How To HIGH SCHOOL?!- First Day of High School P.1

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Chapter 1. First Day of High School Part 1

by Anda Stan

Ada Adams is about to start her very first day of her high school life. Her parents Bob and Samantha Adams just got a divorce in the summer holiday. Ada is a mess because of her family situation. She was and is very fond of her family. Everything was great, she had the perfect family... Because of some adults issues, her parents decided to split up and go separate ways. Things turned out that she will be in her father's custody and will be living with him in another city. There are things that she still isn't aware of between her parents. Secrets that she wants to know, but she hasn't access to. At least not for a while... The only explanation that her mother gave her was that she needs "fresh air and a fresh start". Ada is haunted by those words as she doesn't understand their meaning.

"Ada darling, are you ready for your first day in high school?" said Bob who is looking for his suitcase. He is a lawyer and always with a busy and high-speed life. Bob Adams is preparing for a murder case and is worn off by the late nights he spent on it. Still, he never misses a chance to bond with his precious daughter, the jewel of his world.

"Not really, dad... All my friends are back at home and I know no one here. I don't know how this high school is. I only know it's one of the best high schools in town and that their basketball team is a champion for the last five years. They all come from rich and very rich families, and teachers are one of the elite. And...", she is interrupted by her dad while she is playing with her toast.

"Come on, honey! You are the best! You are always great in making friends. Hmm, your grades are good, otherwise you wouldn't have been accepted here. And our family is doing ok in financial aspects. So, we are good to go, right?" Bob encourages Ada with a warm smile while searching for a missing file on his part of the table.

"Overtime again dad?"

"Yeah... Hard case. Well, I am working on improving our financial status at least, right? I want what's best for my lovely daughter." He winks at Ada and grabs his coffee cup.

"Slow down dad! Your blood pressure is going to boom! Here, eat some toast at least!" Ada knows her father is under pressure and these are the moments he consumes a lot of coffee and doesn't eat much.

"Ok dear! Let's go! Your first day at high school and dad's first day at the new office! We've got to show them who's the man sweetie!"

"Dad! I am not a dude! LOL!" Ada rolls her eyes and grabs her school bag.

"It's only a saying honey. Well, it means you have to..." Ada interrupts her dad while opening the entrance door.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." I will be eaten by the wolves, that's gonna happen dad... This is what she was thinking, but she smiled at her dad not to worry him.

When the car stops in front of her new high school, she freezes. It is happening. Not only this is her first day in high school, but it is her first in everything there. The building is imposing and it looks like an university environment.

"What's the matter dear? Something wrong?" Her dad understands her reaction. She was through many changes in a short period of time. But, he tries to play the "I don't understand" role to keep her in a normal zone. Like everything is ok and you are only overreacting.

"Nothing, just that I don't... I mean, it's new to me, high school and stuff..." Her eyes lost their spark for a moment.

"Don't worry dear, everything will be alright. I will come and pick you up after school. If I happen to have an emergency meeting I will text you and send someone else. Ok?" He put his hand on her head and cheers her up. "We are a team and we will get through this! Who's the man?"

"Dad! I am not a boy!" She smiles and opens the car door to face high school for the first time in her life.

"That's my girl! You go get them!" Bob waves at her with a big smile and showering her with likes.

"Bye, dad. Be careful on the road!"

With small but steady steps, she goes towards the entrance. She feels like everyone is looking at her, but not for the good ways. Ada takes out a note where is written the classes and classrooms. She attempts to find her way in the cathedral like building.

"Are you new here?" A girl with glasses stops her way.

"Yeah, is it that obvious?" she replies on a low tone embarrassed.

"I am too! Just arrived from Italy. I was there for two years. Family business. Which class are you in?" This girl seems friendly and easy-going.

"Umm, 9A. How about you?"

"Same as you! WOW! Perfect match! I'm Sandra, Sandra Cooper! What's your name?" asks a very delighted Sandra.

"Oh, I'm Ada Adams. Nice to meet you, Sandra." replies Ada, still being a bit shy, but really happy to make a first friend.

"Nice to meet you, too! Ada Adams... A.A. Nice! Love your name!" Sandra appears to be a lively and straight-forward girl. "Let's go, I know the way! I have a friend here and gave me the tour already, so I pretty much know everything around here!" Sandra grabs Ada's hand and pulls her all the way to their classroom.

Most of the students are already in the classroom. Sandra drags her to her desk. "Here is mine! I think yours is there." She points to a desk in diagonal to her own.

"Thanks, Sandra." Ada goes to that desk, but the moment she reaches it, a slender blonde like a Barbie blocks her way.

"My, my. This is Donovan's desk you dull girl!" Barbie stands in front of the desk with her arms crossed scanning Ada.

"No, this is Ada's desk! Here is her name tag on it! Are you blind or something?" Comes Sandra to rescue Ada from Barbie's attack.

