Red Moon Love – Chapter 2 Back To Life, Back To Reality

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By Andra-Cristiana Stan

Chapter 2 - Back To Life, Back To Reality

Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏❤💖😘❤


Sunlight danced on Mika’s face when birds started singing to announce the start of a new day. She bruised the sheets on the bed, and woke up with a pillow in her arms, pressing it to her chest, like a baby holding a teddy bear tight. The tickle from the sunlight on her eyelids, made her creep her eyes, and glance on the window. A blur was in place, as she was still sleepy, but could see a magnolia tree in front of the window. Such calm and peace she felt that provoked her in a stretch and yawn in a relaxing pose. Her entire being was telling her that she was in a place called home. At least, that was what Mika envisioned. Nothing from the previous night met her mind. It was as if none of the horrors occurred.

I haven’t slept so good in ages. My bed has become so comfortable. I finally feel like home.

“I see you have awakened.” a male voice made its presence known.

“What?! Who is this? What are you doing in my room?” screamed Mika covering herself with the blanket, searching the room to see where the voice came from.

“My name is Drake Clifford. This is my boss’s home.” replied Drake standing up from the armchair he sat on until Mika woke up.

“Your boss’s what? This is my….” she protested before being fully aware that it was indeed not her own room. “Where did you say I am? What am I doing here? What happened?” asked Mika with concern and fright of the unknown in her voice.

Drake lessened the distance between him and her bed, dressed in a last trends black suit, white shirt and a black-blue tie, glaring at her messy hair and baby face. “Last night you crashed your car in the main gate, hit your head and started hallucinating. Seemingly another car was chasing you. The other car didn’t stop. Our men saw you, and when they tried to assist you, you went crazy, ran on our estate in the domain’s forest. When you reached midway, you collapsed. Probably because you hit your head in the accident. A doctor came last night at our boss’s orders and gave you attendance. Everything is normal, no injuries. He put your actions on the shock caused by the accident. You will be fine in due time. I brought you here to rest and recover. Once you would gain consciousness, we should settle the things, which we are doing it now.” he explained to a Mika with widened eyes and a dropped jaw still holding the blanket to cover her. “So, may I know your name?” he asked.

“I can’t remember anything… That’s strange… A car accident… Chased by another car… Became crazy… That really doesn’t sound like me… Are you sure?” she asked as she tried to recollect the events.

“Why would I lie to you?” interrogated Drake with his eyebrows raised.

“No, I am sorry, I didn’t mean like that. I’m just not remembering what happened. Umm, my name is Mika, Mika Reigna.” she answered on a more relaxed tone.

“Nice to meet you, Mika, though the encounter is not in the best circumstances.” he said, with his hand raised, to receive a handshake.

Mika stared at his hand for a few seconds. “Oh, yeah, nice to meet you, too, Drake.” she eventually replied accepting the handshake.

“How do you feel now? Anything bothering you?” he consulted her well-being after last night’s harm.

“No, I feel fine. Everything is good, even my sleep was the best since I can’t remember.” she said after a quick check.

“That’s good news. Your car is not in a good shape. We worried you might have some internal problems, even though doc said you are fine. Then, where do you live, who can we contact to report what happened to you? Your parents? We haven’t found your phone on you or in your car. So, we had to wait until we could ask you about it.” inquired Drake to move things forward and take her to her own life.

“My phone? I forgot it at home after I fought with mom…” she stopped as she was reminiscing from last night in bits. “I fought with mom because of the will and ran outside. Our attorney’s son was waiting outside to take me to Brightstone, to take over this morning my dad’s company. I refused to get in his car and took mine. I was furious because mom was against his counseling. She wants to wait a few months. I cried a lot in the car because of my father’s sudden death, and immediate responsibilities I have. At some point, a black car was flashing in my rear mirror, speeding behind me, and I instinctively turned the wheel to the right side of the road, crashing in a giant gate. That’s all I can gather as last night’s situations.” she was moving her eyes left and right attempting to recall more, but to no avail.

“My condolences.” expressed Drake.

“Thank you. A kind stranger. Hard to find this nowadays.” she concluded while standing up. “I have disturbed this house for too long. My apologies to you and your boss. If you can call me a taxi to take me to Brightstone it would be great. I have no phone, but I have a credit card in my car to pay for the expenses. I will also pay for my stay here, doctor and gate repairs. I have the means for it, no worries. Just send me the bills.” said Mika turning into a strong, confident lady, nothing like last night’s girl. You wouldn’t have said she was only a kid.

