AQUARIUS AUGUST 2018 – Final Decision Regarding Love, Money & Status

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Hello my dear AQUARIUS! Welcome to your monthly general reading! Hope you will enjoy the reading and will be of help for you!
In the video below there will be interpretations in terms of general aspects, love, job and business for you AQUARIUS for August 2018!

For the reading I used four decks of tarot cards. Among them you have one message from Guardian Angels and one from Archangels to serve you as guidance. You will have in August both negative experiences and positive ones. What's good is that you will be able the overcome difficulties and will be able to reach success and climb the social status.

Some of you will experience fake love, some betrayal from the closest people around you. Others will have false co-workers and legal procedures. The ones with their own business, corruption might be the case. Regardless of the aspects, others will have their own interests and will fake themselves in front of you, will manipulate you.

This was a short summary for the reading. For more insight, advices, suggestions, solutions and Divine guidance watch the video. The video is indeed long, but it's full of information just for you my dear Aquarius!

I can't wait to hear from you if my reading was correct for you Aquarius and if it helped you in a way or another!

Leave a comment if you are already experiencing the things I am talking about in the video or you already feel something is going on! Remember my dear one to always follow your instincts! You have the power to control your life and take it for the better and towards success! You only need to be patient, to observe and not fully trust people around you! Be careful at all times!

Your true friend,
Anda Stan


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