INTERVIEW TIME! Guest: Romance-Mystery Author Andra Cristiana Stan

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Hi, my dear friends! Welcome to a new interview!

Andra Cristiana Stan, Romance-Mystery Author

This time we have as guest debut author Andra Cristiana Stan, a Romance-Mystery author! She has just released her first book on the shelves, which is first book, "Racing", from the series "Icy Shots on a Hot Billionaire, and is here to talk about the process of publishing it, to talk about the book and the series, the characters, to give more insight regarding the story. Also, she'll discuss about how her beta readers reacted to this story quoting some of their feedback along the story, but she'll share her writer experiences, opinion over how social media is for writers and authors, what she has to say to new writers, what messages and topics want to send with her story, and to give us a little info about the person behind the writer Andra Cristiana Stan, but some other subjects will be discussed as well. It's a long interview as we love to talk so much about stuff, but hey, it's all sincere talk and maybe you'll find some interesting and helpful things while reading this interview! At the end of this interview you will have all the links to Amazon and such major platforms from where you can purchase this book in ebook or paperback format, and links to her all social media. And yes, Anda Stan is interviewing Andra Cristiana Stan... STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES AT ME! He, he, he...

Now, let's start the interview!😊👇


So! You’ve released your debut novel, “Racing”, from the “Icy Shots on a Hot Billionaire” series! How was it? Give us some details!


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Oh! Yes… Yes! How was it? Ha-ha! Craziness! When you’re a writer, just writing and doing your thing on it, it’s so damn easy. At least for me. But for the publishing part, as in preparing for all that madness? Oh, boy! It’s not easy at all… No, sir. When you are on the side, in the ‘writer’ phase, you look at others expressing the journey after finishing the actual book and aiming second step in the publishing journey, saying how stressing it is, you are kind of flower-power at all that, considering that “what could be that hard?” kind of thing. I mean, when you’re a beginner, a novice, in any industry, you don’t get the actual feeling of what’s next. For you, the hardest part is to see yourself having your story, your book, done. That’s first issue, major one, that you experience and stress yourself with. And yes… I’ve reached the publishing part, too, and now, I SO GET their emotions and all that attached. It’s an easy process as in steps and such when you’re presented with what you have to do, yet, when you actually start doing it? Man! Headaches, pulled hair, boiling nerves, fear of missing something and not go through with everything, changes that need to be done as in technical stuff to meet the respective publishing platform guidelines, waiting to see if your book has been approved to be listed there… All in all, you’re like at a university exam session, waiting for the results, to see if you’re either a winner or a loser! Ha-ha! At least, that was what I’ve experienced… For real… However, when the book went through and I came out as a ‘winner’ as in being published, that was the ‘YAY!’ moment and, though I’m not a crybaby and was so stressed out with everything, I did cry a bit… Okay, a bit more… It was that achievement of being published. Seeing your book online and gaining a new status for your person, as in now being an author, it’s an amazing feeling to experience. It’s like you won the Olympics something! He, he, he… And if you’re wondering about popping a champagne for it? OH! YEAH! And it was chilled… The taste of victory… All the stress let go of me and I could breathe in triumph. Ha-ha! Yeah, well…


Oh, wow! That’s kind of a dramatic process… Good you went through and had the triumphant moment! Congratulations! Well, tell us something about the story. It’s a series and this is the first book. Why should someone read it? You’re a debut author, self-published, so, people don’t know you and what should expect from your book, your writing. Give us some insight.

Yeah, dramatic indeed… Ha-ha! Thank you! Yes. I’m a self-published author and being a debut author, no one knows me and my stories. So, it’s kind of hard for readers to give a chance to an unknown author as they don’t know if that author would satisfy their reading tastes or expectations, which is normal.

To tell you about this story, and to be completely honest, this should have been a standalone, meaning a one book story, and not a series, as it has become. But, me being a crazy one and having a haunted with stories and visions of the scenes for every story I write, it didn’t let me finish it in one book. No. It has become an ongoing story and I’m now writing on book five, and even on this book in the series I don’t know if it will be the final one as it doesn’t let me finish it. Plus, my beta readers are so engaged in the story and main characters, that are always asking for more. Well, even if they are asking for more, I wouldn’t deliver more, if the story were to come, into my lunatic brain, at an end. You can’t, as a writer, to continue on something, if the story has no further story and you know you should draw the line for it. Yet, I’m still haunted and compelled to add on the story.

Now, to talk about the actual story of this first book in the series. I have to start with the following: IT’S SUCH A CRAZY LOVE STORY! YEAH! HA-HA! The main characters are Selena Dutchmond and Eric Rodricks.

