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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.





Going back through the alley that took Chris to the costume shop, he started noticing shadows, hearing strange sounds and a black cat was tailing him from afar like a bad omen. It was night outside. He perceived it was darker than it supposed to be and creepier. Still, he somehow wasn’t afraid. He looked up to the sky. The moon was so round and a little yellowish, but bright and shiny.

Chris still felt changes throughout his body. His heart was racing, but not of fear. He felt the blood circulation through his veins. His eyesight was so precise, he could see so far into the darkness and in such details. He didn’t have poor eyesight before, but now he could reach things far away instantly and focus like he was on infrared binoculars. Chris had the perception that if he was asked to break a huge rock, he would smash it into pieces with little to no effort. His smell was also out of the ordinary. He could smell even the dirt on a car. His result was that car was a few hours ago on a forest road. He approached the car. From inside the truck he could sense animal blood. A deer was carried with that car. He had the urge to touch the truck. By doing so, a film went through his mind. A tall man, heavy weight with black hair, brown eyes and a thick black mustache, dressed in a hunting gear with a riffle in his hands was targeting a deer. Though he was heavy weight, he was so skilled that he didn’t make a noise chasing the poor animal. After a few seconds, he had a clear shot. In the silence of the forest, a gunshot sound made the birds fly away and hustle in the forest. The dear dropped dead. The hunter took the dear, pulled out his hunting knife and started cutting the animal’s belly. He cleared the intestines, wrapped the dead animal in a plastic sack from his backpack and put it on his shoulder. The hunter went through the forest back to his car and drove home his trophy. Chris took his hand off the car and stepped back. What was happening to him? Why did he see that? It was like he was present at the hunting fever. He didn’t know that man or the car. In any other situation, he wouldn’t have observed all that. He wouldn’t have cared enough if there were cars or not on the alley, but to perceive all that. He would have just walked by.

“What on Earth is happening to me? What’s all this? What did those guys and that creepy old man do to me?” Rage seeded inside Chris. “Well, I wanted the best Halloween of my life, but this certainly exceeds my wish and how I pictured it… All I needed was a proper costume and impress Alison to be my girl… All I wanted was to be a better guy in front of those bullies… OK, I need to calm down and forget about everything that happened. First, I need to attend the party and take my chance. Secondly, I will go home and take responsibility of my actions in front of Mom and Dad. That’s a good plan! Yes, that’s what I will do!” Concluded Chris resuming his walk to the Halloween party.

After 20 minutes or so, Chris reached the party site. It was his high school building. Somehow, it smelled like death and rats. In the schoolyard, placed randomly, but well arranged, were piles of bones, three-headed dogs, black and silver crows, and evil rats. On his left, three Grim Reaper yard stakes with black hole eyes were looking at him. The building was surrounded by light-up skull fences and graveyard ghoul fogger covers. Above the entrance, reigned three four feet hanging Grim Reapers: one black, one red and one white. Under them, a Halloween fright tape with the following messages: “Enter if you dare! – Haunted: Keep Out! – Caution: Zombie Zone!” were announcing the dark party of the year.

Each year, Halloween party and all the other parties, were expensively decorated, as this high school had only kids with rich parents. It was an elite high school. Chris managed to be accepted against the odds and his poor background because he had top grades and was a smart student. After his first year here, with a load of bullying from the other boys, all from rich families, his grades started to decrease and align to the rest. He lost interest in being number one. All the teachers were fond of him, of his intelligence, but when he stopped being engaged in studies, they were disappointed. They considered that he had such potential. He didn’t need to learn a lot and he could already solve different tasks.

