Taurus 28 May-3 June 2018 Weekly General Horoscope

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Hello my dear Taurus friends! Here is your 28 May-3 June 2018 weekly general horoscope.

The card for you this week is eight of swords. You will be able to have good communication and express ideas in any form, in writing and in speaking, even in creative writing. It may also draw attention of a dual attitude of a person or yourself. There might be some secrets involved this week or lies. If it's not about you Taurus, then be careful of a Gemini person.

This week will be a week of limitations, restrictions, dependencies, captivities let's say in any form. All of these are not necessarily imposed by the exterior, they are more self-imposed. These are your fears and you tend to reflect them on people around you too. You will tend to punish yourself for your failures, past or present failures, because you will constantly feel guilty about it. My advice is not do that as it brings no solution to you Taurus. Take failures as lessons, learn from them, see where are your mistakes and improve so that you won't repeat them in the future. If you will not do that, you will enter in a depression mode. That's a bad mode as you will not be able to see any hope ahead. Therefore, take my advice and reflect upon it.

In terms of job/profession/business, this card says that you are constraining your personality because of your job or profession/work field or because of some work environment limitations. These limitations may be supported by you on short periods, but not on long-term. On long-term they can be extremely toxic and affect you negatively. Therefore, it's a sign that you should take immediate action in eliminating these problems and set yourself free of them. There might be restrictions at your work place/business, position/business block or even losing your job position/business. So, make all the changes you consider appropriate to avoid the bad things as much as you can so that the outcome for you be less negative this week Taurus.

Regarding your emotions and love life, this card predicts inhibitions, restrictions. You may hide some things from your partner or you don't allow your true personality to come forward. You may be afraid to not be judged or rejected and you may even feel ashamed of some things and that's the reason you are not revealing your true self. Anyhow, understand that you cannot pretend forever. If you really want a serious and long-term relationship with your significant other, you must reveal everything about yourself. Set yourself free, be yourself. If the other person doesn't accept you for who you really are, then that's not the right person for you. In a relationship you need to be comfortable and be accepted for who you are, not for the ideal you. Yes, there is always room for improving yourself, but not to be a fake you for the sake of others. Also, you may feel lonely because of fears and restrictions you have regarding manifesting your personality. But, it can also be fear of commitment, to live with another person, especially for those of you who lived alone for long periods of time. It's the fear of change and not being comfortable with another person living under the same roof. Well, as I said before, better express yourself and reveal your true self for your partner to know than hiding and suffering. I repeat, if they don't accept you, then they really aren't your destined one and you should be happy to know that before engaging in anything. It's for the best that way.

For spiritual matters, this week you need to be careful not to fall in depression. Control your emotions, but discuss your concerns or fears with your loved ones. Don't keep everything inside. There are moments when you need to constrain yourself on short-term, but for those feelings and inner problems you contained inside for a long time, it's the right moment to discuss and clarify them. Set yourself free and breath fresh air after eliminating them out of your system. Life will feel better and a new page will be turned. Communication is the key for you this week so take advantage of it by expressing yourself in a calm and diplomatic manner, but set to solve your problems. That's your target after all.

Health for you this week is a bit problematic if you don't make the right choices as I said before Taurus. There might be sickness, physical and mental weakness, depression and even stay-in-bed state. So, again, be careful of your mind, body and soul. You can do it if you allow yourself that. Eliminate as much as you can your inner or outer limitations, restrictions and refresh your life Taurus.

Ok Taurus! These were my predictions for you for the 28 May-3 June 2018 week!

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Blessings my friend and be yourself! Improve yourself, but never be a fake for the sake of others!

Yours truly,

Anda Stan



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