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Welcome my friends to your monthly horoscope! In this article you will have the horoscope for February 2019. I hope you will enjoy your reading and you will find it helpful at some level.

Readings for each zodiac sign are valid for sun, moon and rising.

Remember that these are general readings.

Tarot is to give a little guidance, but you are the one that creates your own future through your decisions and actions.

Let's start with your monthly reading! 😊❤👇


Leo, the month of February 2019 brings a series of not so pleasant events unfortunately. Still, you will have some good cards that will attenuate the negative part.

First card is Seven of Swords. This means that you should be careful of people or situations around you. There might be people around you that are close to you, but they don't mean well for you. They pose in being with you and supportive. But behind you, they betray you and have ulterior motives. That means you should be alert and reserved in putting your trust in people. It doesn't mean you should become isolated or develop paranoia. Just be careful.

On another hand, it may be you that are doing such things. So, if you know it's about you, the recommendation is to stop and mend the situations created. Avoid  corruption or eluding things, as the consequences will be among the worst for you. Better be safe than sorry my friend. No bad made has ever lasted in benefits for the person doing them.

In terms of job, this card says that there might be coworkers that work on steeling your position, making you appear as the bad guy, presenting your work as their own in front of your superiors and so on. In general, such people are the ones you trust the most and would never think they would do this to you. They might even be corrupted and put things on your back without you knowing of it. Therefore, be careful what you share with whom, what you sign, what you accept doing. Never do something prior to analyzing things, documents and such. Watch out of the legality of situations. On another note, as I said above, if you identify yourself as the person described, stop immediately and work on correcting things. The sun never shines on that path, only darkness crowns.

A part of you that have your own business, there might be situations of betrayal and stealing by partners or employees. Double check things and never let your guard down. Things done personally are always the best. You create a better control over your business. After all, if things go bad in a way or another, you will be solely responsible for the consequences as it's your business. Stay away of illegal stuff and watch out what contracts you sign. Better seek for legal advice when you are not sure of contractual terms. Consult with financial experts for business ventures. There are people that want to trick you and leave losses on your side. Just be careful my friend. You don't need problems. If your instincts say something doesn't feel right, it's best to stay out of it.

In love matters, some of you Leo might experience a cheating partner. You might feel betrayed in a couple relationship in a way or another. It's best to keep your calm and think things through with a clear mind. Maybe your partner is stealing from you? I don't know, something is definitely happening along that path, but you will have to identify the situation and deal with it. Be cool and treat things in a diplomatic manner.

Knight of Pentacles and Five of Cups indicate that a source of constant money, not necessarily a big amount of money, but money that would come and give you a sort of stability is going to stop. Five of Cups is about emotions, so it may be due to a breakup from someone you loved or been married to you. This person was providing for you, and things would go on a separation path, hence losing that support. You will feel desolated, disappointed and sad because of it, both in financial and love matters. Anyhow, the image of Five of Cups shows three cups down in front of you and two still standing behind you. That means that, even though it's a heartbreak that you have lost three cups, stop focusing on them, you still have two more options to sustain and pick you up from the pits. Just turn around and look for them.

For job and business matters, these two cards indicate that you might lose a promotion, a contract, or feel like a stable evolution is broken. That's why, at Seven of Swords, I told you to be careful as you might experience this sort of things.

Nonetheless, next card, Knight of Wands, tells that new opportunities and people will come. They might be small at first, but worth considering. It also means departure, alienation or emigration, change of residence. Some of you may try and find jobs or businesses abroad. Others may move out from a couple cohabitation, because of the breakup, and move to your own new place.

Eight of Swords, the last card in the line, as you can see, it doesn't portray itself as a good card. It isn't. It signifies that you will feel trapped, blinded in seeing solutions, crisis in affairs. You will consider you have no liberty of action because of the situations around you.  The recommendation is to stop focusing your force and vitality in petty affairs, talking too much, and finding fault in everything. When you need to cut situations from your life just do so, no matter how hard it seems. Better diminish your losses and prolong pain, than continuing on a path that has no positive outcome. It's just a waste of time and effort. Better focus on things of real importance that do give a better evolution and a brighter future.

Vibration card of the month is Seven of Cups. This month is going to be one of planning, designing, illusions and of a lot of thought processes. Therefore, for all the things mentioned in your February 2019 prediction, just focus on the feasible ones. Apply force and thinking on correcting things, moving forward, cutting unnecessary things from your life, avoiding financial losses, bad contracts. Eliminate people that betray you, steal from you and involve you in bad deeds. Concentrate on those things that really help you attain victory and progress. Luck will be always on your side Leo, if you keep a clear mind and think things through before making a decision or acting. God bless you my friend!

📢 I will soon post for next zodiac signs, stay tuned! 🙂 ❤💖😇😇

Kisses and hug!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan



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