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Hey my dear ones! I've got featured on my good friend writer Noreen Lace's website with a motivational, inspiring article this last Friday! The title of the article is "To Be Or Not To Be The One Of Your  Own Life".

I am so happy that I had this opportunity to guest post on her website! Hence, I decided that I want to motivate and inspire you too my dear friend.

I transformed that article into a video as a speech for you to benefit from it.

Therefore, if you need to be motivated and inspired to find "THE ONE" of your own life you have to watch the video!

Sometimes, there is the need to see things from a different perspective in order to be empowered! Sometimes, there is the need to see what and who is the most important and relevant in your own life!

We all have the thirst of being motivated and inspired! There's nothing wrong with that! But, find "the one" that can accomplish that for you without delay! To find out who that "ONE" is for you and for your own life watch the video and be inspired!

Hope this video will motivate and inspire you too!

Click here if you want to read the article on Noreen's website. 🙂

A few things about Noreen Lace. She is a published author with some awesome books under her belt. She was featured in some renowned publications with articles and short stories. California University is her home as she is one of the teachers there. I bet she is an amazing teacher and students have much to learn from her. I am a bit envious of the students... Loreen is also a great friend and I am happy to have met her!
Ok! That's enough for this post! Hope you will get motivation and inspiration from the video my friend! Thank you for reading this post and for watching the video!

I am awaiting comments from you! 🙂

I wish you an amazing day, success on all aspects and happiness at all times!

Your true friend always,
Anda Stan

Noreen Lace's website:


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