Until a few months ago, he had one best friend. His only trusted and loyal friend, Tim Hustle, a rich boy, that despite his statute, befriended Chris. Tim valued Chris, his intelligence, sincerity and potential. They were unseparated since day one and would complete each other. Tim wasn’t as smart as Chris, but had money and was respected among the other boys. When Chris was with Tim, the others wouldn’t bully him that much, they would only make rude remarks on his poorness and why would Tim hang out with him. But, due to Tim’s family that decided to move to Europe with business, Tim had to go too, hence Chris was left alone with the “wolves”. They would still speak through social media and keep contact, but it was rare and short because of the time difference between countries. He did miss Tim and his company, not necessarily because of the bad boys’ gang, but for their moments together, he wasn’t alone then like he was now. Tim always supported and encouraged Chris to man up and speak with Alison and ask her to be his girlfriend. But, he would also tell him Alison is not as good as he thinks she is.

All the parties he attended was with Tim as partner and buddy. This time, Chris was on his own. Tim would always offer to pay for his costumes, however Chris never accepted. Tim liked this about Chris, he wasn’t a friend for his money, but a genuine friend. Still, he would love accepting his aid, though Chris’s answer was always the same: “Thank you my friend, but I am OK. Don’t want to pretend being someone that I’m not. I appreciate it though.” Chris’s modesty and keeping in touch with reality were some of the traits Tim treasured.

The only reason he wanted to attend this year’s party without Tim was Alison. Alison was the most popular girl in the senior years. She was popular from the start and continued to be number one and most wanted girl among boys. He had a crush on her from first day he saw her. In his eyes, she was like an angel, the most beautiful creature on earth. No wonder she was that popular. He continuously sent her anonymous letters of confession throughout the years. Her reaction was not what he wanted. Each time she read the letters, she would say giggling “Whoever wrote the letter is a crybaby and not a man. If the author of the letter would have been a real man and feel that way, he would muster courage and tell me face to face.” This constantly saddened Chris and made him have less will to confess his love to her directly over the years. Alison changed a lot of boyfriends and would always pick the popular ones. She never had eyes for Chris. The only moments she was aware of his existence were when she needed a school assignment done or updates for class. And these moments were also rare.

Alison treated each of her boyfriends like new outfits. If the season or trend changed she would change the boyfriend as well. She was quite tall, had an hour glass shape, with blonde silky hair like gold, dark blue eyes, red plump lips in a perfect form, a small nose and was very feminine. Alison was always fashionable. Her family was in the fashion business, one of the top companies of the world. She was like a top model. However, she wasn’t brilliant at study, but because of her rich family, she was in the top three of the class. Year after year, her dad would make huge donations to the school to keep her in that position and have an easy, glamorous life as a student. In fact, Alison was always rude and bitchy to people. She would be mean to other girls, and would always show off her wealth and high-class lifestyle.

Chris sometimes wondered why he loved her. Because of her beauty? He wasn’t interested in her money, that he knew. Maybe he just liked her? Anyway, he considered it love. He would have her on his mind all the time and always loved to just stare at her from distance, or just walk by her and smell her sweet perfume.

After reading the Halloween fright tape messages, Chris gave the entrance ticket that he found in his new wallet to the appointed person at the main door, and entered the party building. “Oh, yes! I so dare to enter this year! Let’s rock and roll!” with a devilish smirk on his face and a wink to the man that approved his ticket.

With the first step inside, two animated wretched reaper fog machine covers were placed left and right like two dogs on watch. The entire floor had a foggy atmosphere with red and green lights. Macabre music was like a murmur that would give you the chills. All the walls had Halloween decorations with 3D zombie portraits, ghost girl 3D mirror decorations, boy zombie lenticular portraits, vampire killings paintings, werewolves’ portraits, Bloody Marry portraits, you name it and you would find a monster on those walls.  Spooky hanging decorations were all over the place with spiders, bats, bloody weapons, skulls, black paper candelabras that would depict a haunted house and horrors. The staircase was decorated with a haunted house theme as well, with a black veil having attached withered black roses with fake blood drops.  Each classroom door would have a different horror theme like a haunted mansion, cemetery, gothic mansion, haunted library etc. The inside of each room would have a fright scene that would match the door message. The rooms had scary games. Screams would come from students that chose to try a room. Once again, the building was a setting from a horror movie.

