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A/N. Hey guys! I’m writing this on the go, so expect it to not be edited. Typos, punctuation, grammar mistakes, etc. might be in place. Sorry about that… Hope you’re enjoying the story so far! Any comments on it would be awesome! Happy reading! Kisses!


curvy girl hot billionaireEric’s POV:

This night was both successful and heartbreaking at Selena’s house. I got to have her officially. I asked her parents’ blessings after I spoke to them before she arrived. I told them how things went since start till the moment I reached their home. Yes, I told them everything. I’m not a person to lie or hide things when such important events happen. Plus, they’re going to be family, and I quite took them both into my heart.

They were shocked to all I said to them but listened to each word without interrupting. Her mom was against, her father after a profound silence, gave in first. I explained to them that they would not be able to pay anyway in such a short amount of time the money to the bank and they would still lose everything they had left.

I told them that I have serious intentions with their daughter, though things went so fast. I pledged my life for her and that I would make sure she’ll be safe and healthy; with any wish she might have, granted. From financial aspects, nothing lacks for her and for them as well. They weren’t impressed by that. They didn’t seem hungry for money. They are simple people at core. Both of them just wanted all their life to provide a better future for their daughter as they started from the bottom to reach to their status. So, they understand the value of money and how harsh business is.

The moment her parents started to agree to me being her husband was when I told them about her intentions to participate in drifting for five hundred dollars, without their knowledge, to diminish their loans. Her mom took a stance screaming at her dad for being guilty of Selena’s actions for money, endangering her life for them. It was a hard to take scene as I thought she would drop dead from worrying, making me regret telling them, but there was no other option. She then gave in as well for her daughter’s safety and a brighter future.

I made a contract with them on every aspect they have as mandatory for me as her husband. There were simple, Christian, stuff to follow. They didn’t request money or things like that. They said they didn’t even want the house if their daughter should be protected and taken care of.

They told me every single flaw Selena has. Unlike other businessmen who wanted me to marry their daughters for business, that had only good things to say and how perfect their daughters were. I liked that at them. They didn’t do so to decrease their daughter’s value in front of me as they underlined, but to be aware of her and not imagine things that aren’t. They are straightforward people. Then they started telling me her fortes, among which many of them I already knew and realized.

Another aspect discussed was how against she is marrying and having relationships, and how she would not accept me or anyone else. She had many suitors, all rejected by her.

After an hour or so, we completed our treaties and I told them how we would do in front of her to determine her to accept me. We all concluded it needs to be heartbreaking for her to be willing to sign the contract. Her mom was devastated over that. She said that Selena had been sick lately and this could be damaging to her health. She has diabetes developed over stressful and shocking events, not the classical one. However, we all knew we had no other choice.

I told them I would be strong and aggressive to persuade her and not take to heart my behavior or words. They complied as they know her. We settled on how to proceed and her dad called her.

When she reached home, the entire scene made me want her more, made me shoot myself for hurting her, made me devour her, a suit of emotions that flushed my body, soul and mind.

I have never experienced so many heartbreaks in my life, but in one day. I condemned my attitude on her. Still, the ease to my heart was that it needed to be done to acquire her.

“Let’s go lunatic! Get your ass out of my armchair and let’s go to your fucking house! You piece of shit!” she says to me with that sexy back of hers at me, going to the exit, making me chuckle. You can’t not love her… Yes, baby, we’re going. Finally.

I’m in front of her parents, bowing my head. “Thank you for raising such a daughter. You won’t regret accepting me as your son-in-law. I promise.” I shake her dad’s hand and kiss her mother’s. “We’re staying five minutes away from your house for a few days, then we’ll go back to New York. You can always visit her. She can do the same. I’m not stealing her from you. We are family.” They nod and I go after Selena with my men after me.

She’s with her cute cat in her arms, petting it. “Tommy? I need you to take care of mom and dad while I’m missing. I’ll come back soon. Alright?” She kisses his head and him meowing at her. Why the fuck did I agree not touching her before the wedding? I don’t know if I’ll last five minutes in same room with her alone but until the wedding… Stupid, Eric, stupid! I should have said no! We are already legally married! Fuck!

