Only You Can Change Your Life!

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Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. - Carol Burnett 

That's a very interesting statement, powerful and true all the same time. This is what one should realize and take action upon. We all have dreams and a target on how our life should be and/or which person we should reach to be in the future. We all work to accomplish that. But, we sometimes, because of different kind of failures, need someone else's support and guidance. That's the first intention, though, little by little, we tend to rely more on such help that we lose our will and strength to do it ourselves. However, it's not a mistake or something bad to get help from our friends, family, people around us. That's a good thing. Still, until we proceed with our own actions, strategy and own thinking regarding the process to change our life, no one can do it for us. People around us that give us support, advice and options are only helpers for us. The main lead in changing our lives is us! You are the one that leads your own life and your own actions, planning, thinking and directing are the ones that determine your life's path. No one can do it for you. They can only give you their opinions on how they would do if they were in your place.

You know, we sometimes might omit details when telling people our problems. And they give us their opinion based on what we share with them. Therefore, their opinion or advice might not be the right one for us to apply to our own situation. That's why, I always say to gather information from different sources regarding our problem and afterwards filter it through our mind processes. We for sure have all the details needed that stand at the bottom of our problem. Only then we can proceed to the next step. Next step is that of making a decision on the course of action regarding our problem.

Another thing that seems to occur in our lives is that we avoid facing reality. We somehow believe that if we don't apprehend reality, reality won't touch us. That's absolutely false. While doing that, reality backfires and strikes our life when we are the least prepared to deal with it and solve immediate problems. Hence, nobody says to become paranoic and depressed about the current problems as they might be hard to deal with, but we need to make some preparations and put some thinking into it. Remember, until you won't take action in attempting at least to solve the problems no one will do it for you. That's the ugly truth my friend. Still, don't worry to much, life is there to test us, to prepare us, to make us learn life lessons and when we reach a certain point, to know how to act when same type of problems occur. It's like at school. You learn for a subject theory and practice, and you take the test/exam. If the same test has to be taken again, there won't be many new things to learn about, no surprises. You are more than ready to take the test and have a high rate of getting a higher mark for it. Also, you aren't as stressed about having the test as you already know the process of it. Nothing is new for you anymore. The same goes with real life. Unfortunately, there isn't a magic wand for us to use against realities of our lives, to solve them in a second and send them into thin air. There is much work from our part to obtain a real change in our lives. But, that hard work that we put in is like honey when we are able to solve problems and evolve in our life's path. Our hard work is the pavement to our future rewards. Yes, rewards may come later, and they may come in fractions, but they are sweet like honey and fills our souls with joy. We reach that thinking of "Hey, I did that! That's my doing! Nobody can take that from me! I mastered this! This is my reward!".

Actually, another mistake we make is that we only acknowledge the big achievements in our lives. We tend to forget about the small winnings we have that conducted us to those big achievements. And that, in my opinion is not a small mistake. Let me detail that for you to understand my point of view regarding that.

For example, you studied, completed school, took a college exam, finished college and any other higher education system. Now, you are at the stage of getting a job. You apply to several job interviews that fall into your field of education. You take interview after interview with the hopes of getting a job position. You wait for the results. Some employers send you reply of not hiring you, some don't bother to announce you about that thinking that you will understand that the job position was not given to you. After this stressed period of interviews and rejections you find yourself in a depression mode. You may be like this: "For what did I learn and prepare my entire life? I am a failure! Nobody wants to hire me! I am no one and nothing! I can't get a paid job!". Moreover, your strength, will and ambitions will fade away. Why? Because you darken your mind with one row of rejections. You completely forget about your dreams, about your accomplishments until then. You take that one row of rejections as a definite life course and think that's the way your life will be from that point on. Your entire set of battles in life that you won until then you forget and let that one battle shade your future. My dear friend, that's a small battle that you failed. That's no war you failed. Life is a war and stages of our lives are the battles that make the balance of winning or losing the war. So, don't let that small battle make you lose the war. Instead, remember all the rewards and small or big accomplishments you had until then, your dreams, skills, talent, ambitions and continue to act upon them. Perseverance is the key in everything. Don't take failures as a bad thing, take them as a learning data. Analyze what you did wrong and/or discuss with other people that already obtained a job how they did, how they acted, what type of answers did they give for the questions and so on. Learn the lesson and improve yourself. For sure next time you will do much better. There is another mentality that you should also keep in mind and have: maybe that place of work was not meant to be yours and that or those rejections were meant to direct you to your destined job/business. Still, rejections and failures are there to teach you things not to break you or your life. Keep a positive mind at all times. What is destined to be yours is set aside in life for you. However, nobody can do it for you if you break and don't fight for it anymore. You are the only one that can accomplish that through hard work, ambition, perseverance, and moving forward. Never let one small stone ruin your life. Be a Phoenix at all times. There's that power in all of us, but only if we find it and act upon it. Never let failures determine your life, but your small and big achievements. Always remember that failures are not failures, are the moving process of improving ourselves and better our lives!

As a final note for this post, I want to tell you the following:

Be ambitious! Be your own hero! Fight for your life in all matters! Keep moving forward at all times! Leave the past in the past and only keep the lessons in your mind! Learn from your mistakes and never let history repeat itself as much as you can! Be a fighter and not a loser! You can do it! I know you can! You know too! Just act and set your course of life!

Having said that, I want to thank you my friend for reading this post and hope that it empowers you to understand and see things from a different perspective. Also, I hope it helps you to get back your life and have trust in your own self and powers because you are gifted with everything it takes to improve your life. You just need to find it and act upon it!

Blessings my friend!

Yours truly,

Anda Stan


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