” Laurence showed interest in why she wasn’t present at her dad’s funerals.

“I had exams at that time, and mom didn’t tell me about it. She made sure I will not be affected in my studies. I was devastated for keeping such things from me. I still am very upset about it.” she lied, but she had reasons to let everyone know she wasn’t in the country, though she had never been abroad. Her dad sent her in the countryside, somewhere safe, with well trained teachers to prepare her for when she would take over the company.

“I dealt with everything. Your mom didn’t tell me your new number and couldn’t reach you for all these years. Your dad gave me the same attitude. When I would ask about you, he would change the subject, telling me you are busy studying, and no one is to interfere with that. I found it strange but couldn’t do anything.” he explained for why he hadn’t been in touch.

“My mom told me you were her support for the funerals and helped her with business. Thanks for that. I am forever indebted to you. You took my place. Can’t thank you enough.” she said with genuine thoughts.

“No need to thank me, I did what I was supposed to. Your dad was like my uncle. He helped my family in various occasions. It was only normal to at least do that for him. And we are childhood friends, you know I will always be there for you.” he replied, putting his hand on her shoulder in sign of comfort. “Let’s get a drink and talk more! I would love to hear more about you! Lots of catching up!” he invited her to spend some quality time together.

“I have to take a raincheck on that I’m afraid. I am very busy this week with taking over the company and all. I will call you when I do have some free time, and we will talk more. Hope you don’t mind Laurence.” Mika rejected his offer. She didn’t want to give explanations to no one. She wasn’t ready for that.

“Aww! Come on! You can’t do this to me! I waited for so long! Not fair!” he pouted with his arms crossed.

“Don’t be like that, I am serious. We will talk, but not now. I have moved from home, I have some personal things to take care of, and to go back to the company and deal with some things.” she defended her refusal, providing valid reasons.

“I can help you with that! And it will be faster. Wait! You moved from home?” he was intrigued with that because Mika would never leave her home, except for when she was off with studies. He knew how attached she was to her family and home. Even as a kid, she wouldn’t fancy going out of her house’s premises to play. She always said she felt safe there. And when she left for studies, she cried two days and two nights, she didn’t want to go.

“I have no other way. The company is here, and I need to be closer to it. Mom is not going to leave the house. So, I will be on my own. I got used to it in all these years. Don’t worry.” she cleared the situation.

“Alright. Here’s my card. Call me as soon as possible. Give me your number.” required Lawrence, taking out his phone to save her phone number.

“I have recently lost my phone. I was just going to buy a new one. I will text you my new number afterwards. See you next time! I really need to go now. Bye!” she cut the conversation short and went away from him, keeping the flowers tight to her chest.

“Bye! Don’t forget to call!” he yelled after her.

When Laurence first hugged Mika under the eyes of both Drake and Thomas, they had the nudge to go and murder him. They both saw, from where each stood, Drake in his car, and Thomas across the street, Mika wasn’t willing for such closeness. If she hadn’t cut the encounter short and left, their patience would have reached superior limits, and blood would have been spilled.







Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it and are waiting for the next part! Comments, likes, subscription to my website and follows on my social media are more than welcomed! 😊❤💖😇

Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏❤💖😘❤

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