Motivation And Recommendations For You For 2019

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New Year has arrived and we turn to another book of 365 pages! What does that mean? It means that we have another year to write our life. We can improve ourselves, make new plans, create new projects, reach new limits! It's very interesting the fact that each year we have a new try at life. A new try to reach goals, a new try to grow ourselves on many levels. Why don't you try to love yourself more this year? Why don't you try to respect yourself more this year?

You have new ideas that you want to try to make money? Start doing it!

You have the desire to grow your spirituality? Do it!

You want to write a book? What are you waiting for?!

You want to learn new things, take up courses? Just do it!

You have regrets? STOP! It is never too late to do something! It doesn't matter your current age! Whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 etc., it is never too late to do something for yourself or correct something! Just find the right way to do it and do it!    




  Learn to forgive and to forget. Yes, it's painful sometimes, dependent on what the situation was or the person who acted against you. But forgiving and forgetting is the right way for your heart, mind and soul. It doesn't mean you shouldn't learn your lesson. You should learn it and never act the same. Precaution should always be present in similar situations. Still, your soul, heart and mind need no burden. Just let it go, leave the past behind and move on. It's way refreshing and you will feel lighter by doing so, trust me my friend.

Use your free time for creative and constructive things.

Cultivate your self-esteem and self-control.

Try to always see the good in the bad and act upon it. Nothing in our lives happens by chance. There is always something that we either need to learn, to improve, to understand. That's why bad events that occur in our lives are called karmic lessons, because we need to learn them and pass them to achieve evolution.

Be wiser in your decisions. Never decide upon something without a thinking process. You know the saying, think ten times before deciding one time. It's true, so consider it. If you want to gain respect from others, you should cultivate your self-respect and also respect others. Don't judge people, if you don't want to be judged. It's something that helps you be more popular in your social circle. It doesn't mean that you should do what others do and lose your principle to be respected and accepted. It means, that staying true to your beliefs and principle, you can allow others do the same for them, and vice-versa. Never judge someone for doing things differently, maybe it is the way they were educated to. You never know what each of us have in backstage and do things differently. Yes, you can suggest and give advice, but you should never impose. Free will is something that we all have the right to have.

Love. Well, this is such a sensible aspect, and differently viewed and perceived by different people. Yes, everyone wants love in his/her life. However, we live a not so true love era. That's why, my advice to you is to never let yourself guided by lust when you pursue true love. It's such a fine line nowadays between lust and love as people get confused. Hence the high number of failed relationships. Therefore, I will define a bit the difference between the two as a reminder.

Lust is when you are strongly physically attracted to the other person. Love is when you are attracted to that person's qualities and flaws.

Love is when you like that person at its best and worst at the same time. Always use both your mind and heart when judging a person, or let's say thinking about a person as a love prospect. Because "judging" is somehow a heavy word with negative connotations. Therefore, analyse that relationship, that person, through the filter of your mind, heart and soul.

If it's a match and you are one hundred percent sure it's THE ONE, then, by all means, pursue it. Another thing is to have patience and accept that for a serious relationship to decide upon, it takes time. But it's a well invested time as you get to know the real person. Start with being friends and see if things can elaborate into love. Why am I mentioning friendship stage? It's simple.  If you are friends at first and match as such, love is only an add on. It will only bring more glamour and sweetness to your relationship. It is known that people who started as friends and developed in lovers stage, had long-lasting couple relationships. Because they had common grounds, mutual understanding, and knew when to give space and privacy to their significant other. And I could go on with this, but I think you understand my point here.


Business. If you decide to start a new business, I have some advice for you. Never start a business until you don't know everything about it in legal, financial, statistic, feasible terms. You don't necessarily need to hire an expert. Just search on the internet about the type of business you want and find out about it as much as you can.

See other business owners on similar field how they perform.

See if they have enough clients, sales etc. Never invest high amounts of money. My best saying is this: Invest minimum or at all, in terms of money, and strike for profits. That's real business, profitable business. Yes, it's hard to find such a business. Still, you need to do your math before jumping with money in a business as you never know if those money will ever return to you, but to make profit.

So, carefully think about that. I am not saying that businesses that involve money for start-up are bad, but you should be prepared with all info before starting it. Expenses and costs of running a business are huge and if you don't have the material means to compensate them, then your business has a paved path to failure and you put in debts. That's why this advice of mine to you.

Job. If you want to be favored by your boss, show and prove efficiency.

Never gossip others or your boss. It's not a positive created image if it reaches to your boss's ears.

Do your job at all times, and if you want a higher salary or change of job position, inside the company or to a different one, just learn the drill of your field and constantly upgrade yourself with all you can. Be it from others' experience, be it by following some professional courses and getting certificates. If you will do this correctly, at some point, you will know so much about that industry that you will be more than prepared to start your own similar business.

Be a pro at all times as you are doing this for yourself and for your future. You never know the knowledge you have accumulated what perspectives and opportunities shall bring you in the future. Those are the grounds of personal career evolution.

My dear one that has had the patience to read this, I thank you for it. I am not posing as a know-it-all, I am just speaking from experience. It's your right to choose what you consider is best for you.

These are only suggestions and recommendations to help you improve your life, but it is you that shall adapt them for yourself.

For this new year, 2019, I wish you all the best. I want you to be happy and bask in as many fortunate events as you can. I am sure this year you will improve yourself and your life as best as you can.

My only want for you is to never be hard on yourself.

Understand that failures are lessons. Learn them, try again and await your coming success. There are three things that should be implemented in you for success prospects: time, perseverance and will.

Having these as a basis, you are destined for success!

Alright my dear one! May God bless you with abundance, prosperity, health, success, fortune, happiness, love and whatever you need and desire!



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