Aquarius September 2018

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Hey my dear AQUARIUS! Welcome to your first half of September 2018 reading! In this reading you will have a complete general reading with love predictions, business and work predictions, and money predictions. Also, at the end of the video I pulled a message from the Guardian Angels deck to see what they have to say to you for this first half of September 2018 that is a clarification for the reading too. If during the video I may stumble upon words, please pardon me, as the last few days I am struggling with a cold and even though I am recovering pretty well, I still have some effects and a bit of weakness because of the treatment. So, thank you in advance for understanding on that part my dear one!

Ok! Hope you will be helped with my reading for you! Enjoy and I welcome all your comments!
Your true friend always,
Anda Stan


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