 Selena Dutchmond is having a tough life on some aspects as in having health issues, bad ones, a shit load of debts, on the verge of losing her remaining house in which she lives with her parents, after they have lost, along the years, many things, because of the economic crisis, accumulating a total of three million dollars in debts. Her health problems are diabetes, insulin dependent (five shots a day), and low blood pressure ranges. And added to her health problems and exterior ones, you can figure out that depression is present. She’s 31, a curvy girl as she’s no ‘barbie’ as she calls the model, killer body girls and women, not that she has something against them, it’s just a comparison to herself as in body weight. Her academics are stellar as she has more than one university diploma and very efficient and professional in everything she does on that line. Very intelligent. Selena is an Ice Queen, meaning she’s not one to consider love, personal, intimate relationships and such. She’s set on her professional work, her family, and to deal with and solve her debts, which it’s kind of hard at the level her debts are. But she’s a stubborn one and ready to face any challenge is thrown at her as long as she’s breathing and life flowing through her veins. She’s not one to expect exterior help, to look for a man that would be able to pay for her debts in exchange for, as I said, intimate favors. She’s the kind of girl that she considers herself the man in the house with the attached responsibilities and she works her brains out, and not only, for every penny she makes. Just no sex involved. She’s so against that. Like in hell no! And yes, she doesn’t believe in love, as in real love, because of one bad model she had and has in her family, but I won’t give more details on who the bad model is, you’ll have to read for that. I don’t want to ruin the reading pleasure with spoilers. Lol! Anyhow, what I can say is that the main reason is the infidelity men have in love relationships. She considers that it’s pointless to put your trust, feelings, person into a relationship and then to be betrayed, to suffer and who knows what else. Therefore, she’s against marriage and everything on the love aspect, hence, as I said, she’s an Ice Queen, through and through. No male, no matter his status, his looks, his family, his background, could ever make her feel something to give that man a chance on her. She’s, as she on her own admits with complete honesty, iced inside. She’s warm with her family whom she loves more than her own life and person, and with everyone, but inside limits on the exterior people. When her financial status collapsed at the economic crisis, many of her and family’s so-called friends disappeared and proved to her one more time that real friends are a rarity, therefore she’s having boundaries when it comes to people, but if one would need her help, and she’s able to provide it, she would jump in a second to deliver it without asking something in return. She’s a pure and kind soul, though she might not appear like this at the beginning. Life has hit her so hard and that’s why the imposed limits. Especially with men. Yet, don’t consider her an introvert as she’s not. No, no, no. She’s a tough chick. Oh! So tough! She’s an Alpha girl and there’s nothing she isn’t able to do or speak or deal with. The only thing she seems unable to do, for the first time in her life, is when the fated meeting with billionaire Eric Rodricks takes place. She’s working for the last month at a real estate company, for another billionaire, Derek Donahue, a handsome, towering, well-built, playboy guy, on the Marketing Manager position. Eric Rodricks is one of the clients and for the whole previous week to their meeting, she had to work on the marketing concept for one of his projects. She hadn’t met Eric before that, so that was their first face to face meeting. And the craziness starts from here, but let’s move a bit to the main male character, and tell you some things about him, too.

So, Eric Rodricks is a billionaire. He’s 28. He has the looks of Adonis, built as a Greek God, the most wanted bachelor on the market, possessing a pair of ravishing dark blue eyes, embodying the man of any woman’s dream man with his all. No woman could resist or refuse him. That handsome he is. And of course, he can attract and have any woman he would want in the world because of his looks, status and everything he owns. That is until he lands his eyes on Selena when she enters the meeting room. He’s not the marriage type or the having a girlfriend one. No. He’s the usual playboy, only for a one time affair and to move on. He’s also one to be focused on business and everything else. No feelings, love, marriage interest. Same coldness as Selena on that aspect, just that he’s having intimate relationships. And he’s very picky with women. As you can understand, the number of marriage proposals he gets from business partners for their daughters are flooding into his direction, but he’s the least wanting or impressed by any of them. If you were wondering about Selena being his type in general, the answer is no. Yet, upon seeing her, something happens within. Another thing to say about him, he’s the authentic Alpha male in all. There’s nothing he can’t have, reach, or buy. And also, stubborn, temperamental, domineering and everything on that side. Alpha, as I said. Oh, yeah, and he’s highly trained in martial arts, street fights and all that. He’s unbeatable, unbreakable. So, he’s the whole package as a man.