Drake was moved by this reaction and became interested in her. “You don’t have to worry about all that. Nobody is asking you to pay for anything. It was an accident and we are all relieved no human lives were lost. There’s no need for a taxi, I will take you wherever you need to go.” he replied, glaring into her eyes with intensity.

“No, no, no. I never subject myself to be in debt to no one. I will pay for everything. Damages I made, will be cleared. That’s how it should be, and that’s how it will be. I accept nothing else as a settlement. I appreciate your kindness and help, but you guys are not obliged in any way to support my wrong doings. We have no relationship whatsoever. That’s final.” she decided with an unwavering will. She spoke like a true businesswoman.

“We don’t need that. It’s really fine.” insisted Drake.

“I have decided, and nothing is to be different than what I said. Where are my clothes?! These aren’t mine!” she yelled, realizing she was wearing a nightgown that wasn’t hers.

“One of our maids changed you. Yours were dirty and ragged because of the accident and falling in the woods. No male touched you, other than me carrying you here to rest. The maid came and changed you afterwards. We couldn’t let you sleep like that. She cleaned you a bit and dressed you.” he cleared the situation fast as Mika was launching fiery spears with her eyes with distress.

“The maid? OK! I don’t like to be touched! Jesus! That’s a relief. I really was a burden for you all. Can I take a shower and get my clothes back? I really need to get going. Some businessman is after my company after the news of my father’s death spread in the industry. Time is precious at this point for me.” hurriedly asked Mika, scanning the room for her clothes and the bathroom.

“We trashed your clothes; new ones are there. The maid bought you some similar ones this morning. You can use them, they are yours.” said Drake pointing to the opposite armchair to the one he sat on for a few hours, waiting for her to wake up.

“And the bathroom?” she continued.

“The bathroom is right around the corner, near the dressing room. You have everything you need there. The maid also equipped the bathroom with all you would require. But if there’s something missing, you can just ask her. I will send her here right now. I will excuse myself and let you change. She will bring you downstairs to have breakfast, then we will leave to Brightstone.” he quickly instructed and exited the room, leaving Mika with no opportunity to say more.

She’s bossy and inquisitive. Never seen a girl like her. She must be older than she looks. This girl wasn’t even impressed by me. She’s only down to business. thought Drake going downstairs to order the maid.

Twenty minutes later, Mika went downstairs to find Drake at a huge dinning table, waiting to have breakfast together. “There’s no need for that, thank you. We should be going.” she said, urging him to take her to a crucial meeting for her and her mother’s lives. She knew things will get dirty at the company, and her presence there was vital.

“Why hurry? I didn’t have a chance to eat as I wanted to keep company to each other during breakfast. That’s only polite. Take a sit and let’s eat. It will not take forever.” Drake threw her a handsome smile and appointed her seat on the other side of the table, to face him.

“I…,” protested Mika.

“It’s all I ask you to do after watching you for a night. I have lost a night’s sleep to keep a watch on you. Can’t you grant me a breakfast for that?” he catted in front of her with begging eyes. “I have to at least eat, to have energy, don’t you think?” he pleaded.

“Alright, but a quick breakfast, it’s late.” she agreed eventually, considering he was kind of cute for a big guy.

“Quickest! Thank you! My boss went out early this morning with business. He said he’s sorry to have missed you and wishes you all the best. He couldn’t delay his agenda unfortunately.” explained Drake his master’s lack of presence.

“That’s alright. I would have only been more ashamed and embarrassed for what happened last night. It’s for the best. Help me send him my greetings and thanks for putting up with me and letting you to take care of me. He did more than he was supposed to. Thank you all once again.” she sat down and took a bit of the plate’s content, not to offend Drake, but she had no appetite for she was bugged by what was to happen later, still digesting previous night’s events.

After a quick breakfast as promised, Drake took Mika to his car to drive to Brightstone.




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Note: This chapter is as is, not edited. I haven't had enough free time to go through it and revise in depth. It is edited on the go, still, there might be misspelled words, grammar, etc. errors. I apologize for that. I delayed posting it for this reason, hoping I will get the free time to work on it, and present it as clean as possible. However, I failed. So, keep in mind that it's a rough draft, and enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your understanding, and sorry for presenting it like this! 🤦‍♀️🙏🙏🙏❤💖😘❤

Kisses and hug!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan



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