Chris Carter and The Prince of Darkness – Chapter 1. “Romantic Vampire”

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Hello my dear ones! The first draft of the complete chapter of my ongoing book. I would highly appreciate feedback over it! Half is edited, half is only written to finish the chapter story. So, there will be some (or more LOL) mistakes in grammar or spelling etc.

Ok! Here it goes!





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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.





At 6:30 pm, things changed in a strange way in the alley. It was colder than a normal October day. This was kind of awkward as the entire day temperatures and weather were normal. The air smelled like winter. The chilling vibes were aching Chris Carter’s body. He was wearing a black denim jacket, black jeans, and a blue navy t-shirt. One day left until Halloween party that year. He was so nervous walking along the alley to find a Halloween costume shop. It was of need to buy one that was cheap, but a good one that would make him stand out from the crowd. His target was to impress the girl he wanted to confess his love to.

He was thinking that he couldn’t afford a good costume and would have to settle for a lousy one. Chris needed to come costumed at the party. His target was not let the bad boys’ band make a laughing stock out of him. In the previous years they bullied him because he couldn’t buy a Halloween costume. While tormenting himself with all that, his eyes glued to a new shop in front of him. He didn’t notice it at the beginning, nor he remember that shop ever existed there. This shop had brand latest items and all priced 5 dollars each, printed in big letters on the front of the store window.

He couldn’t resist going inside. To choose an awesome costume that would make even vampires cry with envy and shame was his main thought! The moment he approached the door, a hazy air surrounded him with a silent vibe. It gave him bone-chilling feelings. Chris considered the weather had gone crazy. Still, didn’t give much importance. Fascinated by the costumes he saw through the window of the door, entered the shop.

So impressed and amazed by the way the costumes were, he rushed to the first stand and scanned the offer. Each costume had all the accessories all in one for 5 bucks. One costume that was really fascinated by was a vampire costume. It had a gothic top black velvet long sleeve t-shirt, called “Romantic Vampire”. He considered it so appropriate for the party. It will meet his intentions about the confession wearing this costume. Another item of the costume were Victorian gothic punk vampire architect black pants. Chris thought they would fit well on his muscular and athletic body for a 17-year-old. He glanced at the reusable natural vampire fangs teeth, looked like they were genuine. A little bottle with fake blood, and a makeup palette for giving the vampire face for men were an add to the costume. Black leather boots for vampires with silver chain model were so fashionable. The blade black classic vintage gothic vampire long lambskin leather jacket completed it.

He was a bit puzzled about the offer and the bargain price as all the items were new and latest models. This kind of costume with all the accessories would cost about 800-1000 dollars. He didn’t care and was full of excitement that that Halloween would be the best one of his entire life.

He decided that’s the one, that’s the costume for him, “Romantic Vampire”. He knew that the girl he liked was crazy about vampire stories and movies. Chris was sure that would look wild, sexy and appealing to her wearing it and would be very popular at the party. When he wanted to touch the costume, and take it to the cash desk heard an eerie voice behind him.

“Good choice young man! It will look perfect on you. We have some other accessories for this costume. But, we didn’t have enough place to expose them all and leave room for the other costumes. The other two accessories are a vampire ring with a ruby and a necklace in bat form with its eyes of ruby as well. Wait for a second to bring them from the back and give them to you.” Said the old creepy guy, that looked like he was 100 years old. He had grey hair, wrinkles all over his face, black eyes, thin lips, black shabby clothes and shoes. The old man moved like he needed ten seconds for one step at a time.

“Excuse me Sir, but the entire costume you are bringing, are all included in the 5 dollars price tag? Or I didn’t understand well the offer? I only have 5 dollars to buy a costume or rent one and your front store offer made my day if it’s true.” Praying to God to receive an affirmative answer from the shopkeeper, he saw a smirk on his face.

“Sure, my son, all is for only 5 dollars. Wait to bring the entire costume and accessories for your size from the back. Go to the changing cabin and wait there for me”. And the old creepy man went away leaving Chris alone to find his way to the store’s changing cabin through. All the costumes and scary objects for Halloween spooky decorations paved his way. Nothing mattered to him. He was only focused on being content that that year would be his year. It was the best costume one could afford, top class and would rock the party.

Waiting in the changing room for what he thought one hour, Chris thought he should go back to the shopkeeper. It had passed only 13 minutes. He wondered where the old guy was and what was taking him so long. While making the step to exit the cabin, the creepy shopkeeper appeared from nowhere. He was holding the entire costume and accessories for Chris to take and try it out.