Moving on to the story. The story starts with Selena before their meeting with half an hour or so, having a coffee accident, while she’s at a coffee shop across the company she works for. The damage on her clothes is so ‘monstrous’ that she needs to go to a near clothes shop and buy new ones. She generally wears loose and ugly suits, with a reason, but when she asks the lady from the shop to give her a similar one, the answer is that they don’t have such suits on her size, but they do have some other type of clothes to try that would enter the casual fashion appropriate for an office environment. Having no choice and being pressured by the delay of reaching the business meeting on time, she agrees to whatever type of clothes they have and would fit her. When she dresses up with them, her real body shape is revealed as the clothes brought by that lady embrace her body. The lady is amazed over her transformation as she looks nothing like she was before with her suit and Selena gets a loud green light from her to buy them. She does it and goes with hurried steps to attend her meeting with Eric, though she’s already a bit late. The moment she finally reaches the meeting and opens the door to go inside, all the people present stop with everything at her sight, taking in her new persona, as in appearance, for a few moments, Eric being mesmerized by her, though he’s never one to mix business with pleasure as he underlines to the reader before seeing Selena and presenting himself to the reader. He admits that she’s not his type in general, but she’s all the type he wants at that moment. For intimate purposes that is. Before meeting her, as first chapter is presented the meeting between them from Selena’s perspective, and second chapter from his perspective, a female colleague of Selena’s, Jessie, who is also a manager, the Planning Manager, participating at the meeting, along with the CEO Derek, who is best friends with Eric, and some other managers involved in the project, is a perfect barbie in appearance, meaning she’s got a killer body and beauty, she somehow introduces Selena, on the reason she’s late, as a ‘fatty ass’, trying moves on  Eric to get him for herself. However, Eric is not impressed by Jessie in any way for having her as he’s ‘fed up’ with girls all over him. He says, and all this in his thoughts, that he would love to see a woman to have no reaction at him and not be impressed by him in any way, and not be a lesbian for a change. As this would be really interesting for him to experience. Therefore, when his eyes land on Selena upon opening the door and coming inside in her professional one, he says he doesn’t find her fat, though she’s not skinny as Jessie contoured her image. That she’s having all the right curves in the right places, making his male instincts to want her in his bed. When they have the introductory and shaking hands moment, he sees she is like seeing a wall, not impressed by him in any way, keeping herself, as I said, in her professional all, and he’s interest spikes. He’s taking it as being provoked. He questions himself whether she’s lesbian or not, but confirms to himself she’s not as Derek is all over her with his eyes, and when Eric reached the company for the meeting, Derek was fired-up, like Eric had never seen him, for Selena being late, asking Selena’s assistant if she is late for the meeting because she might have had a date the previous night, stirring Eric’s curiosity regarding the woman Selena, and during the meeting suspecting a secret love relationship between Derek and Selena, seeing Derek’s reaction at her. The entire meeting she’s iced, professional and at the end, he starts provoking her to see if she changes her attitude, which she doesn’t, drawing him into her more. After the meeting he asks Derek about his relationship with her outside business and gets confirmation that he’s not dating her. A confirmation that gives him relief to not taking his ‘brother’s’ woman. But he mentions in his thoughts that for Selena he would have crossed over this and took her anyway because of the impact she had on him. Going out with Derek and his men to the elevator to leave, Eric sees Selena coming towards him, purse in hand, tears in her eyes, looking down, as she had received a phone call from her mom before this, telling her the bank has sent notice that they are seizing the house for the three million in debts, and bumps into him as she doesn’t see him. He gets affected seeing her like that, wondering what happened to her, getting more into her and having the need to know what happened to her, as she’s serving same professional attitude to him and Derek, excusing herself for having personal problems that need her presence, and if Derek considers he wants to fire her over this, he can do it as she would understand, leaving both of them there, getting into the elevator and aiming her home outside New York to solve her family problems. And so the craziness starts as Eric, for the first time in his life, becomes a stalker, following her with his bodyguards to see where she’s going, what she’s doing and such. While doing this, he asks his right hand and bodyguard, to give him the complete file on her, which in no time, he receives it and finds out about her entire person, from academic background, age, status, health problems, business she has with her family, financial situation and sees the three million in debts as his leverage over her to get her. However, by following her footsteps, he discovers more about her personality, her true person and from wanting her in sexual ways, his heart starts warming up at her, and he starts questioning himself what is happening to him as she’s having more than the bank problems when reaching her home, having a riot with her employees at one of her client’s construction sites, owning a construction company, and her dad is in the middle of it, threatened to be killed because of unpaid salaries, before she reaches there. She solves the problem like the Alpha girl she is and with each thing that gets revealed before Eric’s eyes regarding her, he starts falling in love with her, first time in his life, unnoticed, unannounced, just like that. The old him gets erased, and after a few hours since meeting her, he’s done and invested in her for more than a one time thing as he first wanted and was provoked. She knows nothing about his doings since she left the company. He follows her all the day, like stalking her, buys her loans, becomes her new creditor, and by night she gets the hit of her life, thrown at her by the Alpha Rodricks, when she finds out about him being the new creditor and his conditions. She’s against everything, she hates him, she even wants to beat him, yet, because of some other reasons, and here you’ll have to read to find out, she signs the conditions, but not before presenting herself as worst as possible, without lying to him, and expressing her hate and feelings regarding him. And from that moment on, real craziness begins, a shower of rejections from her part, all the way, a shower of wants and feelings of burning love from him, and both discovering about each other the mystery behind their persons, and the lives they have in the shadows. He considers they are the perfect match, but she’s adamant to differ and not believe his true feelings for her, considering he’s just playing a billionaire game until he would satisfy his wants and then move on. Anyway, with each event happening, seeing her true colors, and discovering new things about her, while being together, he’s smacked in the head and impressed to his core. She’s not impressed by anything that comes from him or him. Well, maybe she’ll be at some point? Ha-ha! That’s something you need to read to find out. Anyhow, it’s a crazy love story as it starts between them and how it continues after their first meeting, that will make the readers laugh, cry, laugh, love, hate, love, laugh, cry, want for more maybe? Yeah. It’s a story packed with romance, mystery, action, suspense, comedy and some more. The reader should be entertained while reading it and some messages for the readers are in the story, as yes, though it’s fiction, the story wants to send messages, inspire, encourage, and to give the real meaning of true, pure love. Wow! I’ve spoken a lot for this question! Sorry, guys, if I’ve bored you with such a long answer! Ha-ha! Yeah…

