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Today, the simple living people become prey of other people. In front of a huge crowd, these simple living people are being insulted.  This is due to their calm and simple nature.

These simple living people are generally ignored and are being exploited by other people. They become a source of laughter for those people who get bored and want someone to entertain them.

First of all, the people who get bored, search for those people who are sitting idle or just ignored by someone or having simplicity in their life. Bored people just ask those people to come and sit with them and in front of their friends / relatives, they just make jokes of the simple people. The respect of the simple living people is just snatched by them and they play with the calm hearted people just like playing with useless toys. And the crowd surrounding the bored people also start laughing on the calm hearted people by  accompanying the bored people and insulting the simple living people without thinking about the feelings of those people having simple life and calm nature.

Reason : Only calm hearted and simple living people become the prey of those bored people because of their non violent behavior and their capability to dissolve the words spoken by them on simple living people. These calm hearted people don't get angry physically but internally their feelings get burned and being tolerant, they never show them or expel them off.

Conclusion : 1.) Calm hearted people should avoid  to be in contact of such bored people who are just making fun of them.

2.) They should make good friends and avoid selfish friends.

3.) They should respect themselves more than anyone else.

4.) They should warn the bored people not to make fun of them or by complaining to their parents/guardians or teachers.

5.) They should perform their activity carefully and with attention so that no one can make fun of them.


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Sahaj Sabharwal





Insulting Simple Living People For Joys by SAHAJ SABHARWAL, Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Copyright © March 2019. All Rights Reserved

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