“Here is your costume, master Chris.” The creepy man handed the costume to him with a grin. By the time Chris wanted to ask how did he know his name and why would he call him “master”, he touched the costume.

In a blink of an eye, he found himself dressed in the “Romantic Vampire” costume. He was standing in front of the mirror of the changing cabin. It was Chris in appearance, he recognized himself. He was more massive, a bit taller, looked like Adonis from the Greek mythology. He wasn’t looking old but was older than his real age, about 4 years older. His appearance was so manly, sexy and alluring. Even his hair was different. Before, his hair was dull, short, straight and dark blonde. Now, it had a sexy haircut style, irregular length, but well balanced. The color was somehow lighter in the right shades. A fast thought crossed his mind, “If I was a girl, I would fall in love at first glance”. He was dressed up in the entire costume except for the fangs, fake blood and makeup.

Chris felt both hot and cold and didn’t understand what had just happened in like a second with him. He only touched the costume and this strange transition occurred. The ring and necklace’s rubies were glowing like blood was boiling. He felt like a volcano was erupting through his veins. The changing took place inside and outside of his body at the same time.

Wolf howls from outside filled the store. He exited the cabin to look for the shopkeeper. The old man wasn’t around anymore, to inquire him about all this awkward event. All the atmosphere around him was different, but he wasn’t scared. In any other situation, he would be in fear and would have been screaming and be running home. “Strange …”, he thought.

In front of him, he discovered four strange young men. They wore similar clothing, almost the same in style and beauty. The four were like 21-24-year-old. All having their posture in almost a light bow, like subjects in front of a king, except one.

The one who wasn’t in a bow made a step forward. Made a bow of respect towards Chris and looked him in the eyes with utmost honor.

“Congratulations Master for the ascending. My name is Victor Ra Colle. I am honored to be at your service. We are your most loyal servants and we are here to serve you and take you to your dominion. Preparations to celebrate your transition are to start. Master, you will take your rightful position of the leader above all.”

Chris was stunned by all this. He didn’t digest all this nonsense. He thought he maybe was dreaming. Even though it was a spooky atmosphere, he considered it was not a nightmare, but still it wasn’t real. It was way too strange, and nothing seemed to fit a normal situation. What he still didn’t understand about himself was why he was that calm and didn’t react like crazy. There was the possibility that he was out of his mind, nothing surprised him at this point. Maybe it was a dream indeed. Yet, he wanted to get answers to everything that happened and where was the shopkeeper.

“All right Victor La Rue something, all this doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand what has just happened. Am I dreaming?”

Victor looked at him and took a sneak peek at his other three companions. They were shocked that Chris didn’t know them and why he would be like this.

“My name is Victor Ra Colle Master, not La Rue. You don’t remember us?”

Chris looked intensely at Victor and tried to see if he saw him before. Victor had ash blond hair, white skin and gray eyes. His features didn’t ring a bell in his mind. He threw a glance at the others, and still nothing.

“I have no reason to remember you, I have never met you or the others. Now, please explain what is happening to me and what’s all this about? Is this a prank? Is there a projector behind the mirror that makes me see myself look different?”

Chris was trying to find logical reasons for this. Maybe it was a trick. He was in a Halloween shop after all. Maybe this was all set up to promote the “magic” mirror that will make people fall in love with themselves. Also, not need plastic surgery anymore something. This last thought he didn’t find it logical after all. It’s only for the person looking at himself/herself in the mirror not how they are seen by others. Thinking this, he looked at his hands and started to feel himself and see what was for real changed. The result was the same as in the mirror by his fast analysis. Another shockwave passed through his body.

“Master, you changed to the real you. This is not a dream. You are a 17-year-old by real age, but we are in appearance in a distinct way than normal people. This happens when you reach the ascending point around the age of 17. It is in the 17th year of life the night before Halloween day. The rite is like this for the last 4 000 years.”

“I believe you are mistaken. I am no one’s Master. And never heard of such a story before. I am not the guy you are looking for. I don’t understand what’s happening to me and why you guys are here?” Even though his mind was clear of who he was, his life so far and couldn’t accept what he was told, his whole body begun experiencing the effects. Impulses, pain and electric shocks like sensations wouldn’t let him settle. Chris wanted to continue speaking but he felt like a thunder hit him in the head and collapsed onto his knees. He started hearing different voices, vague at first then crystal clear like you would hear on the radio.