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That sounds like an interesting story. The long answer is welcomed! The ones reading this are able to make an idea of what the story is about and if they want to check it out or not. So, we’re good on that. You’ve mentioned something about messages, inspiration, encouragement. Can you develop on that?

Sure! I love, as any other writer, author, to speak about my book! Well, though Selena is ‘wearing’ flaws, weaknesses, problems, and they aren’t among solvable one, she’s never one to give up, not to put up a fight, to give her all against everything, and against odds. She’s one to say, and I’ll ‘beep’ the language parts: “Nobody ‘beeps’ with me, and lives after” or “Nobody ‘beeps’ with me and I don’t ‘beep’ in return”. She sacrifices herself all the way for the greater good, but in her terms and limits. She conducts her life inside principles, ethics and morals. She’s self-conservatory and keeps her identity all the way. She never fakes herself no matter what. Only when it comes to business, she keeps a professional attitude and serves the business persona she needs to, no matter her inside feelings. The story in this first book, and along the series, discusses about health issues, cheating, depression, the difference between lust, as in only physical attraction, and real love, marriage issues, business problems, how a real man acts when having a partner and also in his life, how a woman needs to feel important, without the sentiment of having an owner over her head, to possess that independence that validates her person for her own soul and be secure for herself. We also have in the following books in the series, a case of domestic violence inside marriage from other characters from Selena’s side, and she jumps in to help the female character who’s beaten by her husband, on the verge of death. Another aspect is how one person could find the strength within, though being on the ground, considered without chances to go further, to rise from your own ashes and kick ass, no matter the problems you’re facing. How one person with an iced heart and against everything could fall in love when real love is in front of you, acceptance between partners in regards to views, flaws and so on, as real love is when you love at a person both qualities and flaws. You don’t love someone only at his/her best and stop loving that person when they give signs of imperfection, weaknesses and such. That’s not real love. And there are more such things that the reader will be presented with, without imposing the messages, as we all have the right to live our lives the way we want, need and gives us satisfaction and identity. Still, it’s something to reflect upon and maybe, for some of the readers to see a different perspective, learn something that they might have not known or understood so far. I keep my stories as grounded to reality as possible for the readers to be able to identify themselves as much as they are able to with the characters, to see how others have same problems as themselves and what kind of options are there to act upon, of course, as a friendly advice to consider if it’s good or not for our own person. Kind of like that. Well, our main characters are lunatics, but on constructive stuff, not medically, and they both have set values, upbringing, morals. Eric might be somehow hated at first for some things by the readers, but I promise you’ll come to so love the guy and consider him the ‘perfect man’. Well, most of you. A story can’t satisfy in reality 100% all types of readers. We all have our reading preferences and opinions. It’s our right as readers at the end of the day.


A lot of subjects are touched within the story. And they are all things that people experience in real life one way or another. Interesting. It seems it’s a complex story with out of the box characters. I saw that the story it’s targeted at a +18 audience. Can you tell us why?

Yes, it’s for +18. Reason. Well, though the characters are highly educated and conduct their life as such in their speech with outside people, in the business environment and such, in private, not so much. So, there’s language, a lot, in the story. And you might ask yourself why. Though educated people use academic language and are supposed to do so all the way, in reality, even them want to set loose in their private environment, such as with friends, close people and along that line. Especially when one person experiences bad things, hits, emotional drama and such, no matter how educated you are and know you should watch your language, there are moments when you simply can’t. And when you have a heavy, painful story, on your back, you sometimes don’t give a damn, and use it, voluntarily or not. Plus, it gives the story a funny touch, it feels real, and provides entertainment. It’s true that not all readers might consider this as I’m saying, but I want a somehow loose environment and accessible for all readers. I might be judged over this? Maybe, yet, so far, from my beta readers, I haven’t got such complaints. They just want more and more as they love the characters and the plot. This is one reason for the +18. Another reason is that there are sexual references, though it’s not on the erotica genre as I’m not writing on that genre. The main characters are 28 and 31, so, you can understand that for example from Eric’s character, through his thoughts and all, there’ll be a lot of sexual tension, expressing his thoughts on that,  and, well, how men are, no matter if they have a certain status or not. And along the series, there will be presented their intimate life as well, not describing it in detail that part like it is in erotica genre, but as you can understand, it’s not quite appropriate for a lower age audience than that. And Selena’s reactions as in language and attitude towards Eric and others are delicious, but also, it’s not appropriate for a certain age degree. I’ve mentioned that we also have action inside the story, something connected to their in the shadow lives, and that’s also something that might not be appropriate for under 18. No, it’s not prostitution or such, but it’s for an adult level. In regards to this +18 tag over the story, I’ve recently saw a new movie release on Netflix the other day, I think it’s called “365 DNI”, interesting movie by the way, also romance, and it is tagged with language, sex and nudity. What made me raise my eyebrows at, was the fact it should have been stamped with +18 for that, yet it was with +16. And what I have inside my story for example doesn’t show what it is presented in that movie, though I too have sexual references, language and obviously, it will be nudity involved as well at some point. And it made me wonder if I labeled my story wrong for +18 and should have done it for +16. I don’t know… I’ll leave it at +18 though, as I want to be responsible… Ha-ha!