Chris went towards the main party which was set in the high school gym. On his way there, different students, especially the female population, just couldn’t take their eyes off him. They would ask each other who that sexy, hot man was. He was like an angel in appearance, sturdy and tall, but a devil in attitude and gear. Just the kind girls and women would fall for. Was he a new student? A transfer student? But he looked older than a high school student. Maybe he was someone’s boyfriend, a college boy, that came a bit later to his girlfriend’s party. Rumors and turmoil started. He was declared the most popular and wanted male in the building in a matter of minutes. Chris heard in perfect sound all the discussions. A normal person would have had problems in listening and hearing in a clear manner all those whispers. He had a cool attitude and a badass walk. He didn’t look right or left. He was like a king and that was his kingdom. Social media was in fire with pictures and comments. Before he reached the main party, everybody was informed about his existence and that he was on his way there. All the students had expensive and fashionable Halloween costumes and makeup.

A sexy witch stopped him. She scanned him with her eyes. “I am sure you came for me, didn’t you?” With a sensual move and voice, she approached Chris.

“It depends on who are you?” replied Chris with a husky voice. He knew it was Alison. The perfume, figure and all traits were hers.

“As you can see, I am Miss Green Witch. How about you? Mister ….”

“Hmm… I am Mister Romantic Vampire, as you can see.”

“How come I have never seen you before Mister Romantic Vampire? You seem a bit familiar, but don’t know where to point out I’ve seen you.” Alison was intrigued over him, she didn’t realize that this was poor Chris. In front of her, it was a male specimen worthy of magazines and pictorials.

By looking at her, Chris realized that he could hear her thoughts. She wasn’t speaking, she was only drooling with her eyes over him and slowly biting her lower lip. “Such a stud! Here is my new boyfriend! OMG! He must be so rich! His outfit is expensive! He must be a model! Those muscles! Aww! I wonder what car model he has? It must be a Maserati Coupé! He has the allure of a Maserati! His husky voice! At first words he had me!” Were some of the thoughts she had.

“You have seen me before Miss Green Witch. You just can’t go through the surface and see the reality. As I can see, you only look at the exterior.” Chris started to think less about Alison. He wasn’t that attracted to her anymore. All her beauty and appeal were fading. He understood what Tim told him. Alison was only after perfection, money and fame. She was superficial in his eyes. She was like a doll without a soul. She had no purity. She was only after an Alpha, never a Beta.

Witnessing the scene, Alison’s boyfriend identified Chris. He signaled the other boys silently and cornered Chris and Alison. He was like a bull looking at a red cloth because Chris had the balls to cross him and hit on his girl.

“Who do we have here? Isn’t it good-for-nothing and penniless Mr. Chris Carter? I almost didn’t recognize you with all this bullshit of makeover you have. Ha-ha! Did Tim send you his credit card or something? Or you are Chris’s long lost rich older brother from another mother?” Mocked Chris with a superiority air.

“Steve! I think you are butting in other people’s business!” Interfered Alison at once.

“Butting in other people’s business? I think this guy over here had the nerve to meddle in my business! As far as I and everyone else here knows, you are my girlfriend!” Yelled Steve at his now furious girlfriend.

“Stay out of this Steve! From this moment on, you are not my boyfriend anymore!”

“I am not your boyfriend anymore? Why? You like this nobody more than me now? This piece of shit is worth more to you than me?” Steve snapped, pointing an accusing finger at Chris.

“He is not who you think he is! He’s not Chris Carter! Do you think I am stupid or something? Look at him! How could Chris look like this and have such expensive clothes overnight?” snapped back Alison at Steve.

“Actually, I am Chris Carter. Steve is telling the truth.” With a manly voice entered the discussion Chris.

Everybody in the room was quietly watching the entire scene. Even the music stopped.

