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Welcome my friends to your monthly horoscope! In this article you will have the horoscope for February 2019. I hope you will enjoy your reading and you will find it helpful at some level.

Readings for each zodiac sign are valid for sun, moon and rising.

Remember that these are general readings.

Tarot is to give a little guidance, but you are the one that creates your own future through your decisions and actions.

Let's start with your monthly reading! 😊❤👇


  Aries, your February will be one of joggling financially as we have Two of Pentacles. I wouldn't say struggling, but there will be periods when you will find yourself in need of more money. You will find fluctuations in your money flow across the month of February.

I can say that, for many of you, money, job and business will be the main focus of the month. Why? Because we have Two of Wands, Ten of Pentacles and Two of Pentacles.

This month will be a month of progress and evolution. You will take risks and proceed with them. This is given by The Chariot card. However, this card brings a warning. Be careful of what risks you will take. Prefer calculated ones. Nobody says not taking a risk, but that doesn't mean to take it before analyzing the situation profoundly.

Some of you might find your current job is not paying enough in comparison to your expenses and family needs. Hence, you might go and search for a different job. I sense that this new job may involve applying to a multinational company or even in another country. You feel prepared to evolve and ready to take a risk for a better future. The Two of Wands card implies business with foreign countries.

Those of you that want  your own business, or already have one, you will take it to another level. You will have the support of family members. They may be even investing in your business as the Ten of Pentacles card indicates.

Influential and honest people will help you either with your job, or with your business.

A part of you may expect some unexpected heritage this month.

The Chariot also indicates that you will travel a lot. Maybe inside your country, or abroad. Nonetheless, these trips will be beneficial and will help your life move forward. Also, could be purchasing a new car. On another note, pay attention to accidents that involve transportation. Driving with attention won't damage you. An extra care on this aspect should be in place for you Aries.

For the love matters, I can't tell you much, because there are no cards from the suit of cups. So, there aren't many feelings involved in the month of February in a line of love relationships. Aries men will highlight job and business areas as a prime for this month. Still, for the ladies, I can say that you may get involved with a fire sign as we have the King of Wands. Could be Leo, Aries or Sagittarius as a zodiac sign. This person is an honest person and a good prospect for marriage. So, watch out ladies! Marriage can be in sight! It can be a person from your job or a business partner. You can also meet him through your family's support.

Vibration card of the month is Knight of Wands. This indicates departure, emigration, change of residence. That means that many of you will consider traveling abroad, seeking jobs there, developing business branches and so on. Others may find a new house and move as a change of residence. Other meaning of this card for you Aries, is that a man may bring news to you in regards to his business. Maybe a collaboration? Who knows? You will be the one to find out during the month of February 2019.


  Taurus, your reading is one of the best! The month of February 2019 will be exquisite for you! 99% of the cards are yummy for you!

Though this month may start on a bad note with that Five of Pentacles which means a sense of poverty, lack of money, feel of abandonment, it will boom with new lucky beginnings!

Money will be a bit of a problem for you. You may encounter some losses or feel left out. But that's all for the better as The Chariot card indicates. You will triumph and evolve for the better. That moment when you will feel like that, will be the one that will make you take the risk and plunge into evolution, progress and making a huge difference in your life.

Trips will be in place for you this month. A lot of driving to different places. But it's OK! It's towards new beginnings as the Ace of Wands states. If you lost your job, a new awesome one will come! If you failed in your business, rest assured that you may have a comeback or start a new one! New beginnings in all areas are going to pour for all of you Taurus. In that segment of life where you will feel like the image of Five of Pentacles, you will thrive and become successful!

February 2019 will be lucky, full of hope and wishes come true! I am not saying that, but the Star and Nine of Cups cards enforce! Expect to taste the sweet success, reverse of bitterness, relaxation, and more free of problems life!

For love matters, I can say that you will have luck and happiness. Things will be like you envision and desire. You will have some "honey" moments with your partner! For those of you that broke up, you might get together with your ex and build your relationship as it was supposed to be, or you will find a new partner. Oh, Taurus, you will feel lucky in love this month! I am happy for you my friend!