When is the second book in the series set to be released? And do you have the title for it?


Second book. Yes, there are high chances to be released somewhere during June, 2020.  I do hope it won’t get to July. Ha-ha!  Yeah, I’ve got the title for it. It’s ‘Release’.


‘Release’? Can you give us some reasons for the title choice?


Umm, yes. The second book continues from where the first one ends. And this is how it will be for all the following books, continuing the story.  I’ve chosen “Release” for the second one, as there are a lot of releases regarding Selena’s character. She’ll undergo some changes, I don’t want to get into details and spoil the story for the readers, that will make her let go of some things. She’ll come to some understandings, she’ll experience some things, that will determine this involuntarily, which she’ll question herself for it ongoing as she’s one with reason and never driven by instincts or emotions. Her person will not change at all as in her personality, views and such, but she’ll come to terms on some aspects at a level where she’ll be able to, without affecting her individuality. She’s an Alpha all the way and she could never be otherwise. She’s one that would never accept the “having an owner” over her head. Moreover, there are still things that will be revealed to each other from their behind the scenes lives, which is also a form of release in the name of trust between each other. Therefore, I consider the title is appropriate for the next book and I can say that I believe each book will have a title starting with a “R”. Don’t know why, but that’s what I feel as of now.

Beta readers. What feedback did you have for the story from them? Maybe it will help the potential readers to better decide if the story is worth their time or not.


Well, I’ve already said that, though I’m on the fifth book in the story, they’re always thrilled and eager for more as they love the characters and the plot. I can say that both characters are kind of unique as the story is an original one. They find the story intriguing, surprising, never knowing where the story will send them to, never getting bored, they feel it as being real before their eyes. Many of them felt the need to express the fact, many times, that the story pulls emotions out of them that most books don’t, a thing that made my soul, heart and being to dance in happiness, as this is the highest reward for a writer; to receive such feedback is the validation for doing something right. And for more feedback, I’ll quote some of them as they wrote their opinion.