“Who gave you permission to speak? I need no validation from you! Tim is not around anymore to take your side! Aren’t you afraid I might kick your lousy ass? Who is here to protect you now?”

“I don’t need permission to speak. And for your information, I have nothing to do with your girlfriend. You can have her. No worries.” Replied Chris with a wink to Steve while turning around to go to the bar.

Hearing this, Steve clenched his right fist and attempted to throw a punch to Chris’s head.

“That’s not a manly thing to do. Only cowards strike from the back.”, said Chris ducking from Steve’s punch still facing the bar.

“You son of a bitch!” replied Steve who was now on the floor.

“Oh! Sorry mate! Didn’t know you will lose balance if I would duck! Here, want me to help you stand up?” With a gentleman pose Chris offered Steve his hand to help him out like he would do for a lady…

“Are you mocking me right now? You think you are a big shot?” Rejecting with a slap Chris’s hand, Steve stood up and felt he was about to explode. Nobody had dared until then to go against him, not even Tim. “And since when are we mates? I don’t recall ever considering you a friend! You are only a weakling and a poor guy that didn’t deserve in the first place to stand here and be in our circle! You think that if you have some good clothes you own the place now?” Yelled Steve having his facial and neck muscles all tensed up.

“Never considered you a friend. I just felt bad that you went on the floor like a girl and made fun of yourself in front of the others. That’s all.”

“What did you say? Like…a…GIRL? Ha-ha! You…!” Not finishing the sentence Steve once again launched himself over Chris with such rage. He fetched Chris’s jacket sleeve with his left hand and projected a punch to his left cheek. But, by the time his fist could impact Chris, an unseen force stopped him just in front of his face. His entire arm started trembling because of the intense grip he felt, but couldn’t move at all.

Chris stood still, not changing his pose or grimace. He kept his cool attitude and throwed a short king like smile to Steve.

“What the…”, muttered Steve perplexed.

“Well, what are you doing now? Calculating the right angle to punch me? Having second thoughts?” asked Chris on a devilish yet playful tone.

“What are you doing to me?” accused Steve.

“As you can see, I am waiting for your delayed punch.” Replied Chris moving his left cheek closer to Steve’s fist. “Is this helpful for you? Cause it’s taking you an awful amount of time to punch as I can see.”

“Let me go!” exclaimed Steve with a little moaning sound caused by the pain.

“Aww! Steve, you are no fun! What am I doing to you? Everyone can clearly see that you are trying to punch me for some minutes now. You are the victim here? It seems that you need a shrink. No one is touching you. No one is doing anything to you.” Replied Chris with an innocent look.

“You…”, tried Steve to speak, but the pain was now atrocious. He sensed his whole body as in a paralyzed state.

“Are you ok man? Inquired Chris with an apparent worrying in his voice. “You are sweating and trembling. That’s not the Steve we all know.” Continued Chris.

“I…”, attempted Steve to answer before collapsing on the floor for the second time that night. The grip he felt on his arm and the feeling he had in his body left him with fierce pulsating pain. He started screaming as his body felt invaded by fire starting from his arm.

Everyone stood shocked by Steve’s reaction. It was an unexplainable situation. Nothing and no one touched Steve to determine his reaction.

Steve’s best friend Mike, managed to get himself together and give him first aid. But, when he wanted to touch Steve to help him out, Steve yelled to not touch him. “It’s like you are punching me on pus!” screamed Steve at Mike.

All this time, Chris was being aware of his new powers. He was dazzled that he could duck without knowing that Steve would punch him from behind. That what he was thinking to do to Steve, it happened without moving a finger. These were dangerous powers, he knew, but inside he felt as ice, not afraid of anything anymore and nothing would scare him at this point. It was a complete new Chris. He concluded that his true nature and real Chris was this. He started to be familiarized with the transformation and had some dim flashbacks about his origins. But, couldn’t be sure of their meaning and how they were in fact related to him. In his reality those things never happened and the faces he saw were still unknown to him. He decided to be opened to the process and embrace the new reality.

