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Want To Grow Your Twitter?

We all want to grow our social media and reach more people for different reasons. In this article I am going to tell you what I did to reach around 1000 followers from scratch.

The tips I am presenting you are from personal experience and I vouch they work as you can go on my Twitter and see for yourself.

Tip 1 - BE REAL

Don't act on social media in another way than you would in real life. People will sense that. Don't be afraid to show your personality, your skills and who you really are. It doesn't matter the industry you made your account for, personal, writer's account, business account and so on. Engage as a real person.  I started with "be real" as you need to be real from filling out your profile, first tweet and so on.  Nobody likes a fake. Neither do you. Let's be honest, would you follow someone that smells fake from the get-go? I say not.  What do you say?

Never tweet or comment something you don't fancy or  just for the sake of saying something. People will know, and it will do you more harm than good. If you have something to say, by all means say it. But don't do something like: "Hi! My first tweet!" Share something of importance or connected to you. Always try to bring value or underline some things that people would relate to you.

It is always better to not tweet if you don't add value to your profile in a way or another.

If you have a product to sell, or something to promote don't be direct on it. No one likes it. Think of yourself, would you like a tweet that goes like this: "This is the best "X", buy it now! *link to selling page*." Would you? But if it goes like this: "When I had a bad time *describe short* "X" was really helpful. If you want to try it here *link to product page*." Sounds a bit better, right?

No one likes aggressive promotion and asking for money. They know you are tweeting having in mind only one thing: money. Be real and say why, or something interesting about it that would pitch to them in a friendly manner. In my opinion, building a friendship first is far more important than selling. Why? Because they will trust you at some point, they will know you are genuine, not trying to rip them off for profit. Not a soul likes that, regardless of how much money they have. They simply don't.

That is why, if you are trying to promote something as a target to bring customers, and paying ones, be careful of what you choose to promote. Because what you have built until then, in terms of being real and genuine, will crumble instantly. Why? Because you promoted something fake, you made promises of real solutions to problems, etc., and when they actually put their money on the table and trusted you, they end up being scammed in their opinion. You certainly don't want that. This is one reason why gurus in the marketing field encourage promoters to express pros and cons of what they sell. And that is why their rate of success in selling and having less problems is higher. They are real, they are genuine, they advise like real friends do, and let the customer decide if he wants in or not. It's the best strategy. Be real!

If possible, use your real picture. People like to know who you are, to see you are a real person. It increases your chances of being followed.

And one more thing, never promote or present or say something that you wouldn't like for yourself. Always position yourself on the other side of the fence and think how would you see that as a potential customer, or receiver. Would you like it? Would you be interested, would you love the idea, would you engage with that tweet? If you fail to answer with "yes" to most of them, you need to rethink everything. You may like everything as you know your target, but if you don't stay and analyze from the other perspective, you will most certainly fail. So, keep this in mind my friend.

If you are a person that likes to have and interact with real, genuine people, to get real relationships and so on, and you wouldn't like to be lied upon or getting fake actions, then you should be the same to others. They are people just like you. BE REAL and you will be followed in due time!


Hashtags, oh hashtags! Yep, they are very important. A tweet without hashtags related to its subject will gain less impressions or none. Why? Because people seemingly use hashtags to find things on Twitter.

You want engagement, you want followers interested or having same interests in your field? Then use those hashtags!

How to use hashtags? That's simple. Write your tweet text and start adding "#" with words connected to the subject. For example, I sometimes tweet about my work in progress novels and say something about it and then use the following hashtags: #WIP #amwriting #writer #writingcommunity. I may add more hashtags than that, but that's on how many characters I have left for the tweet limit.

When you write the "#" to your tweet, you will have suggestions on what's trending. But you should start with a word connected to your subject and see what suggestions you get for that word, and use them.

To find specific popular hashtags that apply for your field or subject, just Google "hashtags for *insert what you need*" and click on the search button. You will have a range of great hashtags to work with and increase your visibility on Twitter.

It's not hard to learn this. Once you figure out the process, things will get super easy, trust me.

Oh! Almost forgot to tell you something. When you tweet, if you don't use a link that will get the image of the post, add a related picture or GIF to your tweet. It's more likely to get an increase of impressions, likes, retweets and engagements. People like it visual. Therefore, a text tweet with a picture or GIF attracts more engagement than a simple one.  Consider that my friend.