  • “Interesting story. Real character with real problems.”
  • “Great story so far can’t wait to read more.”
  • “I love Selena’s character, she’s a badass woman!”
  • “Love it.”
  • “She’s a real badass. Wait till Eric tries to blackmail her. The fur is going to fly lol.”
  • “Damn Eric is probably going to get off when he sees she can beat a man down and also go off on Don lol.”
  • “I’m so loving it so far.”
  • “Eric is killing me here I love him but darm he’s so obsessed with her.”
  • “Wow Eric is just been ran over by Selena right into his heart.”
  • “Honestly I’m laughing at the way Eric is getting jealous but I would be pissed irl if somebody gets that jealous and overprotective.”
  • “him lucky she didn’t slap off his color off his face… loving it.”
  • “he is really playing with fire. I am surprised he didn’t get frostbite.”
  • “Wow you made him have some balls of steel.”
  • “I love this book.”
  • “I’m tripping here.”
  • “touchy indeed.”
  • “hehe Don wants her touch.”
  • “I like Don much more than Eric.”
  • “Justin is the voice of reason and is sensitive and mindful. We need a ‘Justin’ to fall for and not these stupid fat headed alpha cavemen that Eric and Don are, especially Eric. I’m not with him yet.”
  • “can’t stop laughing. Thanks for creating a masterpiece.”
  • “I’m so enjoying it… it makes laugh and laugh.”
  • “I still love Eric. Guess I’m one idiot.”
  • “no matter how much but I still preferred Don over Eric.”
  • “I think Don’s a dick he knew about her problems and didn’t do shit to help her Eric is right he doesn’t deserve her the faster he accepts that the better for him.”
  • “Eric all the way.”
  • “Love it it’s a nice story.”
  • “Seriously? She has done so much for her father and he’s just push her in front of the bus! That is low!”
  • “Lol. This woman is the spitting image of me. I’m just as mouthy and domineering as she is.”
  • “I just love Selena. She’s fire.”
  • “let’s go asshole piece of shit I love this cannot wait for him trying to thaw her out that will be a lot of work your work is cut out for you Eric.”
  • “As of now I really hate her parents. They are manipulating her to do what they want just for a freacking house, so for now I’m siding with Eric just because for some point he’s saving her from them.”
  • “Wow they are both crazy”
  • “shit she is going to kill you when she regain consciousness she really is fighter”
  • “oh he is so dead when she wakes”
  • “they both need to chill lol”
  • “I cannot wait for both of them to be together what an explosion that will be”
  • “I must say that your story it simply blowing my mind Booom!!!! But want to tell you one thing is that your characters are so real with real problems which all face somewhere in this world and emotions which u comply with words r the gems so BRAVO TO MY DEAR WRITER GOD BLESS U WITH BLISS”
  • “Your book is awesome. I can’t stop reading it. It’s just addicting. Great job.”
  • “omg… you are a awesome writer… I have been reading this story from last two days… I’m simply aww stuck… the way u have written all situation and character POV ohh its really amazing… I just can’t wait to read the rest of the book… hats off to u author…”
  • “he loves her please I want her to love him back… please they would make such a cute couple.”
  • “omg she is one hard nut to crack”
  • “It feels real I don’t know but have to say this 100%”
  • “I don’t know what to say but its astonished is real like watching a movie.”
  • “I hope I don’t have to wait to long for an update lol. I’m addicted to this story!! Lol”
  • “trust me. I cant wait for the next update at all.”
  • “She is badass. She just taught Eric something new about herself.”
  • “so good.”
  • “I wonder if Malcom pissed in himself?”
  • “you’re killing me slowly with the delayed updates.”
  • “I’m going crazy here.”
  • “you so didn’t disappoint… love this… don’t let me wait for the rest now… I swear this girl is black…”
  • “Loving this book very much. Badass.”
  • “Selena is gangsta… Love it!”
  • “hell… here it is now… lol… wow… I so cant wait… please don’t make the walk to the bedroom long… my heart can’t take it… I cant wait at all”
  • “OMG Eric kills me”
  • “keep riding n writing sweetheart luvvv”
  • “thank you for being creative with humanly emotions”
  • “hes right. If Don did love her to the extent he’s claiming then he’d have done something, but no him want front first!!!! I so love Eric… love this.
  • “Now that’s A REAL MAN not for just intimacy with the woman he has BUT for her problems toooo. KUDOS FOR THE SUPER WRITINGGG”
  • “I mean he’s not lying! NOW THAT’S A MAN!!! lol. Maybe she’s warming up to him.”


Click on the book to go on its Amazon page.

And these are some of them… Ha-ha! Well, I’m so happy when receiving feedback as you get validation over how you’re doing with the story and with your writing. So love my readers! And I do hope the future ones will experience the story the same as my beta ones.


Oh, wow! The people who read it are so engaged into the story. That’s awesome. How do you write? Are you a panster or a plotter?


Definitely a panster! I did try at the beginning as a writer with my first stories to be a plotter, but it doesn’t work for me. I mean, it’s not like I can’t outline the story and such. No. I did draw out the chapters and all for the story I was writing back then, yet, when I was actually on it to write it, the story, without realizing, sent me to a completely different path then I first constructed it. And this continued to happen to me, until I came to the understanding it is pointless to outline when I never follow it. When I start writing, I’m on fire, get the mind film of the scenes and it just hits me, compels me to write it like that, and I myself never know what happens next, yet somehow all connects! The thing is that once I set the chapter’s POV, as in from Selena’s or Eric’s for example, I somehow get into the character, don’t know how to explain it reasonable to have logic, and start writing it. The flow is on fire and when I finish writing or during writing it I either start laughing like crazy for the respective scene, start crying if it’s an emotional one, get a halt in breathing, all depending on the story’s scene, and I need to stop for a few moments to gather myself and be able to continue. Well, I said I’m a crazy writer… I am… HA-HA! The story, as in all my story, just come to me like that, and there’s never a loose end, a loop, something, all comes together and it gives such a good pace, thing that has been stated by my beta readers as well as you could see their reactions. So, yeah, I let the story to tell itself, and the characters to manifest themselves all the way they want and need. It’s their story after all… Plus, writing is for e a form of therapy and personal entertainment as though I’m the one writing it, at the same time I’m reading it as it’s first time for me too to know what’s going to happen, what’s happening, so it’s like I’m having my personal TV channel, watching my favorite movie, TV series, thing that even my readers expressed that it’s the same for them. And this is pure happiness for me, the writer. I treat my stories and characters with love and dedication, experiencing the entire set of emotions with each scene that rolls.

How is it with marketing the book? Sales. Is social media of help? What’s your personal experience and opinion over it?