“Master Chris! Are you ok?” Jumped Victor trying to help him stand up.

“No, I am not ok! What’s happening in my head? I am hearing like a million voices speaking to me and some that speak among themselves! My brain hurts!” Chris was trying to hold his head with a little pressure driven from his fingers in the attempt to ease the pain and stop hearing all that.

“He is gaining his powers that weren’t absorbed in the ascending process. Curious, I might add. Victor, he is not complete. Maybe his staying in the human world made the transition process slower. Now, he will experience all the pain of it.”

“I see. I agree with you Alberto. All the signs indicate that.”

“What are you guys talking about? I am dying over here and you….” Chris couldn’t speak further as he dropped like flies on the floor having his eyes in Alberto’s direction. Alberto was like a Latino at skin. His olive skin, black hair with a rebellious hairstyle for his curly highlights and Prussian blue eyes made him look like an angel.

“Do you think the others found out by now and are provoking attacks?” Alberto was worried the demons and others like themselves found out Chris was still alive and not dead like they lied 14 years ago.

Ascertaining Alberto’s words, Victor closed his eyes and ushered in raking the walls of the invisible protection that covered Chris’s being. He was scouring to see if there was a perforation of some kind.

“The walls are intact. No loophole as I can see.” Concluded Victor and went to check Chris’s vitals.

“He can’t die Victor. Why are you checking vitals man?” Alberto was more concerned not to be discovered by the others until they would bring Chris back. It was a process that required to be followed. It was essential to expose his existence, but not like this and not then and there. Maybe if their Master’s powers were complete there were better chances, but in his actual state, they would lose. Alberto knew who wanted Chris’s place and that one was extremely dangerous.

“Marcus! Antonio!” Thundered Victor to the other two.

“Yes, Sir!” Both answered at the same time awaiting orders.

“Go outside and keep protection of the place! Nobody and I say nobody, would have to spot this location and our objective!”

Without any other words they rushed outside and guarded the place like two pillars that even a fly wouldn’t have chances to break in. Their eyes turned bloody in color and were focused on anything living or not to stay out of that shop.

Chris regained his senses and could stand up. He was perplexed by his situation. Not long ago, he was a normal average teenager, wanting to find a Halloween costume and attend what he thought would be his best party. He wanted to be a presence and not be belittled by everyone like he used to be. All that he desired was not that much. But, the current situation was way out of his comprehension. Him, Master? No. His origins were that of a poor family. Nothing special about them in any way. He was the only child and his parents showered him with love. They didn’t have rich or special family background. Not related in his parents’ line or in the previous generations this kind of powers and a Master statute. All his ancestors were poor working families as far as he knew from his parents.

“Master, do you feel better? Do you need anything? Tell me and I will bring you anything you demand. Your order is my command.” Inquired Victor providing help to his Master to prevent him from falling again.

Chris pulled himself from Victor’s grasp and distanced a little.

“No! I need to forget about all this and go home! I have my parents waiting for me and it’s getting late. I can’t spend here any minute longer. I don’t see the shopkeeper to give him the 5 dollars for the costume, so I will give them to you. Pay him for me. That’s the only order I give you as your “Master”. Oh! And another order is to stay away from me! Understood?” He reached his back pocket where he had his wallet before and realized his now pants didn’t have a back pocket. He searched in the pockets and found a new wallet of black leather that suited the costume. By opening it, he was astonished to notice that inside there were money of different currencies and only in high value bills. It also had credit cards, a new ID with his new appearance, but the same name.

“What’s all this?”

“They are yours Master. That’s only a very small part. Like pennies from your wealth and possessions. You own an empire and money are not a problem at any amount or price.” Replied Victor with the intention to determine Chris trust them and be more open-minded.

“I need to go. Here, have the wallet Victor, I don’t have that kind of money. It’s not mine. You keep it. I must come back to reality. I will go home and tomorrow attend the Halloween party. I have plans and nobody and nothing will stop me.” Chris targeted the exit door to go.

“Master! Wait! You can’t go home anymore. And the party…” stalled Victor seeking a way to explain his Master that some things changed.

“What about the party? And why can’t I go home? I will explain to my parents at my best about the appearance condition and I am sure they will come to terms with it. They will not reject me or not try to understand. Though, it’s not normal, we will figure this out.”