"Whatever! Find another one! Donovan has to stay behind me!" Barbie fights back.

"Why does he have to stay behind you? It's her desk!" slaps back Sandra.

"Cause I say so!" Barbie is strong on her position.

"No problem, I will find another desk, you can have Donovan plus desk!" interrupts Ada the word slapping between the girls.

"Ada, but...", Sandra tries to win the slapping still.

"It's ok, it doesn't matter where I stay." She spots another empty desk and installs herself there.

"Ada, the teacher may give you problems for this. All desks have name tags for us to know where to sit. OMG! This is Donovan's desk! That girl's Donovan!" Sandra attempts to take Ada to her rightful desk.

"No, Sandra! Maybe they talked and decided on this and I don't want to interfere. Thank you, you are a true friend. But, I don't need a girl fight with Barbie, right now. Let her be. It's over." Ada starts opening her bag to get her book, notebook and pen out.

"Alright! I lost to Barbie... See you at break." Sandra goes to her desk as the bell rings, but pouting and shooting angry glares to Barbie.

"Good morning everyone! I am Mr. Truman. I will be your class master for this year. I am also your English teacher. Now, let's make the introductions! Ada Adams!

Ada jumps from her desk. "Yes!" Everyone starts laughing.

"A simple 'present'  with a hand up would suffice Ms. Adams. Thank you. You may sit down. And, nice to meet you."

Ada feels her cheeks on fire and with tremendous embarrassment sits down. She grabs her pen, but because of her hand shaking a bit she slips it on the floor causing another wave of class laughing.

"I think Ada has a crush on you Mr. Truman!" Barbie slaps one more time. Mr. Truman is a young man, with a good looking face and athletic body. The black suit tailored on him reveals a body and allure of an idol.

"Ms. Lorely, please be quiet. We are in a classroom." Mr. Truman seizes the slapping and continues naming students.

Ada's eyes are wide open and looks at Barbie perplexed. I could die right now... Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?

"You are sitting at my desk."

I have a crush on my teacher? What?! Are you nuts?! A waving hand stops her thoughts. "What?"

"As I have already said, you are sitting at my desk. See? It has my name on it." explained a tall, well-built boy with an Angel face, black olive hair and hazel eyes. Donovan is the most popular boy in high school and the captain of the basketball team. Like many of the students from the class, he studied mid-school years in the same high school building.

"Oh! I am sorry. You are Donovan Spencer?" A now down to earth Ada asks.

"Yes. May I sit at my own desk now?" With a patient and calm tone, Donovan waits for Ada to free his desk.

"Sure, I am sorry." She takes her stuff and bag and stands up meeting the eyes of a furious Barbie.

"Donovan, darling, sit here behind me. I saved you the best desk!" Barbie changed 180 degrees her attitude while speaking to dear Donovan.

"I think we are in a classroom with name tags on desks. Everybody has to sit where they are ordered to. Ms. Adams? Go to your place, now!" Thundered Mr. Truman piercing Ada with his eyes.

"Yes, I am sorry."

Class starts and Ada wishes she was never born. Barbie puffs under her lips. Sandra mimics to Ada "I told you so" and Donovan acts like nothing happened.

"All right, class dismissed. See you next time class!" Mr. Truman concludes the class and exits like a noble man, but not without having a last eye contact with Ada.

When Ada realizes he looks at her she turns to Sandra and talks with her. "He's looking at me!" She whispered to Sandra.


"Don't look! Mr. Truman. I think he's angry with me... That was a nice start for a first day, right? I'm doomed." Ada takes Sandra's hand with her both hands and grieves on her shoulder.

"Don't worry! He left. Everything will be fine. Is just Barbie that is in the wrong and made things difficult for you. Let's go outside and buy some juice! Come on!"


Author's Note:

This is an online series that I am writing for you my dear ones. I am writing it on the go. Hope you will like it! It's a draft, so there might be misspelling and stuff mistakes. Please do point them out for me if you want. I welcome your help! Comment with how you feel about this story so far and what would you like to see/read next. I will surely take into consideration your opinions as I am writing for you guys!

Names, places, characters etc. are all elements of fiction. The purpose of this series is to show how high school is and how one would feel, what situations may occur and how to react or how spontaneous reactions are. The story will go on and focus on how Ada will develop as a character to deal with everything throughout high school. Possible romance with Donovan. Possible supernatural Mr. Truman. Mystery about her parents divorce. And many other things that will unfold further on with future posts. As I have already said, you may leave comments with what you would want to see/read in next posts from the series and I will be more than happy to consider them for the story.

Thank you for reading it and hope you will support me all the way through!

Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to my website to receive notification of next posts!

Follow me on social media and soon enough I will create a group on Facebook just for this series!

Bye my dear ones and have a cool day in high school! 🙂

With love,

Anda Stan

How To HIGH SCHOOL?! by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © 2019. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.





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