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Chapter 1 - Hell is coming...


Darkness filled the office. The walls hummed with energy. Fear touched Adria Michael’s spine while she jumped from her chair trying to find her phone on her messy desk. She smelled death and rot in the air while thundering steps were approaching her office’s door. All alone in the office and even in the building as it was almost one o’clock in the morning, she was regretting for always working overtime on her endless projects.

Three hard and delayed knocks rumbled her door, almost crashing it open. The door wasn’t locked, just closed. Her heart was racing like crazy, her feet were almost numb. She tried to keep herself from screaming by placing her right hand over her own mouth. Her phone was nowhere to be found. Adria’s entire body was in complete shock and out of control. She couldn’t explain why she was like this, but she sensed something bad was going to happen.

“I can feel you are inside…,” a demonic voice marked its presence scratching the door in a playful mode. “That heart is enjoying the beats… Ha-ha…. It knows it’s mine…”, continued the demon behind the door with such a delight of finding its treasured pray…

Adria’s heart was beating fast. Gasping, she couldn’t catch her breath. Her throat was dry. Her soul ached as she realized what in horror was about to enter.

“Why don’t you want to open the door? Shall I do the honors?” An invitation from hell with a devilish laugh was mocking the weak human soul.

Adria prayed to God for help and strength. All her bad deeds that she knew of crossed her mind in what she thought would be seconds before her imminent brutal death. “Please dear God, forgive me for forgetting to pay the electricity bill this morning. I am sorry God for not congratulating Eveline for her promotion. I was envious, I admit. But it wasn’t fair! I worked day and night for that promotion. She got it only after a dinner with the CEO. I am sorry God, I was wrong. Forgive me God for never cleaning my desk and always cluttering my office… Help me this one time and I promise I will change!”  She could go on and on, but the darkness behind the door interrupted her train of thoughts.

“Your God will not help you, ADRIA! You are mine from the very beginning! You are a child born to serve me and only me! It is due time to start your service! Ha-ha! OPEN THE DOOR WHEN I COMMAND YOU TO!” The deep booming words reverberated through the door and around the place she was now hiding.

Under the desk she pulled the chair to cover her eyes. She wanted at least not to see the beast that was after her. Though she wanted to scream, she didn’t make a noise.

Out of nowhere a sturdy arm grabbed her and with the other hand over her mouth. Her back was glued to a muscular body that was taller than her. She could feel the cold emanating from him. She couldn’t see the person.

Before she could make a move, sharp teeth penetrated her neck on her right side. Life was flowing out of her being. The only things she could hear were the demon’s screaming behind the door saying “NO!” and her fading heart beats. “There are two of them…”, were her final conscious words.


Adria woke up in a Victorian decorated room. She was lying on a huge bed with scarlet silk sheets. Behind the bed there were heavy thick curtains with scarlet and gold embroidery that dressed the wall. Left and right there were two mahogany nightstands with lamps providing a dim light in the room. The ceiling was painted with what she concluded was a battle between angels and demons in different scenes on a cream-colored foundation. Above the bed there was a chandelier with candle-like bulbs which were off. On the left side there was a wide window covered with curtains in same style as the ones behind the bed. The walls surrounding her each possessed a painting that would depict scenes of clashing between light and darkness, angels and demons, death. In one painting she noticed a man with brown wavy hair, chiseled face, and sturdy, muscular physique dressed in Victorian clothes. The style of clothes indicated that that man was of noble origin. His features were angelic. The man in the painting would have had around 25 years old she figured. Adria felt drawn to that man’s painting. Something within made her think that she had met that man before. But that was impossible. She was born in the modern era.

Where have I seen you before? she wondered standing in front of the painting. “Argh!” She felt a slight pain on her right side of her neck. Adria remembered what happened previously. “I was bitten! Oh my God! What is happening? Where am I?” Fear made its way back to Adria as she realized the danger she was in.

“You are in my home, Adria. Who thought that my worst enemy would be such a lowly human now?” A husky male voice announced the presence of the man from the painting.

“W-who are you? Stay away from me! You monster!” A panicked Adria grabbed a candlestick from a small round table near the painting and pointed it at the man.

“You really think that’s going to stop me?” The man started laughing with such devilish appetite that Adria backed off until she had nowhere to go. The wall was the end of the route.

“What do you want? I am not a rich person! This is kidnapping! And y-you b-bit ME! Are you nuts?” With her entire body trembling, she didn’t lower her hand with the candlestick. She was in a defensive mode.

“Nuts? Could be. Kidnapping? Hmm… I would rather say ‘saving’, but you can make your pick. See if I care.” With his chest thrust out in a noble pose, shoulders straight and arms at his back, the man was scanning Adria with his jade eyes head to toe.

“Saving? You bit me! With a quick check over her heart and wrist pulse, Adria realized that she had… no… pulse… “I’m dead!” With that said, she dropped the candlestick on the floor. Her eyes landed on a little mirror in an almond shape on the right side of the wall and started checking her teeth. “Am I a vampire now? Oh my God! What have you done to me? Why is all this happening to me?” So many questions, but she couldn’t see vampire teeth in the mirror. She was her normal self, just a little paler than she would normally look.

“You are a vampire now. But, not a common one. You are something else. The process for you will take longer than usual. No teeth for now.” On a more serious tone, the man replied, approaching the spot she was in.

“Stay away I said! Don’t come near me! You freak! Is this staged? Where are the cameras? This isn’t funny at all!” From fear to rage, Adria searched all corners of the room for devices of all kind to find a clue that all that wasn’t a horror version of her reality, but an attempt of a comic situation to see how she would react. Obviously, nothing was found. She was truly living the horror version. “No! I am not a vampire! I can see myself in the mirror! Ha-ha! Yeah! This is staged! Come out everyone! Show is over! Wanted to prank me for staying out late? There is still one month left until Halloween! Ha-ha! You’ve got me! Nice try everyone!” To clear the tragedy and play along, Adria grabbed the man’s arm in a lady like manner. “Let’s go and fetch a glass of red “wine” Sir! Show the way!”

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it and are waiting for the next part! Comments, likes, subscription to my website and follows on my social media are more than welcomed!

I want to thank my dear friend Jeff Deischer for helping me with the cover and editing for this chapter! You're the best my friend! Can't thank you enough! 😊❤💖😇

Kisses and hug!

Your true friend always,

Anda Stan




Bitter Blood Series-Cursed by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © January 2019. All Rights Reserved


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