“Master Chris, the transition and ritual took 24 hours. For you it felt like thirty minutes maybe, since when you entered the shop until now. And the party already started, if this is what you want to know.”

“Victor and Alberto, nice meeting you. I really am elated for my looks and costume. It’s like a dream came true. But, I think you guys broke free from the cuckoo’s nest. Sorry, no offense. Got to go now.”

“Master, here is my phone, you may check if what we say is true or not. Look at the date, day and time.” Interfered Alberto in the attempt to clear things up.

Chris took Alberto’s phone and appreciated that they didn’t lie. He searched on Google for that day’s headlines to see if they matched the day and date. He was no foul to just look at date, time and hour on the phone’s desktop. They might have set it up. But, it was true. He was dread by this.

“No way! This isn’t possible! How?” His parents would be furious when they would find out about all this and that he was late for home for 24 hours, he feared. Another upsetting thought was that he would miss the longing party that he so wanted to go and be in the spotlight.

Inside of him a rage burst, and he was like a tornado. His eyes, his jade green eyes, turned into blood eyes. He took a stand full of costumes and threw it into a wall.

“Are you telling me that all this shit is real! That I am not dreaming! God dammit! Who are you people and what do you want from me?”

“Master, calm down. You don’t need to bring the demon side from you out. It’s hard to control and we are no match to stop you if that’s going to happen. You don’t want that. Regrets will be too late.” Persuaded Victor while trying to hypnotize his Young Master to cool down. Complications were not a choice at that moment.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! I was calm before! Now, I can’t be anymore! I am going to the party! Move aside and leave me alone!”

“Master…”, attempted one more time Victor to explain the gravity of the situation, but was stopped by Alberto.

“Master? May I speak?”, with a calm and peaceful voice commenced Alberto.


“What do you want to do now, Master? You need time to go to the party and then say goodbye from your parents? You must understand that things will not go back to the way they were, and your destiny is greater than anything else. We need you, all the worlds need you to be the leader that you are meant to be. And if you don’t understand what I am telling you, here, consider this mirror and see if something else is changed at you.” He took his Master gently and turned him facing the mirror, a different mirror than the cabin mirror.

Chris saw his eyes. He took a step back and realized he was a monster now…

“If you don’t control yourself, you will do atrocious things, and you don’t want that. You need to trust and listen to us to gain your position without hindrance.” Continued Alberto on the same tone.

“I am a monster!  What did you do to me? What’s this? My eyes!” With a tremor and feeling like a sword was piercing his heart and bleeding inside, Chris turned to Alberto and Victor for immediate answers.

“Ha-ha. No, Master. You are not a monster.”, replied Alberto on a sweet voice.

“Oh! You think THIS is funny?”, thundered Chris once again pointing to his eyes and body.

“No, Master. I am deeply sorry. I didn’t want to sound like that. But, you are not a monster. Though, if you will not control yourself you can become one, and it will be the worst of its kind.”

“Ok! Enough! I am going to the party! Move away!”

“Master, we will grant you only two days, and we will provide you with protection. But, if we delay any longer we will not be able to deal with the other side once they will smell our lie and your existence. You are a real threat to them. They know that, and they will take any measure at hand to put you down and prevent you from ruling.”, Victor made a compromise to satisfy his Master’s wishes and cool him down a bit. He understood that they must give him some time to accept and have a closure for the life he had so far. Victor knew his Master suffered and wasn’t happy all his life. But, that was how things supposed to be to make the perfect cover for his existence. He was not allowed to be in the spotlight to stir the elders up and all the others. They would have destroyed him like they tried before as a 3-year-old child.

“They? Never mind. I don’t want or need to hear. Don’t let me see you guys. Anything you do, I don’t want to see you.”

“We promise that for 2 days and 2 nights you will not see us, and we will protect you as best as we can from afar. Here is your wallet. Don’t lose it and don’t throw it away. You will need it.”

“Whatever!” Chris took the wallet by instinct, not having intention to make use of it, and stormed out of the store pushing Marcus and Antonio to make his way out.

“Victor, I am afraid we will have complications. He doesn’t remember anything. He is in great danger. The demons already sensed, and it will not be long until others will discover.”, sighted Alberto.

Looking after their Master who was distancing in the alley, Alberto, Victor, Marcus and Antonio knew that the real “party”, “blood party” was about to start shortly.

This is it my friends! Can’t wait to hear from you! Thank you very much!

Your true friend,

Anda Stan


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