“Are you OK, Steve?” asked Chris a bit concerned. He didn’t want to hurt or kill anyone, he only wanted to give a lesson. His kind, honest and human traits remained. That part of Chris was the same.

“No!”, yelled Steve.

“It’s all right now Steve. Just get up!” commanded Chris.

“I… I am OK now… The pain is gone…”, admitted Steve being surprised that he felt normal and as nothing really hurt him. He couldn’t understand how he felt that pain and how it went away miraculously.

Before Steve could stand up, the room started shaking and a demonic hiss raised in the air. All forms of lights from the room went off and what seemed three different monstrous sounds were approaching the crowd. Panic installed and all the students by instinct started running to the exit.

“Oh! Everyone! Just calm down! It’s only the special effects guys! We hired a new team this year and told them to give us a surprise!” announced Alison rolling her eyes because of the general reaction, however she was satisfied of how “special” the surprise turned out to be. She told the new team that organized that year’s party not tell even her what the surprise would be. She wanted to experience it like everyone else.

The crowd stopped, emitting distinct exclamations and even some faded inappropriate words were pronounced.

Three Grim Rippers appeared in the middle of the dance floor each having a greenish aura. They were at a close distance to where Chris was standing. One of them pointed to Chris with a long black knotted finger.

“Vaduma sara vivo ode! Parusa hitek shamu! Goa la det vorma Chriso! Shama!”

Chris was ambushed by mixed feelings. His guts were on alarm that this wasn’t going to end well, and action was needed.

Steve was next to Chris and was frozen to death by the appearance of the Grim Rippers.

“Alison?! I don’t f***ing think these are animated babe! I think they are real Grim Rippers and are here on a mission!”, trumpeted Steve while one of the Grim Rippers subjected him with his hollow eyes.

“Ya’ think? You thought we are here to animate your sick poor souls? What are we? We are Grim Rippers! We are the devils who catch your stinky human souls! We are the underworld guardians! And Chris escaped the death passage! Now, we are here to collect his precious soul and send him were his rightful place is! Ten years Master Chris! Ten years you escaped from the death ropes that were after you! We finally found you! Grab him Zraque!”, thundered the Grim Ripper while giving a green light to the other Grim Ripper by the name of Zraque.

“I think you are making a huge mistake. Really don’t know what you are speaking about. And I am not going on vacation with you guys as you kinda’ stink. Have you heard of a thing called taking baths regularly? It seems you guys missed that class…”, replied Chris in a mocking tone. He wanted to provoke them, he wanted to play with them. He didn’t know why he wanted that, but he sure was interested in a sort of gaming attitude, however, a real-life confrontation. Chris didn’t realize what is about to happen, as his transition wasn’t complete and his powers for such a confrontation were still unknown. Still, he had the impulse and confidence he was going to put all three Grim Rippers down in a second.

“You may take him! Just take him already! I am even willing to pay you to take him away!’, yelled Steve like a scared cat that wanted to protect its tail from danger and evil. Steve was no stupid one. He understood the situation and knew things are going to get down to a real capture or a real fight and calamities were unavoidable. As a person who always knew how to save his butt first and foremost, he grabbed Alison’s arm and pulled her in front of him. He then flashed a signal to Mark who was on his left to make a cover for him to exit the place. Mark pulled the stage curtains and pressed the emergency button that rang the alarm in the entire building and Steve was able to escape through the backstage door followed by his bestie Mark. Everyone in the room was already finding ways to have their back to the Grim Reapers and their front to feel the air of escape. Many of them reached the exit ways and managed to go outside and run. However, a few of them were pierced on the walls by the third Grim Ripper who now went closer to their bodies and literally sniffed them. Poor them were sweating and trembling when the Reaper scanned them like a wolf would smell its pray.

Alison landed in Chris’s back when Steve pulled her in front of him.






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