Hmm… Well, for the marketing of the book is hard. Extremely hard. Especially when you’re a new author, it’s a difficult and slow process as you’re not known on the market as I’ve said at the beginning of the interview. My fellow writers, authors, more seasoned than myself, told me from their experience to arm myself with patience and to not get disappointed over low sales or lack thereof, as it’s completely normal. Even them have same problems, though many of them are with published books on the market for years, and they still don’t have at least a minimum level of sales. And yes, it’s a frustration for an author, especially for us indie authors, meaning self-published ones, as we don’t have the backup of a powerful traditional publishing house which has resources and connections to make you stand out in front of potential readers and be given a chance upon. So, yes, it’s a hard process until whenever you’ll be noticed and create your fan base for your stories and you as an author. Social media. Want me to be brutally honest? It sucks for authors to reach to potential readers. It’s pointless. Even if you would have the means to pay for promotion on social media, which I don’t have and the majority of writers and authors don’t, you don’t really convert the ad into sales. From what I’ve seen, social media is used by the majority of its users mainly for dating, ogling over nudity, debating some politics until ‘virtual blood’ over it, funny stuff or things as such, though Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, aren’t necessarily created for some of these. It’s a real struggle for authors to reach their readers, no matter how much we try, as yes, we announce releases, give snippets, and all that stuff to entice the reader to see further if they would want to try or not our books. On Twitter for example, writers exhibit their works, published books, organize between themselves ‘Indie April’ when they buy from each other a number of books to help the community and stuff, I even did a competition last April on that and chose over 20 books to buy from my fellow writers, which I did buy and showed them proof of it. But the thing is that the real readers, are somehow missing, and it makes you wonder where are they and why aren’t they wanting to give a try on a new author. We all start from somewhere, even the bestseller writers, authors, started as we do, and you feel a bit sad you don’t have the same chance to be tested and then form an opinion over the respective author and his or her story. There are a lot of indie writers with amazing books, hidden gems, and remain like that, hidden, maybe never reaching their public potential, and it’s just sad. On the other hand, I do understand the readers as well. We do work hard, especially nowadays, for our money, and even a few dollars for a book are like a thousand for many of us. And I don’t blame people who maybe can’t afford to take a miss on an unknown author, and prefer to spend their little money they’re able to spare for a known and tested one that they think they’ll deliver on their taste. So, things are kind of like that. And no, social media doesn’t really help. It’s just for you the author to have means to connect with people, showcase whatever you can and want from and about your work, notify people over your project, the process of it, when you have a new release, and that’s about all. Even the ones with a relatively huge following, when they tweet about their published books with links to the platforms they have them on sale, the number of likes, retweets and comments is extremely low, but to produce sales. So, no, social media is a dead tool for such affairs. Unfortunately. And it’s not just my opinion. Just go and scroll about authors, writing community and you’ll see for yourself. Only those who managed to build, in time, a real readers fan base, are able to make some sales. The following you have on social media is just a number. You try to increase it just for the esthetics of it, as for real purposes and needs as an author, it’s kind of dead on that aspect, no matter the platform and no matter the genre you’re writing on. Yeah… I don’t know… What I do hope is that there are still people reading a book in the world, and I’m not speaking as a writer right now or to point at me as in “HEY! READ ME! READ ME!” No.  Because there’s nothing more satisfying than reading a book. All the movies and TV-series are inspired and have as foundation books, stories. And we hear ourselves complaining, when watching a movie or TV-series, why aren’t there any new ones, I kind of got bored over the already seen ones, rerun of them and so on. Well, the answer is quite simple. Movie and TV-series producers take into consideration a story to transform it into such a product only if the consumer base over it, meaning readers, express how much they like it, and that reflects in the number of sales, reviews, comments, the entire euphoria created around that particular book or book series. That’s how movies like “Twilight”, “Harry Potter”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Game of Thrones”, “Hunger Games” and so on, have reached the big screen. And the same goes for the TV-series such as “The Vampire Diaries” and so on. There has to be a reader ‘madness’ around that particular story to get it on the next level of being able for the masses to see it on screen. So, you need to be an avid reader before having the satisfied desire of just sitting comfy, with popcorn and soda, and watch the story before your eyes. Ha-ha! Yeah… It’s true.

What advices you would give to new writers from your experience?