She sees me behind her and turns at me with icy eyes, placing down Tommy. “Are you sure you want me? We can still rip off that contract and go back to our own lives.” That coldness in her eyes hurts me.

“Let’s go baby. I’ve never been so sure in my life. Trust me.” I smirk. She puffs at me, rolling her eyes.

“You bastard!” she goes to the gate and off to her car fuming. I know. The only promise I don’t think I’ll keep is having you before the wedding. It’s impossible to keep it…

“What are you doing?” I ask her when she opens her car.

“Driving to cool off! I can’t stay in same car with you right now! Don’t make me hit the news tomorrow with first-night-wife-killed-billionaire-husband! Give me the address or I’ll follow your car!” she says not looking at me. She gets in the car slamming the door. Ouch! Don’t make me fuck you once we get home. I’m losing it. The angrier you get, the more excited I become Angel.

“Justin? Get our car in front of her and the others behind her.” I wink at her while she stays in her car arms crossed and a mad woman look. She rolls her eyes and says some ‘sweet’ words to me. Something like ‘motherfucker’ between her teeth starting her engine and music booming inside. She’s so crazy. She’s irresistible. Oh! Yeah, baby. You can call me names even in bed, the fuck I care. You’re mine and have no exit from this.

“Yes, boss.”. he replies signaling the other men.

We go in the first car and start it. She follows the car I’m in. At least she keeps her word. The other two cars start as well behind her. I take my phone out and access inside her car. She doesn’t know obviously. Her parents haven’t told her and made them promise never to tell her.

“You fucker! You son of a bitch! I’ll fucking kill you! Man! He’s driving me nuts! I have to be with someone younger than me? For God’s sakes! I hate that brat so much!” she has a strong grip on the wheel with her left hand and with her right one motioning. Gotta say this is going to be an adventurous marriage. You never get bored to that. She’s delicious. My manhood is answering to her reactions the opposite way she would want. “I can’t take this anymore!” she shouts and stirs the wheel dangerously to the right, speeding ahead of us. “You’ll not touch me! I’m not yours! Take that motherfucker! Oh! I’m so fucking done with everything!” she puts her music at maximum and speeds like crazy.

“Stop the car! Now! Get down! Now! She’s asking for it!” I shout at my men. They do as per my orders, and I go to the driver’s seat with the phone on, listening to her. I speed like crazy after her. If I had one percent in me to keep my hands away from you, now is gone! Wait till I catch you!

I have canceled the drifting race tonight, but I’m having a stormy one right now. We take dangerous turns. She didn’t win for nothing the race 12 years ago. She knows every corner of the roads and has her car at maximum speed. She’s not caring if something happens to her.

We are fifteen minutes into the cat and mouse race when a van is in front of her. She’s approaching it like a tornado. On the other side of the road, a truck is coming. The distance to pass between them is tight.

“I’ll escape the bastard now! Fuck you loser! Billionaire? Huh? The fuck I care! Bye, sucker!” she roars her car and speeds between them like a pro. Alright! I fuck you tonight! Oh! I’ll fucking torture you! Like you do me now!

When I have a go to advance in front of the van, she’s nowhere to see, but I hear her crazy laughing. “I told you you don’t know what you’ll have brat! Catch me now billionaire shit! You just think you can get whatever you want?! Think again asshole! Fuck you! And fuck your contract!” Man, she’s turning me into a volcano! Oh! Pray to God I won’t catch you soon! If I do, I’ll not wait until home! I’ll fuck you on the spot! Rape? The fuck I care! You’re my wife now!

The heat I have inside is maddening me. I take the car to the right side of the road and stop. I take my phone and see where she is. It’s an old road. She’s going to a lake. I see the forest. I access the coordinates of the place and go after her.

When I reach the spot, I don’t see her or her car. Playing me baby? Play then. When my turn comes, don’t plead to let go. I fucking won’t! I hear her stopping the engine, opening the door, getting down and slamming it.

I again access the coordinates of her car and footage inside and around it. She’s in front of her car, leaning with her sexy ass on, lighting a cigarette. Then she takes a deep breath. I caught you baby! Don’t blame me for what’s next! 


Man! Fast and furious! So? How was it? What do you think comes next? Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 <3

Can’t wait to see your comments! <3 Love you all! See you in the next chapter!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan


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