Vibration card of the month is The Magician. So, expect to have opportunities to make more money through your skills and talents. You will be able to manifest your desires, wants and needs. It will take a lot of work, but everything is at your little finger! Just work it out and you will have it! Nothing in the month of February will be able to stop your growth! Only you, if you stay and feel sorry about yourself! Get on the horses and start manifesting your great future! You have all it takes for it!


Gemini, the month of February 2019 is a mixed one. You will have influential people that will help you as the King of Wands card indicates. But there are some past family situations, that were once good, which will become vicious as the Devil card indicates. Or, maybe some bad family events from the past will surface once again.

I can tell you that you will reach some fame status or realization of hopes and wishes as the Queen of Cups says. In any situation you will deal with this month, you will have to do it through wisdom. It's a must for things to go on the success path.

For those of you that have health problems, I can bring the good news that things will start getting better. Maybe a cure, a new treatment, body answering well etc.  God bless you on that!

Some people or events from the past may come back as Six of Cups mentions. I have already mentioned about the family thing. But it can also be the case in other situations too. These may not be connected and some of you may deal with both. So, pay attention to people or situations that occur in the present coming from the past because next card is The Devil card. These people or situations are definitely not pleasant or good. Extra attention on that aspect.

Someone from the past might be playing against you in a way or another. Be careful.

Money aspect will be a highlight for you as the Ten of Pentacles states. But because of The Devil card, I sense you may be tempted to let your guard down and seek for bad ways to get them. Don't do that! Wait for an opportunity that is good and doesn't involve bad stuff! If you don't listen to the advice, you may end up taking responsibility for the consequences...

The Devil card also indicates to stay away from any type of excesses, vices, illegal situations and so on. You will be subjected to a lot of temptations to walk on the "evil" path this month, which is why you need to have strong will and stay away from such aspects. It's for your own good to keep the good path. Nothing that is given by the "Devil" is on long term, and always has the worst outcome for a person. Bare this in mind, and keep your righteous road.

For love matters, I see that some of you may experience a cheating partner and family problems because of this. It may even be you the cheating part. Therefore, try to discuss things with calm and attempt on mending things inside the couple. Family is the most important thing on Earth. Don't ruin your home and family because of a moment of foolishness. It was hard to build what you have, and it's a pity to divide things. If there are children in the family, it will be even harder for them such an event.

Vibration card of the month of February 2019 is Eight of Swords. Well, this means that you will feel trapped, blinded, without ways of exit and solving things. Another meaning is imprisonment. I wouldn't have mentioned imprisonment, but given The Devil card in your spread, I had to. Stay away from corruption, illegal situations, bad people, and everything on that line. Otherwise, you will have to pay for them with your freedom.

On another note, Eight of Swords indicates for your spread the crisis you will have in your family as I have mentioned. It also can be that you will have a state of being extremely busy but not accomplishing things as you planned. My recommendation is to stay strong, not let yourself tempted by the "Devil" and overcome problems head on. Unfortunately, there is no other better solution.

All in all, Gemini, as long as you will keep yourself from harm's way, there will be good and honest people that will help you, and will remedy alongside you the struggles you will have. So, cheer up and be the light! Don't choose darkness in the month of February 2019! NEVER choose darkness!


  Cancer, the month of February 2019 will not be an easy one. I never want to be the bearer of bad news, but there is the need to be warned about bad situations beforehand. It may help you avoid some things, or diminish the gravity of situation as much as possible.

The Tower is not a very good card. It's one of the bad cards. This means you will meet some major changes and situations that will hit you in a bad manner. Unfortunately, there isn't much to do to avoid this. The only thing you can do is to be strong and have a clear mind. You will feel like your world will turn upside down, but it's something that needs to happen in your life in order to open new chapters.

Sometimes, bad things and events are needed to clear one's life and give a fresh start to life.  Don't worry, you will be able to overcome it after it occurs.

Judgement card tells you that whatever bad things you did will bounce you bad situations, but if you did good, good will return to you. So, if you know you did a lot of good deeds so far, expect that Tower to be helped in not bringing you lots of damages, losses and "cuts".

