3 Advices In Business

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Hi my friends! For today I have 3 advices for business people.

I advise you to reflect on them and to cultivate these abilities as much as you can in order to become unbeatable in the business industry.

Nothing is unachievable, nothing is impossible. Things are unachievable or impossible for us when we let them be. If someone says you are stupid or unprepared for a certain business you want to pursue, let me tell you that you aren’t. Unfortunately, business means to take up risks. Assumed risks is what they call you “stupid” at and being “unprepared” is the want to become your own boss and start your own business.

You aren’t stupid or unprepared. For real business you don’t have to be prepared. You just need to understand the business you are about to start or that is already started. To know the risks and guidelines of the business is all you need.

What we learn in school or universities is unfortunately no match for the real world business. Theory is good to have, but real business means practice and learning on the go. Theory doesn’t match practice. Theory is just 1% from what we really need for real business. For real business we need inner abilities and the skill to comprehend and manage a situation. Of course, there are many other skills needed, but in due time, you will learn by doing business.

Always remember, learn about the risks of your business and minimalize them as much as you can. You will never be able to eliminate risks, because that’s business. But, you can avoid the majority and the remaining ones will be easier to deal with and overcome them.

Ok, didn’t want to speak long on this subject in this article. I promise I will write more articles on this in the future from my personal experience. 🙂

That being said, here are the 3 main advices I wanted to give you 🙂 :


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