INTERVIEW TIME! Guest: YouTuber Kid Erica From Erica Sari-Sari YouTube Channel

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Hi, my dear friends! Welcome to a new interview!

Erica from Erica Sari-Sari YouTube channel

   As you all know, I also have a YouTube channel. At the moment, I started the second one, that has the same name as my website.

Anyway, when I went on the road of having a YouTube channel, I met Erica's mother on Facebook and became friends. We met when we had similar subscribers count.

Nowadays, Erica's channel is on a different level, constantly attracting new subscribers and views all around the world.

She is making engaging videos and introducing her viewers into Japan's culture among other things. Her specific Japanese attire brings so much color and splendor to her videos when shooting for a traditional event.

Erica is such a sweet and lively 10 years old kid that touched many viewers and kept them on her channel for more. Hence, I decided to make an interview with her to tell us more about this, to know the person Erica, and the YouTuber that reached a level of ongoing success.

Through this interview, I wish for you, my dear one, to learn a thing or two from her and have the same success.

Now, let's start the interview!😊👇

Hi my dear friend, Erica! How are you?

I am fine. Thanks.


Tell us something about you.

I am 10 years old.  I love making arts and crafts and playing pretend with my toys.


You are the owner of Erica Sari-Sari YouTube Channel. Wow! Congrats! How did it all start? What made you consider starting the channel?

It all started when my mom set up her arts and crafts channel, she realized that I should also have my own channel.  

What’s the target of your channel?

Mostly kids, but we also introduce culture and places in Japan, so it is for all ages.  


You are in school. How is it to be a student and have responsibility to make videos for your channel? Is it hard, fun?

I make videos in my free time and my mom does the editing and promoting. It is not hard for me but fun. 

Erica having fun with toys

Who helps you with your channel, video recording, design, concept for each video, etc. ?

Mostly my mom.


How do you come up with video ideas?

My mom searches the YouTube and finds video concept ideas, like videos that are viral and suited to my audience.


How many videos you post per month? Is it a fixed number of videos that you have in mind per month? Or you post whenever you have a video ready?

I post when I have a video ready. I don’t have a fixed number of videos to post.


How was making your very first video? How did you feel?

I felt nervous and excited.


Do you have special equipment to create your videos? Can you give us some details about it?

I only have a camera (Lumix GX7) to shoot and a stabilizer(FeiyuTech) when we shoot for our travel. I am using Filmora Wondershare and iMovie for editing videos.

How do you feel about social media? Does it help your YouTube channel?

I feel like social media doesn’t help our channel grow.


Do you get to be recognized on the street as Erica from Erica Sari-Sari YouTube channel? If yes, how does that feel like?

No. I only have a few subscribers from Japan, just my friends. Most people here can’t understand English.

You have passed several milestones with your YouTube channel. How each milestone made you feel?

Happy and inspired.


Which three videos that you made were the hardest and why?

Erica wearing a traditional Japanese costume.

First, The Baby shark challenge. I had to do all the characters of the shark family in one video. 

Second, stop motion videos. I had to move the figures and make several movements while taking photos of them.

Third, craft making videos. I have to prepare all the materials and stuff needed, and it takes time to make.


Which three videos you are most fond of and why?

Skits. Because I got to be creative in making the story.

Toy unboxing. Because I got a new toy.

Pikachu movie review. I got many thoughtful and inspiring comments from people new to my channel, complimenting that I can speak English well even though I am a local Japanese kid.


 What do your friends and teachers have to say about you and your YouTube channel?

My teacher is not against the idea of having a YouTube channel, but when I posted a video held at the School exhibit, my teacher and other school staff asked my mom to remove the video because the names of my classmates were revealed in the video. My friends are jealous of me having a YouTube channel because their parents don’t allow them and being over-protective. Or, maybe their parents don’t have any idea how to put up a YouTube channel.

 Do you accept video ideas from your subscribers/fans? Has this occurred to you so far, to receive a video request, like a challenge or something?



How is it to receive comments and likes for your videos?



Do you prepare special outfits for your videos? Like, costumes or special clothing for the video content/topic? If yes, tell us more about it and maybe some examples from your videos if you can.

You will notice mostly in my videos, I wear scarves as a head dress or head band. It is my mom’s idea to let my viewers recognize me wearing her collection of scarves. Lol. 

Which is the best thing in being a YouTube kid from your experience?

I got to know YouTubers, new friends from around the world.


Will you consider being a YouTuber even when you will become an adult?



What do you want to become, professionally speaking, when you will become an adult? For example, a doctor, lawyer etc.

I want to be a fashion designer.


Where do you see yourself with Erica Sari-Sari channel in two years’ time?

My channel having 5000 subscribers.


When being at school do you ever think about what will you do in your next video?



Have you been offered to be a model for a brand? If yes, please give us some details about it.



Do you consider your YouTube channel like a job or like something fun and entertaining?

It is fun and I got the chance to practice English speaking. 


Have you ever felt tired and didn’t want to make a video? I mean, needed a break or something like that?

No. I am always excited for a new video.


 What advice, tips and tricks would you give to new YouTubers?

Keep going and make videos out of your passion. Don’t be discouraged that your views or subscribers count is not growing fast, just learn new things to improve your channel. Search for trending videos to make so that your videos will be suggested on search results, and if you are lucky, you will get a ton of subscribers overnight.

  How hard was it for you to appear and act in front of the camera? For many, it’s not an easy thing to do. How was and is for you?

It is easy for me to be in front of the camera because my mom is the one shooting.


What’s your next video about? Can you give us some insights?

My next video will be “What is in my Japanese backpack”. I already made a video like this last year, but I want to make a new one that I am in my fourth grade now. 


We are approaching the end of the interview unfortunately… Do you have anything more to say to our readers, your fans, friends, family? Anything.

Please be kind to everyone and to yourself.


Last question. How was this interview?😊

I enjoyed it and happy that I can give advice and information to your readers.    


Well, this was such a fun interview! Thank you Erica for accepting the interview with me! I wish you tremendous success with your channel and to achieve more than 5,000 subscribers in two years' time! 

If you want to get in touch with Erica you can do so on Instagram 👉click here👈 or on Facebook 👉click here👈.

My dear ones, hope you enjoyed the interview as much as we did! I am sure that those of you that have a YouTube channel or think of starting one got some precious insight. I wish you get the success you want with your YouTube channels. 😊❤

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Thank you for taking time to read this interview! 😊💖

               Your true friend always,

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