In regards to job, expect to have some work problems. Could be some differences with your coworkers, boss, clients. Possibility of getting fired is among the predictions. Hence, try to be as focused as you can and avoid negligence or entering in schemes. Be a good employee as best as you can.

In business, some of you might meet with bankruptcy or a failed business. Be careful with your business's activity, employees, business partners. It's a good time to identify eventual problems and start mending them. It could help in keeping your business and overcoming the issues.

The Lover's card suggests that a very important decision is going to happen. Either you, or someone else, will decide something that will have a huge impact on your future. Be it job, business or love, judge things through both your mind and heart. Pay attention to details. A judgement over the situation should be made with calm and a clear mind. Think ten times before taking a decision. It's for the best.

Fool card is a good card. It signifies that you will have a good approach of the issues determined by the bad cards. You will be able to see the good in the bad and you will have a leap of good faith in your existence. Light will be in your sight and the sun will support you to go further and take some risks to remedy the negative occurrences that might happen in your life.

It's a positive thing to, sometimes, take things as a fool. In the sense you don't let problems affect you, but take actions to solve things. It's always good to see the good in the bad, light in the darkness. This helps you progress, evolve, and let the past behind towards a sunny future.

Last card is The Death card. No, it never means actual, physical death. Therefore, don't worry about this. In this spread, this card says that all these, not so good, chapters will have an end. A new cycle will start for you. This is a fresh chapter in your life. It is true, you won't embrace this change at first. However, soon enough you will realize it was for the best.

It is always welcomed to start a new page and write a new story for an amazing future. Karma is the one that brings karmic lessons in our lives. These karmic lessons are cruel sometimes. Anyhow, they are here to make us learn something and evolve. Karmic lessons don't intervene to destroy us. It's for our growth. Still, it is us that will have to deal with them. Our actions will be the ones that will decide our evolution or setback.

Don't let bad things put you down. Take them as a trial, a test, that needs to be passed. Avoid negative thought processes. Don't think of yourself as a failure or such. You aren't like that. Your brilliance will be seen on how you deal with everything and guide your life towards success. Learn your lessons and strike for success. You can do it my dear friend! I know you can! Just work on it.

For love matters, some of you may experience a breakup. It might be a nasty one. My recommendation is to avoid conflicts. Don't let yourself provoked in any way. Accept reality as is, and let it go. You don't need more bad memories and heartbreak than the breakup will give. Consider that that was the period of time that lasted the relationship and move on. Though, if you consider your relationship is worthy to be saved, do your best in saving it. All couples that go through bad times and stick together, sort things out, are the most solid and evolved ones.

Those of you that are single Cancer, you might feel lonely and depressed because of this state. You are on the verge on taking decisions in progressing to having a couple life. It's a good approach. Still, February will not be a good month to force things. Let it pass and accept the natural flow in this area. I can't say that if you force things out and stick to someone you fancy, you will have success this month. On the contrary, you might lose on some aspects. That's why, if you meet someone new this month, let a natural course in the relationship. Starting as friends and evolving in the next months into lovers is best.

Vibration card of the month is Wheel of Fortune. It's the best card possible. The sweet, positive things of this spread I left them at the end. I am sorry for the above predictions, it's not my intention to sadden you. It's what the cards tell me to deliver to you. Now, if you follow the recommendations and suggestions I gave you, this Wheel of Fortune card says that LUCK is on your side.

What that means? It means that when you will be at your worst, regardless of love, job, business matters, the wheel will turn in your favor! So, if you have a breakup, fortune will come in your favor. If you have a business or job problem, fortune will help you with new things or remedy the ill aspects! If you have huge money problems, expect luck from nowhere and help you! You will have blessings in your dark moments that will pull you out and end the hurdles! Such good news Cancer! Awesome news!

Wheel of fortune also says that you may try your look in the lottery this month. Who knows? Maybe your good luck will strike! But always play responsible!

Stay blessed my dear Cancer!


📢 I will soon post for next zodiac signs, stay tuned! 🙂 ❤💖😇😇

Kisses and hug!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan



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