Hashtags are your best friend for a better following!


You may get followers or engagement without following other people, because you tweets were worthy. Still, following people that fall in same industry as yours, will help you increase your followers. There are high chances when you follow someone, give a like, a retweet of something interesting they have tweeted about, to get the same back. Remember, they are people just like you. They will appreciate your engagement and if your profile tells them you have same interests and targets, they will follow you back. Of course, don't expect to have the same number of follows back as your follows to people, because that's just not going to happen. Let's be real, some people want to follow back, others don't. There's nothing wrong with that. We should respect other people's choices and don't get upset over it.

One thing that I don't like is people following people and after they get followed back, in a short amount of time, they unfollow. I never did that, but it seems it's a practice to get followers. Don't do that. Don't follow someone if you don't really want to. Twitter is a community, if you stay loyal to it, you will have support and keep your followers too. I think it's a bad behavior to unfollow. Sure, if the person you are following changes things or presents things that you don't like in such a manner that you don't want to see their tweets in your feed, do unfollow.

Anyhow, you will have a high number of followers when you follow others. I think at least 50% of them will follow you back from my experience. Moreover, you will become visible to their followers when they follow you back. That's great, isn't it? 🙂


When you get a follow back, a like and retweet, or all three, say "Thank you" to that person. I always try to give thanks to all those that follow me, or follow me back, or give a retweet and like. Why? Because I am thankful they chose me to follow, to give me a retweet, to like my tweet. They could not follow me, or like my tweet, or retweet my tweet. Because they chose to support me, I am thankful. It's a connection I make with people being genuine and really thankful, and many of them feel the same. We become loyal to each other and interact as real life people, and in my opinion, that's the best way. Twitter it's a tool, a platform, but its users are real people, so let's be people. 🙂

Therefore, be thankful and express that to the person who did something for you, we should never get things for granted.


Another way to increase your followers is to engage with other people's tweets. Give a like, retweet, leave a comment. You may give one, two or all of them according to your feelings regarding their tweet.

When you leave a comment, leave a serious one, related to the topic. Serious in the sense that you shouldn't just say something just to say something. Better not leave a comment if you don't have something good to say, or have a serious opinion about the subject. People will not take you into consideration to follow you if you don't have something real to say.

Whenever you engage with other people's tweets there's a good chance to be seen and have people follow you. Just be real, be yourself (in the good sense of being yourself), and you will get a following. I can't say if you will get many or just a few followers, but it will add up in time.

One thing you shouldn't do excessively is to retweet everything you see on your feed. You should retweet only what's worth retweeted and things you consider important to share away. Why? Because some of your followers will get upset or disturbed by your constant retweets until they will simply unfollow you.

I have seen someone tweeting about one of her followers that said he loves her profile and tweets, but because she retweeted constantly, she filled his feed until he had no other way than unfollowing her. He considered it was too much. He thanked her for the retweets connected to him until then, and that it helped him a bunch to grow his following, but he had to unfollow her because of the excessive retweet strategy she had. So, learn the lesson, and think of a way to balance your tweets and retweets in such a manner that won't land you in losing your hard earned followers. Always put yourself in other people's shoes and consider things out before acting. 🙂


That's right! Make friends! It's an awesome way to increase your social following. It's  like in real life. You meet a friend, bond with him or her, and they introduce you to other people later. Hence, apply that on Twitter too. This is the reason I told you as first tip to be real. Being real, people will see you with different eyes and will come to like you, maybe to look up to you, being interested in who you are and what you offer. Later on they will "recommend" you to other people with a retweet, a mention, and so on. Which is great, right?

I have made friends on Twitter in such a manner that we follow each other on other social media platforms as well. We even share Facebook groups! Isn't it awesome? For me, it is. 🙂

OK my dear ones, I hope you enjoyed my 5+1 tips on how to grow your Twitter and it will be useful to you. Of course, there might be other ways to grow your Twitter followers too, but these were my first tips to share with you, all from my personal experience.

Be consistent, have limits, be real, make friends, engage and followers will surely come in no time! 🙂

Kisses and hug!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan



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