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They say we shall not judge a person by his/her clothes. I agree. But, valid is also the fact that a stylish, fashionable look brands you. Business world is a tough one. Hence, we need all the equipment we can reach to strike for success. When it comes to being a business woman, eyes are also on the style. The way a woman presents herself is beneficial for her business. The way you dress yourself sets the value and type of business woman you are. Your clients or business partners will get your message once they see you that you mean business and your target is high to the sky.

When you present yourself neat and fashionable with a sense of classic, business air dress code, you immediately impose respect. The others will have a good first impression and will listen to all you have to say. Of course, it's not sufficient in the business world to only come well dressed and know nothing. But, that's a story for another article. In this article we discuss about how your clothing can help you do business and the others know you mean business.

A woman has to be elegant and business like dressed in order to set standards for her business. Yes, it's not an easy thing to do and apply. Why? Because you will not have the luxury of comfort. But, as in everything, business demands sacrifices. Being a woman, means more sacrifices unfortunately. Still, the rewards are high.

If you opt for comfort when it comes to clothing while doing business, the others will consider you sloppy and will think that the way you present yourself is the way you do business too. Yes, it's not fair, I know, but that's the ugly truth. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the sacrifice is worth it.

One of my Law school teachers, who was also the dean of the faculty, told us a story in our first year. He said that there were two different lawyers. One lawyer that was very smart, had experience, a high level of success for her clients, and the other one, a novice, in her first year of practice, with not much of a client portfolio but smarter than the previous one. Our first question was how can the second one be smarter than the first one as the second one lacked experience and many other things. He said to listen further and then we will understand. He continued the story. First lawyer had many talents and abilities, prepared in all situations and had a good reputation among her community. Her only problem, which wasn't in fact a problem, was that she had a sloppy dress code.

Second lawyer had a different approach. Her dress code was business like. She was neat and fashionable. One of her goals was to have a striking image of a successful person. How she did that? Well, a signature perfume, newer and more valuable clothes, stylish shoes, a suitable purse for a business woman, trendy suited hairstyle and so on. And when I say valuable clothes, I am not referring to Versace or Gucci. She didn't have that kind of money. But, she chose her clothes with a sense of fashion and formed a presentable image, that of a successful person. Though, in reality, she wasn't successful in comparison to the first one. She was at the beginning of her career still.

To continue with the story, a client, a big client came forward asking for a lawyer. Both of them approached at the same time the client and offered their services. First one started presenting herself, her background, former clients and talking about past similar cases that she won. The client looked at her and listened to everything she said. When the first one finished the presentation, the second one had a more bold approach and started talking about how she will win the case without giving background information about herself like the first one did.

The client listened patiently to both of them and when they finished he decided whom to take to represent him. His choice was the second one. Yes, it's crazy, but that he did.

When hearing the client's decision, the first one demanded reasons why he chose the second one as she didn't have experience and she was a novice. The client gave the following answer which again is crazy:

"I am a businessman and I can see who is a successful lawyer and who isn't among you two. If you were that successful you would have showed your success through your appearance. You have old clothes, worn shoes, sloppy hairstyle and I can continue. How can I believe you that you actually win lawsuits and make money if I can't see that on you. You have a neglected appearance, hence I believe you are sloppy in your profession too. That I cannot accept for someone representing me and my company. People representing me need to be successful once they enter the room. You are not that person. On the other hand, this lawyer, once she enters the building she owns it before starting her work through her fashionable business style. Success is printed on her already."

So, that was the crazy answer and choice of the client. Now, here wasn't about one being sexier than the other or thinner or whatever. No. It was the way she presented herself in front of the client. How she inspired him and how she created an opportunity for herself. And yes, she won the case for the client.

But, what is important here is how she did it and how she managed to win over the client. Her first instrument was her clothing style and accessories and so on. That was her big help in convincing the client she is successful and deserves the chance of representing him and his company. Plus, through her style she gave away her character, her way of work, her serious personality and her rate of success. She said through her style that she's ambitious and her nickname is "Success".

The way the client chose is indeed not fair for the first lawyer. Nonetheless, business world is cruel and not an ounce fair. If you don't create opportunities for yourself, opportunities will not knock at your door. It's not enough to only withhold abilities, knowledge, practice, talent etc. Those are only your foundation. In order to seize a business opportunity, a job, a client, an investor or a partner, you need to get out from your comfort zone.

Comfort is good for a person as it gives a peace of mind and less stressful moments. But, it doesn't bring the money we want and need in many cases. In most cases we need to showcase our value through our appearance as nobody will know inner value at first impression. And for this, I am referring when doing business and not for personal relationships. In business we need to boost our presence, to impose respect once we enter the room. You need to conquer from first step you make. To inspire confidence, self-respect, to show you are of successful prospects.

Again, I want to underline that here I am not mentioning body shape, weight, height etc., or beauty standards of an individual. No. Here I mean clothing, accessories, style, fashion and things related to these. You don't need to look like a top model to be successful, but you need to take care of yourself, of your appearance, style and so on to make it as a winning weapon for you and your business.

In business, your image is your first read Curriculum Vitae. You are scanned and valued through your image. Clients, partners, investors gain trust in you first through this. They read your character by looking at you. And once they made up their mind regarding you, it's hard to change it. Yes, you will fairly say "But there's nothing relevant between how I present myself and what I can do and what I can win." You are right. That's a fact. Still, nothing is fair in the world, especially in business. Rules are already set and you need to play by them to truly become successful.

It may be hard for you at first, but you will see the differences on how you are perceived and what type of access you will have by changing that at yourself as a businesswoman.

Brand yourself, look like a successful person and you will also become financially successful person. Give yourself that boost and results will be among the most positive for you and your business!

Among my recommendations on how to dress as a business woman are the following clothing items:

The style of clothing I want you to focus on and adapt to your own body shape and size. You can also adapt colors to your own preference. Still, when it comes to colors, be a bit careful and follow a certain business code of colors. I am not saying only black, blue, grey and white, but not to be too playful with bright, pastel colors. It's a given that you need to adjust colors according to your business field. If you are into fashion business for example, it's true you can be more playful with it.

Regarding shoes, I would recommend the following products:



When it comes to handbags you know that is the signature of a woman. The handbag is one of our most important accessories. Therefore, I would suggest these types:

Ok my dear one. These were my suggestions for you. Hope this article was of help for you and will boost your success!

I must tell you that if you click on the pictures and purchase an item, I will receive a commission for it. And for that I thank you in advance my friend. In order to keep the website up and running and bring more posts like this, I need to pay expenses. Therefore, commissions are a big help for me.

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I wish you successful and prosperous business!

Yours truly,

Anda  Stan



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