Hmm… Write because you love writing. Have no further expectations. Let yourself be surprised after. Write because you would love to see or read such a story. Let yourself be inspired and motivated by others’ work, but do your own thing, your own style. Have courage to bring novelty, though it may seem twisted at the beginning and out of the norms. Remember that each literary genre came into practice after someone brought the idea in with a piece of work on it. Let’s stop repeating some elements and start adding value, to continue the work of our writer ‘ancestors’. They had balls to throw a new thing on the market and for many of them it was a success, becoming in time known and praised worldwide for it, and also becoming trend setters. We need to do that as well. It’s a legacy that we should continue for further generations. Don’t get disappointed when you have moments of not being able to write, it’s a normal thing. It will come back. Don’t get sad or hurt if some people don’t like or express their hate over your work. Remember that not all of us have same views, opinions, tastes and so on, and it’s normal to have a different opinion. Use criticism to improve your craft. There’s always something you can pick from a bad comment or review or such and help you as a writer and your story. The key for this is to remain calm, ban the want of virtually grab the ‘troll’s’ neck and give him or her a quality ride for the ‘offend’ received, and see the details they provide, the message withing, that you can use for yourself. Learn to love your haters, this way you see better what they really wanted to say about your work, or it will just help you not to take it to heart. Read as much as you can, visit websites which teach you things about writing, writing on your genre and so on. Connect with other writers, have conversations with them on how it was for them some steps in their career journey. There are many authors who love making new friends and share their knowledge and experience. The writing community is such a warm and united one that you shouldn’t miss in making friends as in real ones from there. I have such friends and they are awesome people, becoming ones of my best friends in the real sense. Try any idea you have as a story and see where it leads you to as you never know from where the next masterpiece pops up. And never give up. Just keep going with love and dedication for yourself. And after, there might be a crowd of people who’ll love your work as much as you did and do.

Tell us a bit about yourself, the person behind the writer.


Oh! Wow! Yeah… Well, I’m 32. Aquarius. The crazy, authentic one. Yet kind and warm when I’m not under stress or busy with my professional job as yes, I’m not a professional writer, it’s a passion I have on writing as I said, being haunted for the last three or so years with stories that bang my mind and pound my heart to write them… Ha-ha! As academics I have Law school and other such education and work under their fields. I’m from Bucharest, Romania and yes, English is my second language, learning it since I was three. Hmm… What’s more? I love music, movies, new things on any field to learn and adapt to, nature, pets, to cook when I have time or need to for my family. Reading, but this one is so obvious, ha-ha! I love making new friends, but not those that send you a friend request for indecent purposes, like come on! Yeah, it gets irritating… I’m a person with an open mind, don’t judge others and I expect the same thing in return. I’m one that believes in the “respect is earned, not imposed”. I like to motivate others, cheer upon them and their success, be there for them as much as I can when they’re in a bad mood. And well, if you were to read the book and books, Selena Dutchmond is so inspired from my own person in many life problems, health issues - yes, I’m diabetic and all the health problems she has are the same for yours truly as in everything-, personality, attitude and so on. I’m one to always raise from my own ashes and make things work after the imminent breakdown… I’m human too, lol! And yes, I love my family with my all, as in my parents and grandma. This debut novel is dedicated to my parents as they are the most amazing people out there, and it’s not because they are my parents, because it’s the pure truth. And… I don’t know what to say more… Ha-ha!

What genres do you write on and what work in progress projects do you have at the moment?


I can write and write on any type of genre, except for erotica as that is a total NO. I’m already blushing and squealing like a kid when I have to write some intimate scenes between main leads! Oh, yeah! I do! Some crazy stuff that I have going on as reactions when I have to write that kind of things… Yeah, well… Judge me all you want… Anyways. Genres. Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Crime, Comedy, Science-Fiction, Paranormal, Supernatural, Vampires, Werewolves, Action and you name it. If I get asked to write something on a theme or idea, my writing juices are put into motion, stewing my brain and get loose on it without a problem, just to let me manifest on length, direction of the story and all of that as I’m a damn panster. Actually, recently I’ve been proposed by one of my author best friends, Jeff Deischer who’s a Pulp writer, if I would want to join an anthology of short stories with superheroes and write such a short story on one of the given characters and I said yes, already writing on it, a new story about Kensington Slade, a new mission of his. It’s coming great so far, lol! This anthology should hit the shelves this July. We will see. As for my personal projects, I’m having this series, and another one, on which I’m writing on the third book, also Romance-Mystery, similar on some things with this one, but having a different plot, yet same kickass female lead type, strong female character. Another project, also a series, is on paranormal romance, supernatural, with hybrids, vampires, hunters and such, on this I’ve just finished the first book as in writing it. I also have a fourth series, which is actually before all of these started, yet on that I’m so behind with it, it’s also like this last one as in genres, adding a fallen Angel. All my stories promote a strong female character though owning a set of flaws, weaknesses. To be completely honest, I’m writing on three books at the same time… Muhahahaha! Yeah… I’m crazy… Anyways… As a conclusion, a lot of books under my name will be released the following months and I do hope they’ll bring joy and entertainment to my readers and won’t be disappointed because of their purchases.

Wow! This was quite an interview! The longest I had so far! Any last things you would want to say to our readers or your future readers, anyone?


Yeah! It was a very long interview as I’m such a talker! Lol! Well, first, thank you to all the readers who took the time to read all this interview! I do hope it came as useful to the readers one way or another…  What can I say? If you’ll take a chance on my debut novel, I do hope you’ll enjoy it and be like my beta readers were and are over it, and will want for more! If not, I still thank you and wish you all the blessings in the world! Love you all!

Thank you all for reading the interview! For any questions or opinions you have the comments section!

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