Mother Of The New Dawn

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Mother Of The New Dawn

By Andra-Cristiana Stan



She cries when giving birth,
She tries when parenting myth,
She consumes her energy spikes,
When she devotes her being,
To the one she loves,
When infinite worrying.

She's called woman,
She's called mother,
She's called parent,
She's called bread-earner.

She works around the clock,
With blood, sweat and tears,
To create the angel of hawk
That will fly above the spears,
A lord of the humble,
A breath of liberty,
Brave-hearted king
In a dusk bring,
Of a world of creature
That spikes to crumble.

She teaches the lord,
How to say the word,
When the time around,
Earns to pillar the ground,
The foundation of a new dawn,
That professes the era down,
To a generation of a new breed,
That will help the poor be fed,
And the rich not greed.


Hope you guys liked my poem. 🙂

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Kisses and hug!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan



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Mother Of The Dawn by Andra-Cristiana STAN, Romania. Copyright © February 2019. All Rights Reserved

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